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Vintage Cowboy Kids Rooms

Raise your hand if you, like me,

really miss our beloved, old Country Home magazine.

I have tubs full of old issues, much to G.O.’s dismay,

but I just couldn’t bear parting with them!

Exhibit A — April 2000


“But Kay, what inspiration can one get from a 17 year-old magazine?”

Turns out, a lot.

Exhibit A

From London designer (+ one of my style icons), Cath Kidston:


Those framed maps are still very much on trend,

+ how much do we love those nautical quilts?

Look what I found from — this similar, retro-style fabric:

What’s not to love?

Tons of vintage goodness, with all that red + blue!  I’m in!


But wait.

Do we approve of the theme for a room?

Yes, I do, (sometimes!),

especially when they’re done with so much skill + good taste.

These rooms are wonderful —

they inspired me to go find other vintage cowboy stuff online!

+ + + + +

There’s a lot of vintage barkcloth on etsy + eBay:


More vintage barkcloth — drapery panels:


Disclaimer: sorry there are no links.

Most of this stuff had been for sale on etsy + eBay,

+ by the time I got there, had been sold.

+ + + + +

Vintage blankets:


OMiGosh, how cool is this vintage radio?


What a darling lunch box!


People.  You’re never going to believe this,

but this western-theme wallpaper is available

in our new, favorite designer, Cath Kidston’s, online store!


She has brick + mortar shops, too,

+ they couldn’t be cuter!

I visited her NYC shop in the SOHO neighborhood:


Sadly, that NYC store has closed,

+ it looks like there are no U.S. stores right now.

No worries.  Shop online.  I did already!

Here!  Have fun!

These cuties are just a fraction of what I want to get.

(Seriously, I had to force myself to stop for this post.

There’s that much cool stuff!)

So.  My 1st post from old Country Home magazines!

What are your thoughts?  Still worth seeing?

Because trust me, I have many more!

Stay tuned!

Finally! Curtains!

After much pondering about window treatments in the Dutch colonial,

I finally chose to sew 1/2 tiers for our living + dining room bay.


 Here’s 1 pair, already up + at ’em in our dining room.


My fabric is some very lightweight + soft handkerchief linen.

It’s so pretty!

Anyway, if you are wondering why I finally chose 1/2-tier curtains, here’s why:

Reason #1. This gorgeous fall foliage from next door.


How could I possibly cover up such natural beauty?

It’s great that we can see out, but passersby can’t see in!


And speaking of not covering up natural beauty,

here’s reason #2.

All our gorgeous original woodwork!


After all that work — stripping + refinishing —

it would be a crime to cover that beautiful woodwork with curtains,

don’t you think?

And now, reason #3 for 1/2 tiers — the curtains in this room:

alison kandler office-family room from above

They’re so simple!  So less-is-more!

So me!

Coincidentally, this room is my inspiration

for the dining room/office combination in our house.

alison kandler office-family room

Isn’t it great?

It’s a room in designer Allison Kandler’s California home.

I am a huge fan of hers, +I have blogged about her previously, here:

Meanwhile, I’ll share more curtain photos as I sew more of them!

Stay tuned!

  • DSC08303

A Beautiful Old Door + Gorgeous Original Hardware

Our bedroom is nearly up + running at the Dutch colonial.

There’s a bed, a rug, a nightstand + a leaning floor mirror in there now,

but stay tuned for photo ops.

Today G.O. finished painting the door

Pittsburgh Paint’s Black Magic,

just like all the interior doors throughout.

Here ’tis, as seen from the kitchen:


The powder room door is just to the right:


Next up, we have a view of the door from inside the bedroom.

This view is out into the kitchen, with the powder room door at the left:


Check out the original hardware!


That beautiful plate was covered with paint,

so G.O. stripped it + scrubbed it with a brass bristle brush.

Stunning, don’t you think?



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