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The Saga Of The Never Ending Kitchen Curtains

Full disclosure:

I’ve made + remade Dutch colonial kitchen curtains

so many times I’ve lost count.

‘Cause that’s how I roll.

This makes G.O. very unhappy,

as he doesn’t grasp the concept of the re-do.

greg at steely dan concert

How unfortunate!

Because I can’t seem to do anything

unless there are multiple redo’s!

Let’s think about something more pleasant, though,

+ view the (I think!) final curtains:

curtains phase five with rings

P e r f e c t i o n !

I made these from an old, full-length pair**

of Rachel Ashwell’s Simply Shabby Chic at Target,

**which you can still buy.

They were in a bedroom at our last house,

so they’re basically “free”, right?

But wait.

It took me three tries to even get these right!

Here’s attempt number one:

curtains phase five fullest

So what’s wrong with those?

Well, I thought they were too full

+ looked like something from the Palace of Versailles!

My solution was to remove 2 of the 4 panels,

+ here’s what that looked like:

curtains phase five less full

In my mind, this was a little better,

but the more I looked at them,

the cheapier they seemed to appear.

They looked like I got them from the dime store!!!


Ha!  That’s right!

I just said dime store!


But wait — it gets better!

When I had my very first house

when I was probably 19 years old,

I actually did buy bedroom curtains at the dime store!!!

They were called CAPE CODS,

+ I loved them!!!

curtains cape cod


Trust me, the rest of my decor

was pretty hilarious,

but that’s a subject for yet another blog post.

Back to today’s triumph:

curtains phase five with rings

I had to get the folds between the rings just right,

+ trust me, as per usual, it wasn’t easy.

Here’s what I did to “train” them:

curtains phase five with clips from afar

After carefully folding them,

individually, by hand,

I clipped them in place with chip bag clips

+ let them settle in for about a half hour or so.


curtains phase five with clips close up


Feeling exhausted, just by reading about it?

Imagine going through it!

greg at steely dan concert

And yes, there were other, earlier versions —

 all equally grueling + frustrating for poor G.O.

Here were some red gingham cuties

that I sewed, using an old twin bed skirt

from back in the day when Martha was still at K-Mart:

I don’t recall why these went away,

because I do love that red gingham.

Oh, wait — yes, I remember.

I decided I needed full-length curtains instead of tiers,

so these longer gingham checked curtains

took their place:

Once again, adorable, if I do say so,

but the material was wrong.

I’d ordered fade-resistant indoor-outdoor fabric


+ it turned out to be just too heavy + stiff

to make good curtains.

They eventually became upholstery projects,

so they ended well, at least.

Finally — in conclusion,

I still want some red gingham check

in that kitchen of ours,

because I love it so.

This — again from

But how – what – where – when?!?

Stay tuned!

Window Sash Musings


First thing yesterday a.m., as we often do, the dogs + we went for a short hike.

Here are the girls, en route:


Chloe, at left, + Dory in the back of “Daddy’s” Ranchero.

On the way home, we had a little cruise around town,

which is just another way of saying

 Kay’s looking at + passing judgement on houses.

 Yesterday’s cruise was especially exciting for me.

Check this out:


So, they pretty much had me at that siding + all that trim work.

But what is so over-the-top awesome that I would be so enthusiastic?  you ask?

Here’s a hint: the black window sashes:


People.  I shan’t lie — I am obsessed with colored window sashes.

Back at home, I headed to Pinterest, to search for more

because I wanted to blog + share with the class:

sashes black with teal siding

It’s like eyeliner for a house!

That works indoors, well.

window sashes red

BH + G


window sashes black inside bathroom bh+g

BH + G

window sashes green house bhg

window sashes -- grey house with black

urban cottage blog

Black isn’t the only window sash color that I love.

Here we have maybe my favorite:

window sashed -- red

BH + G

OMiGosh!  RED RULES, does it not?

In case you’re not on board, here’s more!

I blogged about this:

karin blake's malibu kitchen with red sashes #1

Designer Karin Blake’s Malibu home

If I am so obsessed,

you are probably asking if we, too, have colored sashes at the Dutch colonial.


Oops.  No.

Sadly, the black or the red versions of our windows were over our budget.


We really love them, though.

They’re vinyls from Andersen, + I blogged about them, here:


That sash, while vinyl, sits on the outside of the windowpanes,

which gives it the illusion of being original to our house.


So.  I really want to know.

Do you love to cruise around + admire/dislike houses in your town?

What’s the best one you’ve seen this summer?



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