Hola — I am a design + decor enthusiast whose goal in life is to re-do every single house + yard in the United States. Meanwhile, my real-life re-do involves a charming, 20’s-era brick bungalow near Chicago. Years ago, I majored in art education, taught art in grades 7-12, opened my own retail store called Heart-in-Hand, started a wholesale signmaking business + most recently, created an online etsy store named RedBird Vintage Home. I grew up in the St. Louis area +, like most everyone there, I am a huge Cardinals baseball fan. I’m counting the number of days until Opening Day! My biz name is a shout-out to my favorite team — good X’s! Some of my other passions include: movies, movie stars, fashion, politics, cities, museums + others that will come to mind later this evening! 😉

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  • Kathy Parker

    have you had any luck finding the hardware resource mercantile style hardware??? I am employed by a cabinet manufacturer who is looking for this hardware — any suggestions?

    • cardinalkay64

      Hi Kathy

      I’m not sure what you are looking for, but it seems to me that Van Dyke something-or-other company would have it. Let me ponder, + if I come across or think of more sources, I’ll reply again! Good luck!


  • marie borck

    Hello, I saw your email to Melissa “The Inspired Room” and noticed you’re in the Chicago area. I live in Algonquin, IL which is northwest of Chicago. I, too, love decorating, etc. If you would like to communicate, email me at marieaug25@att.net.

    • cardinalkay64

      Hi Marie!
      I kind of know where Algonquin is. On the Fox River, no? There’s a famous waterfront restaurant there, too. Are you on Facebook? If you are, there is a group called Hunting + Gathering that is way too much fun. It publicizes all the cool flea markets + shows in Chicagoland, etc. I think it’s an invite-only group, + I would be happy to invite you! Let me know!
      K A Y

  • Barbara H.

    I left a comment on May 20, 2015 on your sink & tile snafu post. It’s still awaiting moderation though you have replied to some other comments, so I wonder if it’s stuck somewhere. I didn’t see another way to contact you.

    • cardinalkay64

      Hi Barbara! I just zipped over to the May 20, 2015 post + saw a comment that you’d made that was not answered. I said that G.O. adapted his woodwork to fit the tiles, not the other way around. I hope this helps. We are working on finishing the kitchen, AT LONG LAST, + I’ll be blogging about it in the next few days. TY for reading!

  • Gary Leland

    I wanted to take a second to say thank You for the link to http://LelandsWallpaper.com/JoannaGaines on your latest post.

    That was very much appreciated by Kathy and I.

    I also wanted to make sure you knew about the weekly podcast Kathy and I produce each week about Fixer Upper at http://FixerUpperPodcast.com

    Thanks again.

    • cardinalkay64

      Hi Gary! I can’t wait to check out your podcast! How much fun is that? I wonder if you were taken aback at my “criticism” of the show — hope not. It would be a lot of fun for you to post your customers’ photos of the Magnolia wallpaper in their homes. Have a swell day!

  • Gary Leland

    I thought you were pretty spot on with your post. We are just starting to get a few photos back from customers who have used the paper.

    Let me know what you think of the podcast. I would liek to hear your thoughts.

    Have a good one, and thanks again for the link.

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