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Plus Sign Tiles In A Nashville Loft

It’s time for an inspirational bathroom post.

I just discovered Apartment Therapy’s Homes Across America,

in which there are several home tours from select major cities, + whoa.

They are all super swoon-worthy!

apartment therapy homes across america

There’s so much buzz about Nashville these days, so let’s start there

with a Remarkably Remodeled Industrial Modern Loft.

Every single room is wonderful:

loft in nashvillle

Granny’s going need a nap soon, so let’s focus on one room only.

I’ve chosen this one, with most wonderful black + white tiles, ever!

From floor to ceiling, there are classic subway tiles with dark grout.

Subway tiles + dark grout = classic vintage style!

floor -- black ith white pluses

Check out the black vanity with its window sash drawer pulls!

But seriously.

That black + white plus sign floor!


Have you ever seen anything so cool?

Yes you have,

if you read my recent blog post

about a bungalow reno in an HGTV pilot show.

plus sign floor

Let’s look again.

Yes, there IS a black + white tile floor with plus signs!

plus sign floor bigger

Oh, what the heck.

We might as well continue our journey down plus sign memory lane,

so here are a couple more plus sign tiles in my go-to color:

red cross shower wall with box

red cross shower wall

Well, that was fun, but I digress.

Let’s head back to the Nashville loft bathroom that I loved so much!

Please.  Did you see this?

The mirror looks built in, because it’s been framed with accent tiles!

floor black with white plusses

I’m so not worthy!

The plus sign floor + white subway walls flow into a walk-in shower,

+ with extra credit for its built-in niche:

floor black with hite plusses

And in conclusion, it looks like there’s a water close across the room.

I wish we had a water closet.

floor black with white plussi water closet

Stay tuned for more Homes Across America home tours!


HGTV Bungalow Reno

Now that we have Xfinity On Demand,

I’ve been discovering all sorts of unknown, random shows on HGTV,

most recently, one called Bungalow Rehab.

Since I love bungalows, + our last house was a bungalow,

you can imagine how excited I was!


bungalow front with flags

The before bungalow on Bungalow Reno:

bungalow before

The women who did the reno — Susannah Stoltz + Carolina Johnson:

bungalow girls

 Here’s the show description from HGTV’s website:

Friends and business partners Susannah Stoltz and Carolina Johnson are taking old, forgotten bungalows and giving them a total makeover in their Pacific Northwest city of Spokane, Washington. From wrought iron chandeliers to salvaged cabinets and old driftwood, these vintage hardware-loving ladies are salvaging anything they find, creating beautiful designs with reclaimed materials and giving these classic homes a brand-new life.


So.  Let’s discuss!

First, the living room, before.

Our bungalow had an arch between the living + dining rooms, too.

bungalow living room before

The first thing I notice is that they’ve blown out the kitchen wall.

Love that there’s yet another arched doorway back there.

bungalow living room after

Not to kill anybody’s buzz right now,

but did you ever wonder if the open concept thing

is going to fall out of fashion?

Trends come + go in home decor, after all.


When we’ve finished pondering that, let’s get back to the bungalow.

The dark + dingy staircase, before:

bungalow staircase before

A much brighter + fresher after:

bungalow staircase after

Have those stair risers been stenciled?

Perhaps I was powdering my nose + missed it.

(I’m thinking of stenciling our front porch floor, so stay tuned.)


The before kitchen was downright nasty, as they often are:

bungalow kitchen before

The kitchen afters tend to be the stars of a renovation,

+ this one’s pretty stellar, wouldn’t you agree?

bungalow kitchen after

I love the 2 colors of the cabs, the stacked uppers + the slide-in range.

Is that the IKEA farmhouse sink?  It looks like ours.

Extra points to the ladies

for using a vintage piece of furniture as the kitchen island, too!


Meanwhile, the bedrooms are charming enough.

Check out the black door!

That’s something we did in the Dutch colonial

+ about which I blogged, here.

bungalow bedroom small with black door

I love their painted floor + that sweet (navy blue!) painted bed, too.


Hold on to something, though!

Things start getting exciting again in the upstairs bathroom:


Haven’t we all seen + loved the old piece of furniture

that’s been repurposed into a vanity?


Love it, love the chunky sink + the (barely visible) cross-handle brass faucet.

How cool is it when the bathroom faucet comes out of the wall?!



But wait.

What’s going on there, on the floor?


Call it a Swiss cross, call it a plus sign, call it anything you want,

but I am calling this floor brilliant! . . .

. . . which leads us to yet another moment of pondering.

Will those poor homeowners suffer from tile remorse in 10 years,

 when the cross thing is no longer a thing?


Anyway, as “floored” as I was when I spied that floor,

I went searching on for more cross tiles on Pinterest.

Here are 2:  (sorry, I don’t have the sources)

red cross shower wall

Well, what do you think?

red cross shower wall with box

I think I like that first one,

as you can tell it fits in with the industrial style of the bathroom.


And finally, let’s take a look at the bungalow exterior’s after:

bungalow after

Good job!

Did you notice that the house next door is nearly identical?

Coincidentally, our house is nearly the same

as our neighbors to the west.

You see that a lot, actually.

It had to be cost effective for the builder to reuse 1 set of plans.


Back to HGTV!

I don’t think we’re going to see more Bungalow Reno, sadly,

as the HGTV website showed only the 1 episode.  Sad!



My Wacky Designs + My Unwacky Family

So.  I am the middle of 3 sisters.

Here we are, with our dad, at my niece’s house for Christmas.

L – R:  Kathy, me, Lisa, Dad


HA — look at how we’ve squooshed SP? ourselves together,

+ yet, the photographer (G.O.) was about a block away!

And another thing: why wasn’t I sent the peach sweater memo?!?

Anyway, Lisa — who lives in Austin, TX (lucky her!),

is re-doing one of her bathrooms.

She hired a designer!

surprised boy

I know, I know — you’re thinking, “Why didn’t she ask YOU, Kay?”

2 reasons:  1. I’m too bossy, + 2. My style is too wacky

So I’m fine.  Really.

However, I seized this moment to share my bathrooms with the class.

It’s what I do!  First up, the powder room:

black powder room door number 2


Vintage mirror, Pottery Barn vanity top + sink,

Signature Hardware faucet set + vintage towel bar.




Next up, our main bathroom:


My sister, Kathy, gave me that Ralph Lauren striped mug.

The vintage barber bottle is from my pal Alan’s late, great store — 

Patina, in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago.


I bought that NYC architecture nightlight from an etsy seller:



Do you shop etsy?

What is the coolest thing that you’ve bought?

Anyway, many thanks for viewing my bathroom snappies.

Dueling Tile + Artwork On Fixer Upper

It’s Wednesday, which means I must be mulling over last night’s Fixer Upper.

AND . . . yes, I AM!

(These photos are from Joanna’s blog: https://magnoliamarket.com/blog/)

fixer uper bean house front exterior

We’re all on board with this charming house’s being awesome, no?

They don’t focus too much attention on their landscaping on the show,

but they always knock it out of the park, + I always love it.

The curves!

 Going to have curves out front

when we finally get to landscaping here at the Dutch colonial.

But I digress.

Let’s go inside:

fixer upper bean house kitchen tiles

And . . . welcome to what I am going to call DUELING TILES!

Yes or no?

First, let’s look at the kitchen’s back splash — painted tiles.

fixer upper bean house kitchen tiles close up

Since it’s (my favorite color) blue + vintage looking, I vote yes,

but not a very enthusiastic yes.

I fear they will be out of style sooner or later or I will tire of them.

I prefer the 2nd dueling painted tiles  — those on the bathroom floor:

fixer upper bean house bathroom floor

I really love the painted tiles they chose for here.

I think it looks a little like a quilt pattern.

fixer upper bean house bathroom floor and tub

Thumbs up!

But wait.  There’s more.

I wonder how well were you paying attention last night.

Did anyone else notice these stunning botanical prints in the dining room?


(These photos were taken by me, off the TV screen.)

The prints were shown during the evening

when Joanna was finishing the staging of the house.


I was instantly smitten, + not just with the botanicals.

They were framed in such an unusual + interesting way!

Looks like each print was sandwiched between 2 panes of glass.

Any-hoo, at the end of the show, I noticed the prints had gone missing.

fixer upper bean house dining area

In their place, Joanna chose some galvanized metal containers,

with what looks like faux greenery “planted” inside them.

fixer upper bean house dining area buffet

I wonder what she was thinking.

Were the prints too attention grabbing?

Would they have strayed too far from her go-to neutral design?

Maybe that rug might be the only strong item she wanted to use.

(Oh, + of course, that is a gorgeous herringbone brick floor!)

I wish to have said herringbone brick in our front sidewalk!

But I digress, once again.

So, anyway, did anybody else notice those prints?

Am I the only one who prefers the botanicals to the metal containers?

Vote early, vote often!

a. botanical prints

or b. tin containers of faux greenery?


Yes or no: painted tile kitchen back splash?

fixer upper bean house kitchen tiles

Yes or no: painted tile bathroom floor?

fixer upper bean house bathroom floor

Thank you for voting,

+ as always, see you next Wednesday for more Fixer Upper chit chat!

Powder Room Finishing Touches — Part 1

.On Friday I multitasked by filling my old sorter with books + things,


 while supervising the finishing touches in our powder room:


That curvy mirror once belonged to a dresser that we sold.


I love its beveled edges + pretty natural wood frame.

That pendant light is from Pottery Barn:

I bought it a long time ago for over the kitchen sink in our brick bungalow.


I love its brown cloth-covered cord + fluted white glass shade.


I found the sweet vintage shelf on etsy.

It has the prettiest shade of chippy, pale blue paint!


That’s on old photo of me, at age 3 or 4, with our beloved pet Beagle, Scamp.

.Fast forward several years, + here’s my current beloved pet,

Chloe the Dachshund!


Disclaimer: there will soon be a threshold at the intersection of the 2 tile floors.

Thanks for reading — I’ll post yet more powder room photos soon.

Stay tuned!

Yet More Powder Room ‘During’ Photos

Silly me!

Earlier, I said I’d wait to blog more about our powder room,

once it was finally finished.

HA!  Please!  That’s not how we roll, here.

At any given moment, we’ve got dozens** of projects awaiting their completion!

**But, really, who’s counting?

* * *

Anyway, here ’tis, in its ‘during’ phase:


Pittsburgh Paint Flagstone in satin finish

Any doubts about the gray walls’ being too dark went away,

with the help of the light marble floor + white fixtures..



Our vanity started its life as an espresso $70 cheapie from the HOBO store . . .


. . . sort of like this:

bathroom vanity -- espresso home depot

My goal —  give it a high/low makeover

+ knock off this $599 Pottery Barn vanity:

bathroom vanity PB $599

bathroom vanity PB with legs

For the ‘low’ portion of our project, G.O. gave it a few coats of white paint . .


. . . and yes, I know he’s totally giving me the stink eye!

cat fight

But back to the paint we chose:

paint -- enamel for powder room cab  insl X

This paint self-levels (no brush strokes!) + dries to an enamel finish.

The manufacturer, Insl-x, is a subsidiary of Benjamin Moore.

We had to call around a bit

before we found a Benjamin Moore paint store that stocked it.

* * *

Next up, G.O. attached these $8 Home Depot furniture feet:


I love them!

SO.  This concludes the ‘low’ portion of our vanity makeover.

* * *

Now onto the ‘highs’ — or splurges, if you will — starting with:

 1. This beautiful marble top from Pottery Barn:


I KNOW!  Isn’t it great?


I love its looks-so-vintage ogee edge, don’t you?

* * *

Next Kay splurge:

 2. This scrumptious New York model faucet from Signature Hardware, online.

faucet -- signature hardware -- new york widespread


Cross handles, check.  Porcelain HOT + COLD, check!

* * *

SO.  That’s about it, for now.

I shall share the finishing touches I’ve planned, soon!

Stay tuned!


Hola, everybody!

We just paid a small fortune

to have bathroom tile installed at the Dutch colonial.

Methinks it was money well-spent.  What say ye?

Let’s begin upstairs + then work our way back down again.


My tile design scheme:  classic, timeless

+ making it look like they are original to the house.


I am especially pleased with my design for the window surround,

because it was a big challenge to keep things looking original.

We used inexpensive chair rail or cap tiles, in stock at Home Depot.

The subways were bought there at the same time.


Now let’s head back downstairs.

First up, our powder room:


May I just say that I’ve never loved anything more?

I call these 2″ tiles hexagons, or “hexies”,

but they’re also known as honeycombs.


And does it go without saying that this room has to be gray,

to complement all the gray in the marble?



I’m not afraid to choose something dark-ish,

since the floor is so light.

Meanwhile, check out this masterpiece:

gray panelled bathroom walls -- apartment therapy

Apartment Therapy


That picture frame molding might be too much troublesome for G.O.

I dunno, but stay tuned.

  *  * *

Meanwhile, here’s our quality control officer, Chloe, giving that floor the once-over:


She approves!

Now let’s have a look-see at the downstairs main bath:


I’ve always loved this kind of tile, which I refer to as “flowers”.

We searched + searched at tile retailers, but had no luck.

We ended up ordering it from Amazon.

Back to our room:


As you can see, this tub’s been tricked out just like the one upstairs.

Love it!

And now, because I’ve been keeping so “bizzy”,

please allow me to share a few snapshots of my recent projects:

IMG_4667(1) IMG_4683(1) IMG_4697(1) IMG_4702(1)

As always, thanks for viewing!

It means a lot!

Progress! Of The Drywall Persuasion

Most of the drywall is up + at ’em at the Dutch colonial!

Won’t be long now for the really fun things to start happening!

Before we gaze at all this exciting drywall,

let’s look back at my sketch for our downstairs powder + main bathroom,

as we’ll view them first:


Everything remains exactly the same,
except there’s no door between the 2 rooms.

Here’s the power room, all decked out in drywall:


This room was created when we eliminated a former hallway,

so it’s a bland, white box right now.

My goals:

1. tone down the silo effect

 2. give the room some character

3. make it look original to the house.

Here’s one idea for doing all of the above:

bathroom wainscoting -- hooked on houses.net


I’m also contemplating wallpaper, which I love.

 Stay tuned for more on that.

* * * *

Next up: more progress just next door, in the main bath:


Oh, dear.  Can a tub look dorky?

It can if I say it does.

Here’s a plan to change ours from dorky to fab — a makeover with bead board!



Yes, please!!

I’ve shown this to G.O., who has already vetoed it.

Stay tuned, though.

* * * *

Back to the drywall.

Not only has it been hung,

but so has the backer board for the shower surround tile.


The all-important style of that tile will be determined later,

but knowing me, I think I’ll opt for classic, plain Jane white subways . . .



. . . tricked out with matching special tiles for around the window,

like here:

bathroom window in tile


The tile floor in the main bath:

tile -- main bathroom


We ordered this from Amazon, + it’s already here.

* * * *

Back to the main bath.

Just to the right of the dorky tub is the toilet + sink wall.

You can spot the plumbing for both, here:


L: toilet R: vanity + sink

* * * * *

Our next photo’s been taken from the vanity location,

looking out + into the adjacent bedroom.

This opening will be a space-saving pocket door.

You can see the “pocket” at the right.


Now, please view the narrow wall space between the door + tub.

We have ourselves a vintage metal floor cabinet which will go there.

It’s kind of like this, but without the glass door:

bath-medicine cabinet BHG


G.O. found it on his own!!!

More about that later.

* * * *

Next up, here’s a photo taken from the bedroom,

looking past the same pocket door + into the main bathroom.


* * * *

This next photo (below) was snapped from the middle of the bedroom.

Look at all the doors!


At far left is the pocket door to the main bathroom,

+ at far right is the bedroom closet.

In the middle, closest door is the main entry to the bedroom,

+ just beyond is the entry door to the powder room.

* * * *

I fear I’ve lost everyone, but here’s that sketch of mine again.

See the shadow at the bottom of the photo?

That’s the bedroom.


* * * *

I also fear that you are yawning already, with the dull drywall,

wondering, “WHAT!?  WHY?!  WHO CARES!?” . . .

. . . well, here’s a reminder of what the bathroom(s) looked like,


Are words necessary here?  I think not!

Now you know why I’m excited!

Stay tuned!


Wainscoting Hopes + Dreams

Earlier this week, G.O. assembled our powder room’s vanity:



He gave it thumbs up for being very well constructed.

It even has the soft-close drawers!

Just to banish the IKEA-ness of it all,

methinks I’ll opt for different pulls,

hoping to trick things out a tad.

Speaking of which, the marble vanity top I ordered

is scheduled to be delivered from between 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. TO-day!

bathroom vanity top from pottery barn

Pottery Barn

OMG — fingers crossed I’ll love the marble!

Stay tuned!

* * *

In a perfect world, our powder room would be completed

so all this happiness could be installed TO-day, too.

Instead, it currently looks like this:


Good things come to those who wait, no?

I keep telling myself that!

Meanwhile, let’s fast forward, shall we?

Here are my current wainscoting hopes + dreams for this space:

pooper wainscoting brian vanden brink

bathroom wainscoting -- hooked on houses.net


Since our powder room is narrow + has high ceilings,

it could have kind of a silo vibe going on.

The ceiling treatment above might be just the ticket

for a tall, narrow room — plus, it adds character

+ will give the brand, new space (carved from a former hallway)

the “always-been-there” look that I covet!

Here ’tis again:

bathroom wainscoting -- hooked on houses.net

I’d say they’ve added a small trim piece about 10″ (?) below the ceiling line

+ painted out the top wall + ceiling both white.

* * *

True to form, G.O. nixed my hopes + dreams

when I finally showed him this a.m.

“Too much white!”

* * *

No worries.  He’ll love it when it’s done, I promise!

Stay tuned!

Cure For Cabin Fever

Welcome to our snow-covered Winter wonderland!


See? I told you our dark brown fence
looks great against the snow!


The front of our house looks pretty cozy, too!



white christmas snow

Still from the movie White Christmas


Sadly, our poor doggies are not so amused:

dachsie in snow

Disclaimer #1: this is not our snow,
nor is this my Dachsie

Disclaimer #2:  as much as I love snow,

HATE the sub-zero temps we’re having!


cold man photo


I’m so cold, I’m actually kind of dressed like this, indoors . . .

(where are my gloves?!?)

. . . so I shan’t be crossing our threshold any time soon!

* * * *


Duh.  No cabin fever at my house!

  I’m actually just proceeding as per usual,

  happily continuing my design work on our current project . . .


. . . wishing we were further ahead with this squalor bathroom . . .

Are words necessary here?  I think not!

. . . + searching for inspiration for said-same, online!

* * * *

This means it’s time for me to share with the class!

Let’s enjoy a little “before” + “after” happiness from

Country Living magazine’s website:


At first glance, the “before” looks pretty hiddy, no?

But wait!  That tub is actually beyond cool (wish we had one!),

+ that floor is yelling, “WORK WITH ME, PEOPLE!”, isn’t it?

Let’s have a look-see at the fantabulous “AFTER”:

CL bathroom -- after


The gray walls are really rocking the gray in the mosaic tile!

So is the warm cinnamon of the rustic stool/side table!

That wood tone is my absolute favorite, + if this room was mine,

I would repeat it with this window treatment:

I’d also switch out that naughty light fixture,

no matter how vintage +/or original to the house it is.

No can do.

CL bathroom -- after

Let’s hang something like this, instead:

rejuvenation schoolhouse with shiny copper


Or this, if you — like me — just can’t commit to shiny yet:

rejuvenation schoolhouse light with copper


And one more thing.

Please note the large framed botanical:

CL bathroom -- after

A large, statement piece of artwork like this

really ramps up the style in a bathroom, doesn’t it?

I’m currently searching for said-same

for our squalor bathroom!

'Nice' paint job on that cast iron pipe.

Stay tuned!



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