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My Diane Keaton Lady Crush

This morning I stumbled upon the portfolio of Stephen Shandley,

a NYC-based designer whose clients include my fave, Diane Keaton.


Shandley was named to the Architectural Digest’s AD100,

the list of the world’s best interior designers + architects.

I tried but failed to access his website this morning —

perhaps it was just a temporary issue — I dunno.

+ + + + +

Now, then.  What was I saying about my lady crush, Diane?


Remember when she won the Best Actress Oscar for Annie Hall?

annie hall.jpg

Oh, how I love that movie, + when it came out,

I was inspired by Annie’s wardrobe to sew myself a similar blazer + skirt!

+ + + + +

In addition to her highly successful acting career,

Diane is also a home design afficionado + author of this book:


 Next, let’s have a look-see at some photos of Diane’s many** homes,

(**she moves more than we do!)

the interiors of which were designed by Stephen Shandley.


Seriously?  A leather sofa porch swing?  Genius!

The master bedroom at Diane Keaton's home in Pacific Palisades, CA.

People.  This is SO me!  I’ve even sewn pillows with the Swiss cross like these.


The stairwell at Diane Keaton's home in Pacific Palisades, CA.

OMiGosh!  Pillows in a rolling cart!

Check this out (below) — Diane + I also share a love of the “re-arrange”!

I wonder if it provides her the same morale boost as it does me?

I am loving the version at left, with all the colorful pottery.

 I love color, + am growing a tad weary of the trend of all-white decor.

What say ye?


Look at Diane’s inspiration board —  I love it.

And last but not least, here are a couple examples of phrases (stenciled?)

incorporated into Diane’s homes:



I’m not surprised to see that Diane has so many books.  I want one of those rolling ladders, please.

I am feeling a yen for stenciling something on the walls of our house,

since that’s what I do.

Now I have to choose a phrase, don’t I?

Stay tuned!


My Old Sorter Is Filled + Fabulous!

Last Friday I spent nearly an entire day,

very leisurely + very happily filling this:


That’s my old sorter ($50!) that I bought in the early 90’s

for my retail store, Heart-in-Hand.

Believe it or not, this is the very first time I’ve used it inside my home.

Here ’tis now:


My goal was to use it to display my books.

Since many of them have been in boxes for a while

(prepping for the big move, don’tcha know),

I honestly didn’t remember if I had enough to fill those shelves!

(G.O. + I collaborated on making that sign for my current biz.)


Anyway, back to my books — turns out I was pleasantly surprised.

I think my sorter looks just great + nicely full!


I left room for some of my classic décor magazines —

some neatly stacked on shelves + others inside this old box of mine.

(That retail store of mine was in Oregon, Illinois,

only about 20 minutes southwest of Rockford in the NW part of the state.)


I stacked my books in categories,

which is part of the reason the job took most of the day.

Here are some of my beloved décor books:


Here are some of my show biz books:


had to buy that cute Oscar statuette souvenir on my first visit to L.A.


My beloved grandson was only about 3 or 4 at the time,

so chances were he wouldn’t grasp the meaning of his Oscar.

Now that he’s 10, maybe he’d like to have this for his own room!

(Stay tuned.)


Since one of my goals is to go a tad less-is-more in our Dutch colonial,

I fretted about filling all those cubbies:


I have chosen mostly old, or vintage, things,

many of which were gifts from some of my very best friends.

This funny pair of Dachshund salt + pepper shakers

 were a “just because” gift from my friend, Doris Shull:


Oh, gosh — remember ash trays?

My mom was given a set of 3 of these mallards by her mother.

Seems to me that, for good luck, that duck should point in a certain direction.

I’ve forgotten which, so I’ll have to ask my sisters.


Here’s the foul ball that our dad caught at a Cardinals game

when we were just kids — late 50’s?  Early 60’s?

He can’t remember which year, sadly, nor who hit it,

but it’s still very precious to me.


My friend, Alan, gave me the Dachshund planter,

+ that pretty tan pitcher was from my grandmother I mentioned just now.


How I love the wonderful patina of my sorter’s original gray paint,

and how great it looks in our living room!


3 French Hens, Part 1

Yesterday morning I had the most FUN,

shopping at our town’s wonderful 3 FRENCH HENS MARKET.

I blogged about my visit to the June Market here:


* * * *

Is it odd to start with the cool stuff that got away?

I really wish I’d gotten this cool jar with the striking, graphic lid

in “the Kay colors” of red + navy!

Perfect for G.O.'s Folgers on our kitchen counter . . . . . . but it didn't occur to me until just this morning!

Perfect for G.O.’s Folgers on our counter . . .
. . . but it didn’t occur to me until this a.m.!

NOW look at the best of what I did buy!


Although the seller did come down $20 on his asking price,

this Potter’s Silk box was somewhat of a splurge for me.

I needed a thread organizer anyway . . .

. . . so this is beyond perfect for my sewing room!

* * * *

When he saw my pictures, G.O. really liked this Sellers tall broom closet:



Sellers is the company famous for their Hoosier cabinets.

This piece was in the booth of one of my favorite “sellers” at the Market:

 Wanda Galloway’s At The Kitchen Table With Santa,


Who wants to make a coffee table from this industrial cart?

Who wants to make a coffee table
from this industrial cart?  I do!

Yum!  I long to have an old metal awning hanging over our back door!

Yum! I long to have an old metal awning
hanging over our back door!

Wanda said she had 3 vintage metal awnings,

all of which were snapped up by Traci,

to use as beautiful displays in her fabulous shop, WHIMSY!


Traci's shop recently moved. OMG, those rosemary topiaries!

WHIMSY recently moved
into a fab, new (huge!) space.
OMG, those rosemary topiaries!

I want this dresser in Whimsy’s booth at the Market

+ hope that Traci still has it.

Don’t you love its apothecary good looks?

And all those drawers would be perfect for organizing my sewing studio stuff!


Things to do: replace those knobs
+ stencil those drawers
with numbers or words!


Here I am with Traci of WHIMSY, at the Market!

  Both WHIMSY + At The Kitchen Table With Santa

(plus ME — RedBird Vintage Home!!!)

will be at the upcoming


Mark your calenders:  Friday, November 15h + Saturday, the 16th!

(More about this awesome show later!)

* * * *

Meanwhile, here are a few more Market goodies I liked but didn’t buy:

If this was only metal . . .

If this was only metal . . .

Loving old mirrors!

Loving old mirrors!

People. I swooned over this vintage Christmas tree stand.

I swooned over this vintage Christmas tree stand.

How could I have passed on this adorable

kitty child’s hot water bottle,

complete with its original box?


This concludes Part 1 of my 3 French Hens Market attendance . . .

. . . watch for a fabulous Part 2, coming up!

Stay tuned!

Warning: Impatiens Virus!


 What a coincidence that just yesterday,

I blogged about my favorite shade-loving flowers, the impatiens . . .





. . . because JUST yesterday, I read that

there is a very serious virus which is affecting impatiens!

It’s called Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus.

“They” say that you can put them in containers + be okay . . .

. . . but not in the ground, as they will contaminate the soil!


Has anyone else heard this?


Even though I didn’t know about any virus at the time,

 I managed to bring home a ^^couple flats of Torenia^^,

which several of my gardening friends have since suggested

as an impatiens substitute.

flower torenia #4

It is commonly known as the ‘Wishbone’ flower.

Look carefully at the closeup.  I see a wishbone, don’t you?

Kaui Lemon Drop

Kaui Lemon Drop

flower torenia #2flower torenia #3flower torenia -- #1

Blue Wings

Blue Wings

And now for some container combinations featuring Torenia:

Perennial lungwort (leafy, left side),  pink impatiens + trailing torenia.

Perennial lungwort (leafy, left side),
pink impatiens + trailing torenia.


Leafy Perilla  (this is new to me) + pale pink Torenia.

Leafy Perilla
(this is new to me)
+ pale pink Torenia.

More shade

 Speaking of shade, our house’s 4 yet-to-be-filled window boxes face north + get no sun:


I think I’ve found this year’s window box combination of flowers:

flower torenia #10

Aaron Caladium (white + leafy) — I’ve chosen these in the past + love them!

Diamond Frost Euphorbia (lacy white) — never had it but always admired it.

Summer Wave Blue Torenia.

* * * * * * *

‘Wave’ definitely means trailing, when it comes to flowers — haven’t we all heard of ‘Wave’ petunias?

They’re everywhere!

petunia wave #6petunia wave #5petunia wave #7

Nobody loves the ^^antique urn^^ more than I do.

I just love antique ANY-thing in the garden!

petunia wave #8petunia wave #2petunia wave #9petunia wave #3

Disclaimer: some gardening snobs turn up their noses at petunias,

claiming they’re ‘too common’.

But seriously.  I think the containers in these photographs transcend ‘common’!

What say ye?

* * * * *

But I digress.

I think it’s now time to grab my credit card + head to the garden center!

See you there!

Artifacts Antiques.Art.Accents

Without my telling you the location of this wonderful antiques shop, take a look at a few photos + guess!



Show of hands!  Who guessed somewhere east?  The stone + patina of that fabulous building make me think of eastern Pennsylvania, but no!  This awesome, new shop is in northwestern Illinois — more specifically — my former hometown of Oregon, Illinois (about 90 miles west of Chicago!)

I visited yesterday + was wowed by spopkeeper Karen Tucker’s exquisite offerings.

While I came home with this wonderful English ironstone platter . . .

My new ironstone platter, in use!

. . . here are some other things that I loved:

I love English pine furniture!  This corner cabinet is such a beauty!  We have a farmhouse table made from recycled English pine.

I love English pine furniture, + this corner cupboard is such a beauty! At the lower left, there’s a bit of a very swell Coca-Cola door push. Wish I’d snapped a better photo of it!

How sweet is this old floor mat?

How sweet is this old floor mat?

I'm wishing I'd gotten this awesome barn vent with the flaking red paint!

I’m wishing I’d gotten this awesome barn vent with the flaking red paint!

This is so "ME" -- I've even considered jumping aboard the animal hide bandwagon.

This is so “ME” — I’ve even considered jumping aboard the animal hide bandwagon.

I love funky folk art + twig furniture!

I love funky folk art + twig furniture!

If it's old + is red -- I love it!  This is an old wagon from an old Red & White store.

If it’s old + is red — I love it! This is an old wagon from an old Red & White store.

These are definitely the 'Kay colors' -- I need to start collecting old rugs, methinks.

These are definitely the ‘Kay colors’ — methinks I need to start collecting old rugs like this.

How fun is this?  I'd love to buy it for my friend, Melanie, in CT.

How fun is this? I’d love to buy it for my friend, Melanie, in CT — who collects pig stuff!

I'm loving the G.W. bust against those gorgeous old stone walls.

I’m loving the G.W. bust against those gorgeous old stone walls.

If you get the chance, head to Oregon, Illinois + visit this new shop!  221 W. Washington, St./815.440.4931.  If you can’t get there, you can see  shopkeeper Karen Tucker at the Pec Thing antiques show in May — http://www.winnebagocountyfair.com/pecthing.asp.  She’s very sweet, + she complimented me on my Minnetonka moccasins! I loved that!

But I digress.  Just be sure + tell her that Kay says ‘hola’!



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