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Brass Is Back!

Sometimes I can’t make up my mind.

When this happens, I just call it a day, already,

after wich, I procrastinate like crazy.

This can’t be good, you think.

  • * * *

But wait.  There are these:


Yes, it’s true — I’ve finally jumped aboard the brass-is-back train!

I have big plans for these vintage beauties

in our Dutch colonial kitchen.

  • * * *

But wait, you say.

Didn’t you already select red glass pulls in your kitchen?

Congratulations!  You’ve been paying attention!

Here they are . . .

.cabinet hardware -- red glass

 . . . already up + ’em on all the white cabs in our kitchen:


I love them!

* * *

But wait.

What will happen to those antique brass pulls?



Yes, we do have an oak kitchen island.

I chose it to complement all the natural woodwork in our Dutch colonial.


It looks good, alright, but aren’t there 4 drawers that need pulls?

Yes, they do, but which pulls?


surprised boy

So.  I dealt with this issue by putting it on the back burner, as one does.

Until maybe 4 days ago.

. . . when I had this light bulb moment:


  Vintage brass + warm oak wood tones = perfect!

Sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

I was inspired by a new (to us) set of old wooden drawers from the flea market.





As is his way, poor G.O. did not immediately love this idea,

but he did agree to play along by holding a pull on its proposed drawer front.



Okay.  Now I am going to need to add some additional antique brass into our home!

I’m thinking of over-the-sink light fixtures.

Stay tuned.

Light Fixture Fun: Mixing Metals Or No?

Well, our downstairs bath + powder room

 finally have their drywall up + running.


Powder room in progress

This means one thing:

THE . . . END . . . IS . . . SEMI-NEAR!!!

* * * *

I couldn’t be more pleased

+ will be ordering some fun stuff within the hour.

Pass me my credit card!

* * * *

First, let’s have a look-see

at some items that I’ve already ordered!

For the powder room, in old-school polished chrome**

(**which I love because it looks so vintage):

Signature Hardware New York Widespread

Signature Hardware
New York Widespread

+, speaking of looking vintage — honed marble for the vanity top:

bathroom vanity top from pottery barn

Pottery Barn

Yesh, I did order something marble, sight-unseen,

which, I know, is crazy —

but the good news is that it’s perfection!

* * * *

But back to  today’s spending spree.

To hang over our powder room sink, I shall order this pendant light fixture,

(also in polished chrome):

Westmore Schoolhouse Pendant Lowe's $151

Westmore Schoolhouse Pendant

Nobody loves the schoolhouse light fixture more than I do,

+ I’m fond of this one’s small scale for a small room.

* * * *

Meanwhile, for our main bath,

last summer we found this IKEA medicine cab in their “as-is” section,

at a mere $80!

Hemnes $170

Regularly $170

My plans are to de-fuse its IKEA-ness a tad

by tricking it out with this DIY project:

medicine cabinet tricker outer


I want our cab to be extended all the way to the ceiling,

as that’s what I think would make it look most original to the house.

I’ve got to find something awesome for door pulls, too.

Stay tuned.

* * * *

Back to light fixtures.

This was my first choice to hang in front of the IKEA medicine cab:

Seagull Sydney Pendant Lowe's in golden pewter

Seagull Sydney Pendant
in golden pewter**

(**I’ve never seen “golden pewter” before, but I think I’d like it.)

But I worry!

Is the fixture too large?

Would it overpower our small space?

Well . . .

. . . methinks that the only way to be sure is to add it to today’s order

+ give it a test-spin in our space!

* * * *

While I’m ordering/comparison shopping,

could send for a pair of these:

Westmore 5" pendant Lowe's Polished chrome

Westmore 5″ pendant
Polished chrome

There’s my go-to metal — polished chrome — again.

* * * *

But wait!

Lately, I find myself being lured by other, warmer metals,

like antique copper:



+ antique brass:



No doubt about it — these are the next “IT” tones for metal,

+ I’m LOV-ing them!

With that in mind, here’s what I’ll order:

Chadwick 6" pendant light Lowe's $171.15 Antique copper

Chadwick 6″ pendant light
Antique copper

Those would make me happy every time I gazed at them!

* * * *

I worry, though.

Must I match my metals?

single hole faucet -- Wesley -- $169 -- signature hardware

Or may I use this polished chrome faucet

in the same room as my antique copper lights?

* * * *

Right now, I’m leaning toward mixing things up.

That’s subject to change, of course.

Stay tuned.

Plan B For My Bathroom Vanity

Yesterday I giddily posted of my love for this chunky vessel sink:

Home Depot!   Who knew?

Home Depot!
Who knew?

I was/am totally smitten with its vintage, white ironstone bowl-ness.

My plans were to make a bathroom vanity, using my AWESOME sink

 + my AWESOME, vintage pine cupboard:

(Today’s word-of-the-day: AWESOME.)


Oh, how I “love” it when I make plans without measuring stuff.

The BAD news is that that sink is way too huge for my cupboard.

surprised boy

Whoops!  “Silly me!”

The good news is that I did measure + discover said-same

BEFORE I placed my online order from Home Depot.

* * * *

Meanwhile, here’s Plan B:



Look what I found on Amazon, for less than $100!

bathroom faucet

I am totally obsessed with antique brass + cross handles, like this:



Pretty AWESOME, no?

So AWESOME that I’ve already shared this AWESOME-ness with G.O.


. . . who, as you see him here, was not totally amused.

“Poor G.O.”

But it’s all good.

I’m giving him space today, + he’ll think about it,

+, hopefully, be on board, soon.

Fingers crossed + stay tuned!



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