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Hooray!  It’s mid-November . . .

. . . which means that my mailbox is overflowing

with the highly-anticipated December issues of my favorite magazines!

Yesterday, I received these 3:

Southern Living magazine


chrismtas -- magazine coastal living




Of course, of course — just like everybody on the planet,

I enjoy seeing the uber-fab holiday décor of the uber-fabulous.

Even better?

I get to go shopping!!!! — vicariously, of course —

via these mags’ annual holiday gift-giving guides!

Let’s have a look-see at this year’s favorite gift idea . . .

popeye -- coastal living

. . .  from yesterday’s COASTAL LIVING magazine:

popeye #4


Razor MD Popeye Shave Collection

How vintage!  How whimsical!  How adorable!

How red + navy blue!

I just have to get this for G.O.!


Of course, he’s not going to WANT IT or DIG IT,

but sometimes, isn’t that beside the point

when it comes to the yuletide gift exchange????

* * * *

HA!  I “KEED” because I LOVE!

* * * *

Anyway, I searched online + found it here for a mere $58-ish:

popeye #4

Here’s how West Coast Shaving Co. describes it:

This kit is a collaboration between Razor MD + King Features,

owner of the Popeye brand.

Popeye + his clean-shaven face grace all the packaging

of these shaving products.

The sandalwood scent is fitting for a sailor such as he.

This limited edition kit is packaged in a vintage-style Popeye signature tin.

2 oz. pre-shave oil

8 oz. shave cream lather

4 oz. post-shave lotion

popeye shave logo #3

All “keed-ing” aside, G.O. IS getting this!

If not for Christmas, then possibly for his 60th birthday in early December.

WHAT . . . A . . . LUCKY . . . GUY!!!

Stay tuned to see how it’s received!


Etsy Shopping Spree

I love etsy!

It’s an online site where people can sell their handmade + vintage stuff.

Trust me, it rocks, + you need to go to there, now.

etsy banner

I opened my own etsy shop a few years ago

+ sell my own hand-stenciled pillows:

 When it comes to etsy, I think I like buying even more than selling!!

Just this morning I bought this awesome letterpress card for my grandlad’s April birthday:

etsy card 8

Man vs. George Design on etsy

I know!!  Isn’t it cool?  I’m a huge fan of letterpress anything + numbers!

    Here’s hoping my grandlad will be somewhat impressed (no pun intended).

He’s actually been antiquing with us a few times.

He asked for + received the following:

a compass

a vintage metal toy airplane to hang from the ceiling in his room.

(HIS idea — honest!)

Since we’ve got ourselves a budding antiquer,

I think I’ll order this book for one of his birthday gifts:

american pickers

And yes, I am ‘THAT grandma’!

And yes, I am Facebook friends with Mike Wolfe!

BUT, once again, I digress.

My etsy shopping spree continued!

Since we’ll be moving soon-ish, I ordered us this custom-made rubber stamp:

etsy OK return addy stamp myclearstamps

  I asked the etsy seller if I could have an ‘OK’ monogram . . .

 . . . which is my ‘kooky fun’ thing to do with G.O.’s name + mine.

Get it?  O + K?

But wait!

I ordered yet another custom rubber stamp from an etsy seller, MJ’s art stamps.

They call this their ‘newspaper typewriter’ design.

Within hours of my request, they sent me a couple proofs:

etsy rubber stampI love it — it’s simple, rustic, vintage-style + looks handmade . . .

. . . which I think is a good match for my pillowmaking business.

When my stamp arrives, I shall stamp some of these red tags with black ink:

Artecrafts on etsy

Artecrafts on etsy

 I’ll add a little baker’s twine just because it’s cool + comes in the correct color:

etsy red twine

And voila!  I think I’ll have a unique, eye-catching business card!

Thanks for tagging along with me on my etsy shopping spree.

How about you?  Do you shop there?



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