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I didn’t watch the Emmys last night because my Cardinals game was on ESPN.

Sadly, they lost to the Brewers

 in Milwaukee’s Miller (as in the local brewery) Park.

sausage race


In Milwaukee, the highlight of any game

has to be their hilarious sausage race,

with the Italian beef, the hot dog, the brat, etc.

How could you not love that?

* * * *

Also on the fun agenda —

since Milwaukee’s home to Harley-Davidson Motorcycles,

during each pitching change, some dude on a Harley circles the field.


I just love local stuff like that at the ballpark,

like this wonderful tradition in St. Louis:

Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis Cardinals

The Budweiser Clydesdales circling the field
on Opening Day at Busch (as in the local brewery) Stadium
CBS Sports

I won’t lie — those Clydesdales give me major goosebumps!

I am crazy about the Clydesdales’ theme song (“Here Comes The King”), too!

* * * * *
But let’s talk about the Emmys.

Let’s talk about the Emmys red carpet!

Here’s my vote for Best Dressed of the night:

Rose Byrne’s (what show is she on?) dress!

 Its simplicity is so gorgeous,

with the fabric, the fit + color being beyond flattering!

Her hair + make up are perfect, too!


Sure, Joan gets ridiculed for her plastic surgery,
but c’mon. She must have a new doctor,
because I think she’s looking fantastic!
Her hair’s always great — pretty blazer + scarf, too.

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t get the designers’ names of these gowns.


I hope to do so tonight while watching the Fashion Police.

* * * *

Now let’s get back to those dresses, shall we?

Here are some of my other favorites:

emmy fashions -- michelle dockery

Michelle Dockery’s (Downton Abbey) gown is so beautiful.

I love the hem of the skirt + the edgy halter bodice.

I wouldn’t have chosen those colors, but they’re striking on her.

emmy fashions -- leslie mann

Leslie Mann (dunno what show she’s on, either) is sporting

one of several sheer skirt gowns seen last night.

They intrigue me, + I liked this one the best.

I can’t decide if that bodice is too busy or if it’s just right.

emmy fashions -- edie falco

Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie + The Sopranos)

is simply stunning in this simply designed gown.

The color is perfect for her!

Once again, I love her hair + make up, too.

emmy fashions -- kerry washington

Kerry Washington (star of ??? show)

is wearing a style I don’t normally love.

As you can tell, I’m more of a fan of a much more minimalist design.

The appliqued flowers on her sheer skirt are just so pretty, though,

+ I’m loving the juxtaposition of that edgy bodice

with the feminine skirt + fabric.  Perfect!

* * * *

What did you think?

Do you agree with my choices?

Will you, like me, be watching the Fashion Police Emmy special on E! tonight?


SO, yesterday evening G.O. + I watched 60 MINUTES, + it was great!


The good  news is that crabby Andy Rooney’s gone (J/K!),

+ the even better news is that last night’s episode featured

the great MAGGIE SMITH

(with an appearance by the also great Dustin Hoffman**!)

baking -- maggie smith + dustin hoffman

** Dusty recently  made his directorial debut with the movie, “Quartet”, co-starring Maggie . . .

. . . + he sez she (curses like) “a sailor”

+ drops the F bomb constantly,

+ he loves her for it!

Hey, Dusty — if you’ve got a “thing” for the foul-mouthed older gal —

may I introduce you to ME?

Dusty, call me!

But I digress.

If you’re interested in Maggie’s musings about “Downton Abbey” (and who ISN’T?),

go here:

* * * * * *

Any-hoo, as one often is, we were too lazy to change the channel

+ thoroughly enjoyed the program which followed 60 Minutes:


baking -- logo

HA!  Who knew?

It, TOO, was pretty great!

How could it NOT be, with this awesome cast of players,

including “amateur baker” + my personal favorite, Francine! . . .

baking -- francine

baking -- francine #2

Never change, Francine!

. . . + my 2nd favorite “amateur baker”, Brian . . .

baking -- brian

. . . who, coincidentally, came in a close 2nd in the pie contest, to Francine.

The heartbreak on his face really endeared him to me,

as did the film footage of him at home, compulsively/happily vacuuming!

Never change, Brian!

* * * * * * *

Anyway, back to the cast:

. . . here’s the extremely likable Jeff Foxworthy as host:

baking -- jeff foxworthy

Never change, Jeff!
Oh, wait.
He never does!

. . . +, be still, my heart, THIS crazy-handsome-silver-fox judge

with the crazy-sexy piercing-blue eyes

+ the impossibly-awesome name:




baking -- paul hollywood

Paul Hollywood,
never change your name!

And speaking of Silver Foxi,

how about a gratuitous photo of (St. Louis’ own) Michael McDonald

+ look!  It’s Ray Charles, too!

baking -- mike mc donald + ray charles

* * * * *

Oops.  More digressing.

Let’s get back to my new, favorite show.

Check out their awesome, slightly country bumpkin set!

I think the gay  guy who stages all those Cracker Barrel restaurants

took a short sabbatical

+ spent a few weeks over at CBS!

baking -- pie sign

Red neon!?  Yes, please!

baking -- decor fiesta ware _ signage

Fiesta Ware!  Old metal signage!  Barnwood!

baking -- decor

Multi-colored islands — one for each “amateur baker”!

baking -- decor pig

A flying pig!?  Oh, dear, Mr. Cracker Barrel, you may have stumbled briefly (J/K!) . . .

baking decor -- blue chairs

. . . but blue Tolix chairs!?  Excellent!

And . . . saving the best for last . . .

baking -- decor kitchen aid red

Red Kitchen Aid stand mixers!?  Of course!

And look!  There, in the background!

west elm smeg front

Yes!  Red SMEG refrigerators!

I just blogged about my love for both, here:

+ here:



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