Early Christmas at the Dutch Colonial

Hooray!  A couple of days ago, I put up our Christmas tree.


Delightful!  But wait.

Just for fun, let’s go down memory lane + look at our 2009 tree:

christmas tree in wash tub

That washtub stand looked super cute + kept our new kittens at bay.

Those clip-on candle strings were so charming!

candle strings

My aunt Elva had these beauties on her Christmas tree,

so I was inspired to use them, too.

You can buy your own here.

Now, then, let’s head back to this year’s tree:



We bought it online last year, but I can’t recall where I found it.  Oops.

Anyway, I liked it because it resembled those simple + spare trees

that are all the rage —

something like this 7′ artificial tree by Vickermans, on Amazon:

bedrock pine christmas tree

WOW.  I know! —  how fantastic

Our version is only 3′ tall,

so we placed it on top of a carom board table that G.O. made.

Here’s a close up view:


Oh, + as you can see,

I switched out our letter board message on the art ledge.

Those are some lyrics of one of my favorite (John Lennon) Christmas songs:


 Back to the tree.

I limited the ornaments to red balls, mustard gold stars,

+ silvery glass pinecones + nuts from Martha’s old K-Mart merch:


Oh, how I miss the days when Martha sold at K-Mart!


The scuttlebutt is that after she walked into a K-Mart store

+ saw the messy displays (imagine that!),

she ruined  my life by ending her collaboration with K-Mart.

S A D !

Moving on, these pretty stars are holdovers from my old retail store,

Heart-in-Hand, circa 1990-something.


Here ’tis, in 1991, when I bought that building:

heart in hand exterior

But I digress.

My plans are to add one more detail — some silvery metal icicles.

If you look closely, you can see them on our ’09 tree:

christmas tree in wash tub

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, let’s discuss that fence around the base of our tree.





Like the star ornaments, the fence is from my Heart-in-Hand era.

I bought it from the Rowe Pottery Work retail store in Cambridge, WI:

rowe pottery bldg

I used to sell their commemorative pottery in my store.

Several times a year, I opted to drive a couple of pleasant hours

through Wisconsin to pick up my pottery orders (no huge shipping bill!)

rowe pottery city crock

But I digress!

Here’s one more look at our Christmas tree — a.k.a. Kay’s morale boost!


Yet more Christmas-related morale boosts occurred

out on our recently finished front porch!


I can’t wait to share more photos!

Stay tuned!

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