Canned Ham Interior, Take 2

Yesterday I blogged about my blue + red Ralph Lauren hopes + dreams

for our canned ham’s interior.

Natch, a lot of blue + red stripe upholstery fabric was involved . . .

fabric of blue and red stripes 2

 . . . + I was going to add even more red

by replacing the ham’s existing refrigerator + microwave . . .

. . . with these red beauties:

Daewoo retro microwave — $89

Daewoo retro compact refrigerator — $249

appliances -- red microwave + refrigerator

OMIGOSH, WOW!  Am I right?

Those 2 would be just the things

to propel our ham’s interior straight over the top!

But wait.

There seems to be a pesky issue with camper appliances.

It involves complicated things like voltages + propane fuel.


Anyway, the bottom line is this: I can’t have my retro appliances.

surprised baby

Heart break!

So, as one does, I immediately went to plan B.

We (+ by “we” I mean G.O.)

would spray paint the existing black appliances red!

paint -- appliances rustoleum red from lowe's

Sounds so easy when I just type or say it, doesn’t it?

Not so fast.  Let’s break it down.

The burner top + range hood might not be too problematic,

 but that microwave was gonna take rolls + rolls of masking tape!

Meaning I didn’t insist (for once) when G.O. nixed the idea.

I just said to myself, FINE.

Let’s embrace the black.

Stay tuned for how I plan to do said embracing.

Here’s a sneak peak at my design + color inspiration:

pendleton san miquel knit throw

Canned Ham Re-Do, Part I

In my last blog post,

I casually mentioned that we’d gotten ourselves a used, vintage-style camper.

Here ’tis — a 2013 Riverside Retro-Style RV:

trailer -- vintage red and gray 2

I am not normally the kind of person who names my vehicles,

but I’ve broken with tradition

+ nicknamed our new camper “the canned ham” 

or “the ham”, for short.

Believe it or not, G.O. bought it on eBay!

In fact, this was his 4th eBay vehicle purchase — who knew?

Anyway, the seller was from southern Illinois — Sparta,

which is not far from my hometown of Greenville!

We picked up the ham on Sunday, spent the night at my dad’s house,

+ here we were, heading back home again on Monday afternoon:

canned ham at arbys drive thru

I shan’t lie — I love how well our ham + our new/used Flex go together!

Now let’s get real.

The camper’s exterior is pretty awesome, yes — but the interior?

Not so much.

Kinda hiddy, actually.

Exhibit A:

canned ham settee and fire extinguisher

Disclaimer: today’s weather is gray + gloomy, which isn’t the best for photo-snapping.

But please!  That fabric!  So not me.

canned ham settee and window

I shall also sew new curtains, but first, back to those cushions.

I am going to reupholster them with an indoor/outdoor fabric,

which is hard-wearing + very easy to clean + won’t fade in the sun.

I’ve already been online shopping on

+ just this morning, I ordered sample swatches ($3 each) of these 2 stripes:

Fabric A:

fabric of blue and red stripes


Fabric B:

fabric of blue and red stripes 2

My inspiration is classic Ralph Lauren — could you tell?

I’m going for a coastal-cottage-farmhouse look,

+ we shall use many of the same colors that we have in our Dutch colonial.

Another project is to remove all the beige (+ there’s lots of it!),

starting with the original dinette top:

canned ham formica sample with tabletop

In its place, G.O. shall go old-school + iron on some faux marble laminate,

Wilsonart White Carrara from Lowes:

counter top faux marble willsonart laminate

Continuing with the retro theme, I want to find some metal edging, like this:metal edging

Time to start shopping, so stay tuned!



Surely we’ve all noticed that houseplants are a ‘thing’ again.

I’m on board, of course,

but, sadly, one of our naughty kitties thinks they’re SALAD.


Thankfully, there’s an excellent Plan B,

+ that would be the deliciously realistic-but-faux plants that are available now.

Get thee to IKEA, where I bought these faux lavender plants,

which are now nestled in my beloved Guy Wolff pots on our kitchen window sill.


Let’s talk a little bit about these awesome pots.

Here’s the fabulous potter, Guy Wolff . . .

guy wolff photo at the wheel

. . . whose Bantam, CT studio is on my ‘must-visit’ list**

(more on that later!)

guy wolf headquaters in conn.

His pots are stamped with his name, the date,

+ the number refers to the wet weight pounds of clay used to make the pot.


I bought this pair in the year 2007 (obviously)

at the late, great Smith + Hawken store in Geneva, Illinois.

I bought my very first Guy Wolff pot in a wonderful store called Hammertown,

in the Berkshire mountains of western Massachusetts.

guy wolff story hammertown rhinebeck

No doubt we’ll be stopping there again on our way to see Guy Wolff in Connecticut.

This inaugural pot of mine is currently buried somewhere in our potting shed,

so I can’t share right now, but it looks something like this one:

guy wolf white pot like mine

Are our heads spinning yet?

If not, here are dozens more on Guy Wolff’s Pinterest board!

Perhaps, like me, you’ll be wanting to purchase his book.

guy wolff book

You can buy Guy Wolff pots at his studio**, on his website

+ at various shops around the U.S.

**My planned visit to see said studio will no doubt be very soon,

+ here’s why:

trailer -- vintage red and gray 2

We bought this ‘canned ham’ cutie on eBay this week!!!

We’ll drive to southern Illinois on Sunday to retrieve it,

after which we’ll perform a little re-do

+ then set sail for somewhere — anywhere — sunnier + warmer than here!

Stay tuned!


Many, if not all, of our Dutch colonial projects

start at Plan A but end up at Plan B, or Plan C, or beyond . . .

Take our range hood.  Please.


The tape marks the size + location of our Plan A,

which we carefully planned + about which I recently blogged.

G.O. was going to build ours with wood, painted white.

Here is our inspiration:


We soon realized that this was a way more complicated

+ time-consuming project than we had anticipated.

Our Plan A quickly switched to Plan B!

Here it is — the Datid range hood from IKEA:


I love those decorative rails very much

+ have long wanted this hood for my own kitchen.

Its cost, $679, was more than we wanted to spend,

but sometimes, these things can’t be helped.

Yes, even though it’s quite perfect,

I still wished to tweak the design just a bit.

Since our kitchen appliances are white with stainless accents,


I asked G.O. to spray paint the body of our new hood white,

leaving the decorative apron + rails stainless.

(Please notice our white + stainless dishwasher in the background.)


  Here is the painting, in progress:


G.O. is using Rust-oleum Appliance Spray Epoxy

from the home center:




I am very anxious to see this final bit of kitchen FINISHED,

at long last.

I’ll keep you all posted, so stay tuned!

Vintage-Style Trailer Happiness

So.  This past Sunday, we went to the Greater Chicago RV Show,

where I found the awesome vintage-style trailer of my dreams.

More on that in a minute, but may I ask, first:

Does the same designer work for 99% of the RV companies??

Exhibit A:


Does this mean that 99% of RV enthusiasts love this look??

Exhibit B:


And another query, When would we ever see something that I like??

(I mean no disrespect for these trailers; they’re just not up my alley.)

+ + + + +

Say no more.

The Vintage Cruiser by Gulf Steam



I KNOW!!!  Isn’t it great???

Natch, I want the red + white, but it’s available in aqua, too:


Before we go inside, I must share another query, re: trailer interiors:

Are 99% of them are designed by the same person??

Do 99% of RV enthusiasts love all that beige??

Exhibit C:


So much beige, + always with the generic hotel print fabric.

I would have to do some reupholstering before we ever leave town!


Exhibit D:


(Again, no disrespect intended; I love things that are different from the norm.

If you read my blog, perhaps you feel the same way!)

+ + + + +

Viva la difference, though — inside my vintage dream:


We could move right in without me sewing a single stitch!

Not sad!

+ + + + +

The Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser is also available in this fun “woody” version,

which looks very cool + campy, which is a thing now:


 Inside, though, is what really rules — it’s KNOTTY PINEpeople!


Just like inside your grandparents’ vintage lake cottage!

+ + + + +

The dinette + counter tops are really sweet + not the standard-issue faux granite.

I’m pretty sure they are solid surface material (a.k.a. Corian):


+ + + + +

Now feast your eyes on the (yelling like Oprah) RED REFRIGERATOR!!


Please.  I’ve only  wanted a red Smeg refrigerator forever.

($2 grand, BTW)


+ + + + +

So.  I suppose it’s high time to reveal the floor plan that we’ll get.

It’s their smallest — #17RWD — which weighs 2,825 pounds:


I would rather have a sitting area than a relatively huge bedroom,

so my plans are to do away with that bed

+ replace it with this navy blue Novogratz futon from Wal-Mart.

People.  It’s $339, + in person, it’s cool!


Since that tiny kitchen desperately needs more counter space,

the bed’s going away will also allow us to have a rolling cart/island

between the TV mount + shirt closet.


Perhaps something like this one,

one that G.O. made for our biz, RedBird Vintage Home:


+ + + + +

My dream trailer’s bathroom has a separate sink, toilet + shower.

Exhibit E:


Most small trailers sport something called a Wet Bath.

Exhibit F:


That looks as if a simple shower

would require some serious gymnastics or yoga skills!


+ + + + +

Stay tuned for more of my trailer musings,

as I’m suffering from quite the case of wanderlust.

+ + + + +

If you’d like your own small trailer, may I suggest looking here?


+ + + + +

If you, too, would love to buy your own Vintage Cruiser,

check out Gulf Stream’s website!

A+ For Color Coordination!

What’s more fun than a day spent rearranging?


Here’s my inspiration, in Diane Keaton’s house:


And for my rearrange, see this BEFORE, with my books displayed backward:


AFTER, in color, with bowls on top:


Yes, that’s right.  My books are now color-coordinated, + I love it!

AFTER, in color, w/o yellow ware bowls on top:


The yellow ware bowls, while lovely, were kind of visually too much.

Meanwhile, back to my books + stuff.

During the re-do, I thought it would be fun to fill the cubbies

with all sorts of color coordinating bibelots:


Oh, dear.  I might need to edit a bit.  We’ll see.

Now it’s time for a closer look at some of my books,

+ while doing so, please notice the wonderful, old paint on my cupboard:


Had I mentioned where I got this wonderful piece?

Back in the 90’s, when I had my own retail store, Heart-in-Hand,

my friend, Bob told me that his grandpa had a huge sorter in his boat garage.

I think I paid $50 or something scandalous.  Yay.


Even after closing my store, I could never bear to part with the cupboard.

For about a decade or so, I held out hope that I might open yet another store.



My shop keeping dreams finally ended (more like a nightmare at this point),

but I still couldn’t sell my beloved cupboard.

It was a nice place for storing all my gardening supplies in our old garage,

but when we moved here to the Dutch colonial,

I told G.O. that I wanted to have it in our new living room.


HA!  I slay myself sometimes, with those dueling cats.

I honestly can’t recall whether or not an argument ensued, but please.

After a while, he did say — without prompting, even —

that it looked better than he thought that it would.

fist pump.jpg





Well, thanks so much for viewing my latest project.

Next time, I hope to blog about something new I’ve been planning for months:


Stay tuned!


Galvanized Metal Baskets

This just in:

I finally hemmed the curtains I started last November!


(Please forgive me for these bad + dark photos.)


You may very well be asking,

“YAWN, Kay!  Curtain hems!?  Who cares?” . . .

 . . . but we procrastinators know that completing one’s projects is a big deal!

I want to sew a tartan plaid bed skirt (stay tuned!), you see . . .

. . . but I forced myself to finish the curtains first.

+ + + + +

Anyway, speaking of completing tasks, our kitchen re-do is back ON!

This has happened:


Galvanized baskets!

The cabinet that G.O. had installed beside the range was too narrow + deep,

+ thus, a tad too dysfunctional.

This had me thinking of baskets in cubbies, instead!

Initially, I wanted woven baskets, like these:


However, when my online search for baskets took me to these

from World Market, I was totally smitten!


Only $14.99 for the small?  I’m in!

 The website sez that these are NEW,

but that they are sold out online + available in stores only.

We had to drive to 2 different World Markets to find our 3,

but it was worth it, in my opinion!


I feared that, in person, they might look cheapie + bad,

but they don’t, + I love them!


Disclaimer: we still need a toe kick here.

+ + + + +

Suddenly, the blank wall next to our stove is calling out for open shelving.

Funny how that happens.


I am thinking galvanized metal, + here’s why:

Notice how our new galvanized baskets play so nicely

with the handles of our stove + the Kitchen Aide mixing bowl:


I’m loving the continuity,

so off, I go, on yet another online search, for metal shelving!

Turns out, my 3 finalists are all from Pottery Barn.





 Or these, with painted metal:


I think I will wait to decide,

once our range hood is (finally) installed.


Stay tuned!

New! Magnolia Wallpaper!

So.  If this is Wednesday morning,

then I must be thinking about last night’s Fixer Upper!

Its project involved something other than their standard residential house.

I wasn’t too surprised, because last week,

they gave this ratty houseboat an epic makeover:

So.  Instead of a residential home, this sweet, old building got ‘fixed up’:



Now it’s home to the new Magnolia Bakery!



The transformation was mind blowing, as always,

but I find myself wishing the reveal was a tad bit longer.

Could they borrow a few precious minutes from this, I wonder?



Disclaimer: Of course, I know that Chip is an adorable + amusing man-child,

+ that their cute relationship is why the show is so popular!

 I just want to see a little less of that + more of the ‘after’ awesomeness!

 For example — Exhibit A — the exterior wall sign:


Joanna talked about it, + we saw a window being moved for it,

but we didn’t get a really good view of it!

+ + + + +

Inside, there were other design elements that I wanted to see,

 such as — Exhibit B —  the large, black sign above the cupcake shelves:


Isn’t it wonderful?  I wanted to get a better look at it last night!


And people.

Didn’t you wonder what was going on with that black + white wallpaper in the bathroom?

Was it the pattern of a composition notebook?

I couldn’t tell!


Slow down, Mr. Camera Man!  Give us a close up!

Here ’tis:


It’s actually a charming pastoral toile named Homestead!


It’s also just one of the designs from Joanna’s new wallpaper collection!


Here she is in front of her paper called Shiplap:


A Skinny Shiplap version is also available:


Gingham checks!  Loving that they’re having their moment again!


I don’t want to brag or anything,

but we papered our main bathroom with navy blue checks.

+ + + + +

Looks like the wallpaper will be sold in the Magnolia online shop,

but it’s not there yet.

You can order online here, though, right now!


This is chalkboard, people:




And, omigosh, look at this wallpaper called Concrete!


Raise your hand if you remember seeing it in a recent past Fixer Upper episode!



No way!



I have a feeling that more of Joanna’s wallpaper will make its way onto Fixer Upper.

But what say ye?

Will it be appearing in your house?  

Fixer Upper Floats


So.  Here’s my face when I realized the project

on this week’s Fixer Upper was a house boat:


What’s happened to our show??!!


Calm down.  They’ve got this.

Exhibit A:


How could I have doubted these 2?






Looks like Joanna’s chosen to combine black with warm wood tones again,

which she used in their recent modern house project.

Those black boards on the house boat’s exterior were not painted or stained.

Instead, they were literally torched + set on fire,

which is a form of preservative used in Japan.

+ + + + +

The black + tan color story is continued into the house boat’s interior,

where the kitchen cabinets + windows are black:


There’s that beautiful, caramel-colored leather again, in the bar stools,

with yet more warm brown/tan  repeated

in the butcher block counters, accessories + lighting.

Exhibit B:


That black + antique brass sconce

looks like this one from Restoration Hardware:


What are our thoughts re: the window-spanning shelves?


I vote yes + in fact, I toyed with the idea for our own kitchen windows.

I’m pretty sure I’ve pinned a few examples.

Exhibit C:


This Old House

What’s not to love?

They provide tons of storage + nice perches for some pretty houseplants.


Could that small farmhouse sink be cuter?


I don’t think so!  I’d love it!

+ + + + +

There is one bathroom on the lower level.

Its mirror is framed in black, + the shower walls are clad in black tiles:

I’m in love with the double sconce over the sink.

Here’s something similar from Restoration Hardware:


Surprisingly, Restoration Hardware’s lighting can be pretty affordable,

plus, I think there’s a big sale going on.

+ + + + +

Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms,

the first of which is this awesome bunk room

for the homeowner’s 4 young children:


I’m so drawn to the beautiful, warm wood tones.

It’s kind of refreshing to see it being used now,

after so many years of painted everything.

Do we think it’s a trend that will last for a while?

(I do!)  Time will tell!

+ + + + +

There is also a master bedroom on the 2nd story,

+ it sports this beautiful natural wood feature wall:


I think that interior window awnings

are Joanna’s signature accent for this season.

Just to the right of the bed is a pair of beautiful French doors,

leading to a balcony.


So.  What’s next for Fixer Upper?


Not a TRAILER, surely!!??


Wait.  What?


I would totally watch that, wouldn’t you?


Stay tuned!

Front Yard Pinspiration

People.  Are we all suffering from Spring fever?

I know I AM, + in fact, just a few days ago,

I went online shopping for something to hang on our front door.

This is what I want, from this etsy shop:


OMiGosh, though.  It’s still only February,

+ yet, I am beyond ready to get outside + plant something!

It’s past time for us to ramp up our houses’s curb appeal!

Right now it’s so plain Jane + incomplete,

+ I fear that the neighbors are grumbling,

“When will they ever finish that house?”


It may be a bit of a blank slate right now,

but here’s how the front of our house looked on the realtor listing:


I think we can all agree that those overgrown shrubs had to go,

as did the errant enclosed front porch:




But I just can’t come up with a design!  The humanity!

I swear, it’s got to be that off-center porch that’s throwing me off.

How on earth am I going to be able to tie each side together?

Then this happened.

A beautiful front yard of a house with a porch on one side:


I’m sorry — I found this on Pinterest but didn’t get the source.

Thank goodness for Pinterest, is all I can say.

I don’t know how we would have managed our re-do without it.

So.  What makes my new favorite front yard so swoon-worthy?

 Let’s break it down:

First up, they’ve added a bit of symmetry

by flanking the front steps with a pair*of my absolute faves,

lollipop shrubs (as they say in the UK), a.k.a. topiaries*.

*Pairs = good.  *Topiaries = good


Notice how they’ve tied everything together

by repeating the same plants from one side to the other.

And who doesn’t love that sweeping curve* of the edges of the beds?

*Curves = good.

+ + + + +

Now, then.  All I have to do is decide what plants to buy,

get that porch all tricked out,

 see about installing a brick sidewalk,

+ maybe get 3 window boxes for our bay!

Stay tuned!



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