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Only 2 Days Until Our Christmas Cabin!

Our ‘really big show’ is coming up this weekend.



Look at the fantastic flyer that Stacey, of Kismet Junk, designed for us!

cabin christmas flyer re-do

I’ve been really excited, preparing for said-same.

Tonight I’m tired + realizing I’m not as young as I once was,

especially that one year when I did 12 shows

in addition to having my old retail store, Heart-in-Hand.

Omigosh, now that I think about it — that was exactly 20 years ago!

* * * *

But back from memory lane — I’m glad it’s TODAY —

because now, for inspiration, all I have to do is head to Pinterest!

I’ve been busily re-pinning lots of photos

that evoke a ‘cabin Christmas’:

cabin christmas -- tree in bucket

Sorry — didn’t get the source!

Seems that vintage metal trucks are all the rage online,

+ I’m loving the red + white license plates.

Wish I could get my hands on some ‘scrawny’ trees like these.

Who doesn’t love an urn (or 3)?

I’ll have some similar glass pinecone ornaments to sell.

I’ll also have a vintage white watering can with a faded, red stripe at the show . . .

. . . and G.O. dutifully gathered fresh greens from his brother’s farm today,

so my can will be tricked out in a similar fashion!


Martha Stewart’s Anvil Gray

Speaking of G.O. — on Sunday afternoon he re-painted some screens

that were in my booth, back in the good, ol’ days.

They’ll be making quite the statement this weekend,

as they’re marching across the back of our Cabin Christmas booth.


Fingers crossed,

 he can somehow hook up these awesome red industrial lights, too.

(I know he can — I’m so excited to see them in use!)

Wish I had a few dozen old baskets like this.

And some ginormous pine cones, too, please?

Talk about your inspiration!

do have lots of old boxes to sell, + I have been making white with red pillows.


I prefer simplicity + not-too-Christmas-y when I decorate

 so I think these pillows fit the bill.


That red cross makes the pillows look a little like Christmas presents, doesn’t it?

Here’s something similar of the rectangular persuasion:

cross pillow

Right now, they’re listed in my etsy shop . . .

. . . but of course, come Friday, they’ll be in our booth.

* * * * *

Here’s a look-see at some of my other Christmas Cabin projects:


These boards were the original porch floor of our Dutch colonial fixer-upper.

Who knew? — that a long-ago owner of our house would love the color red, too!


Everything is vintage here — the chair, the slipcover, buttons + ticking fabric.


Wish I had dozens of neat buttons with words on them, like this one.


This vintage ticking stripe material is from an old cot cover.



* * * * *

I think I’ll have about 5 chairs at this show,

including this one, which is a ‘tad’ different than what I usually make:


It’s an old folding chair from the Moose Lodge, + I’ve added a chevron pattern.


I think it’s fresh + modern.

So, is there a chance you’ll make it to our show?

I’d love it if you stopped by + said “HI!”

Missing Roger Ebert

siskel + ebert

What a loss!

I was so sorry to learn that Roger Ebert has died — we were all such huge, geeky fans of his + Gene’s, back in the Siskel + Ebert days.

I remember their going on an early Letterman show, + he had them shooting baskets.  Good times!

Do you remember when their show opened to a scene of them stepping on + off the EL train in Chicago?

Since then, I’ve read + enjoyed several of Roger’s movie review books + given said-same as gifts.

Anyway, this has been big news in Chicago, as all my entertainment guys knew + admired Roger Ebert.

I didn’t get to read his Chicago Sun-Times movie reviews, sadly, because we get the other paper in Chicago — the Tribune.

However, I did head to the Rotten Tomatoes website + sought out Roger’s review of whatever movie we might go see.  Today there are some very moving tributes on the website, in honor of him:


Irish + French Weekend

Hoping everyone had a great weekend!  While we celebrated the Irish by making corned beef, cabbage, potatoes + Irish soda bread yesterday, the rest of our weekend was devoted to all things French!

This is a sweet, sweet French movie that we couldn’t recommend more.  You can access it with your Netflix on demand.

2 thumbs up from us.

2 thumbs up from us.

Meanwhile, I kept my nose on the pillowmaking grindstone, as I do most every day.  What does that have to do with France? you ask.  Well, the pillows I made are my tributes to the vintage French grain sack, without spending a fortune.  I stencil the designs myself, in a medium gray.


The dressmaker in me loves it when the stripes match.

The dressmaker in me loves it when the stripes match.

Vintage buttons closures.

Vintage button closures.

The close up photos really show the texture of the canvas that I use.  Here’s another pillow with the clock face stencil that I designed + cut myself.  I don’t know if that’s French, but methinks it is.


My mom, Doris, taught me how to sew when I was in 7th grade.  At one time, I belonged to the International Ladies Garment Workers union + sewed band uniform collars all day, and if I do say so, I used to make the cutest clothes for my sons, when they were young!  My sewing pinnacle has to be the uncut corduroy Stegasaurus costume I made for Halloween 1986.  I’ve been sewing pillows like a bee the past few years.  I have 2 galleries selling for me — one in L.A. + another in Jackson Hole, WY.  I also have an etsy shop



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