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Wainscoting Hopes + Dreams

Earlier this week, G.O. assembled our powder room’s vanity:



He gave it thumbs up for being very well constructed.

It even has the soft-close drawers!

Just to banish the IKEA-ness of it all,

methinks I’ll opt for different pulls,

hoping to trick things out a tad.

Speaking of which, the marble vanity top I ordered

is scheduled to be delivered from between 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. TO-day!

bathroom vanity top from pottery barn

Pottery Barn

OMG — fingers crossed I’ll love the marble!

Stay tuned!

* * *

In a perfect world, our powder room would be completed

so all this happiness could be installed TO-day, too.

Instead, it currently looks like this:


Good things come to those who wait, no?

I keep telling myself that!

Meanwhile, let’s fast forward, shall we?

Here are my current wainscoting hopes + dreams for this space:

pooper wainscoting brian vanden brink

bathroom wainscoting -- hooked on houses.net


Since our powder room is narrow + has high ceilings,

it could have kind of a silo vibe going on.

The ceiling treatment above might be just the ticket

for a tall, narrow room — plus, it adds character

+ will give the brand, new space (carved from a former hallway)

the “always-been-there” look that I covet!

Here ’tis again:

bathroom wainscoting -- hooked on houses.net

I’d say they’ve added a small trim piece about 10″ (?) below the ceiling line

+ painted out the top wall + ceiling both white.

* * *

True to form, G.O. nixed my hopes + dreams

when I finally showed him this a.m.

“Too much white!”

* * *

No worries.  He’ll love it when it’s done, I promise!

Stay tuned!


Cure For Cabin Fever

Welcome to our snow-covered Winter wonderland!


See? I told you our dark brown fence
looks great against the snow!


The front of our house looks pretty cozy, too!



white christmas snow

Still from the movie White Christmas


Sadly, our poor doggies are not so amused:

dachsie in snow

Disclaimer #1: this is not our snow,
nor is this my Dachsie

Disclaimer #2:  as much as I love snow,

HATE the sub-zero temps we’re having!


cold man photo


I’m so cold, I’m actually kind of dressed like this, indoors . . .

(where are my gloves?!?)

. . . so I shan’t be crossing our threshold any time soon!

* * * *


Duh.  No cabin fever at my house!

  I’m actually just proceeding as per usual,

  happily continuing my design work on our current project . . .


. . . wishing we were further ahead with this squalor bathroom . . .

Are words necessary here?  I think not!

. . . + searching for inspiration for said-same, online!

* * * *

This means it’s time for me to share with the class!

Let’s enjoy a little “before” + “after” happiness from

Country Living magazine’s website:


At first glance, the “before” looks pretty hiddy, no?

But wait!  That tub is actually beyond cool (wish we had one!),

+ that floor is yelling, “WORK WITH ME, PEOPLE!”, isn’t it?

Let’s have a look-see at the fantabulous “AFTER”:

CL bathroom -- after


The gray walls are really rocking the gray in the mosaic tile!

So is the warm cinnamon of the rustic stool/side table!

That wood tone is my absolute favorite, + if this room was mine,

I would repeat it with this window treatment:

I’d also switch out that naughty light fixture,

no matter how vintage +/or original to the house it is.

No can do.

CL bathroom -- after

Let’s hang something like this, instead:

rejuvenation schoolhouse with shiny copper


Or this, if you — like me — just can’t commit to shiny yet:

rejuvenation schoolhouse light with copper


And one more thing.

Please note the large framed botanical:

CL bathroom -- after

A large, statement piece of artwork like this

really ramps up the style in a bathroom, doesn’t it?

I’m currently searching for said-same

for our squalor bathroom!

'Nice' paint job on that cast iron pipe.

Stay tuned!


There’s been plenty of progress over at our Dutch colonial project . . .

. . . it’s just that none of it is particularly photogenic at this time.

Oh, how I can sadly relate, but I digress.


The above photo op shows the downstairs bedroom in progress.

To the left will be a closet, + here are the doors that I want for it:

bedroom closet doors -- cl magazine

Country Living magazine

I love their texture + their slightly-but-not-too-country style.

Modern country, if you will.

At this moment in time, I plan for our walls to be a similar shade of pale blue,

perhaps something of the wallpaper persuasion, like this:

Ralph Lauren Home

Ralph Lauren Home

Yummy, no?  Could it be possible to love grasscloth wallpaper MORE?

 I think the texture would warm things  up a tad,

which would be nice since that bedroom’s on the northeast side of the house.


Downstairs bedroom with closet to the left.
The facing wall will be for the bed.

That window (above), which was smaller than the originals,

screamed: ADD-ON, so it had to go.


There, that’s better.

There’s ^^ our framed-out bedroom window in the proper length!


Now we’re still in the bedroom,

 standing with our backs to that bed wall + the eliminated window.

Beyond those studs, where G.O. (insert joke here) is standing,

is  our future divided bath.

This space used to be a bath + a hall,

+ here it is, in mid-gut:

Are words necessary here?  I think not!

Pretty, no?

We eliminated the hallway, which means we increased the bathroom size.

We’ll now have a larger, 4-piece bath with an adjacent powder room.

Here’s my sketch of said-same:


“Nice” photo, no? — but I just snapped it, in a rush,
to include in this morning’s blog!

All those 30″ spaces in walls are doors.

The first one, on the left, is a future door between the bedroom + bath,

+ it will be in this wall we just saw:


To save space, we could install a pocket door, like these:

Source unkown

Source unkown

I like it, but what I like even more is that horizontal bead board!

Bob Vila radio via Yahoo

Bob Vila radio via Yahoo

That crazy accent color is fun, isn’t it?

What crazy accent color could I use with pale blue walls?

* * * *

G.O. has already cast his vote for a pocket door,

but would something of the barn-track-door persuasion

be more hipster + happening?  I wonder?

Rustica Hardware

Rustica Hardware



There are plenty of tutorials available online; just go to Pinterest!

Here’s one:



I need to investigate this further, because that looks a lot like repurposed steel.

No problem, right?

G.O. has already used said-same to make the brackets for our art ledges!:


Disclaimer: This is exactly the kind of thing that I do to drive G.O. crazy . . .

. . . but people.  Sometimes it can’t be helped!

Anyway, let’s look at a slider between a bedroom + bath:



Looks good!

* * * *

Meanwhile, between the main bath + powder room,

there’s another door (with the arrow)

 that could go either pocket or barn . . .


. . . + once again, G.O. has cast his vote for the pocket door,

while I’m leaning toward something on a sliding barn-style track!



I’m not sure our Dutch colonial is calling for something so industrial,

but I love the idea of what looks like frosted glass.

That power room’s going to be windowless,

so any added light’s a major plus in my world!

Speaking of frosted glass, HERE WE HAVE IT!

barn door #5

Source unkown.

Ding ding ding!  That’s a winner!

We just happen to have a similar 30″ wide, old white exterior door

with a window,

so I vote for repurposing it!

I’m not fond of that metal BATH they’ve affixed to their door (above),

but I would like to apply BATH letters to the frosted glass!

Yay.  Now I need to find someone local who does this glass frosting I desire.

I trust that won’t be too difficult.

Stay tuned!

No ‘Before’ Photos — The Sequel!

Somehow, we failed to take any before snapshots of our most recent past house re-do . . .


20’s brick bungalow, tricked out for the yuletide.

. . . so THIS time, we vowed to do better.

30's Dutch colonial, 'before'.

30’s Dutch colonial, ‘before’.


In our very first interior demo, our kitchen,

we missed the ‘before’ photo ops!

We did manage to get ONE picture of the last upper cabinets going away:

Bye bye cabinets!

Bye bye cabinets!

So, were lessons learned, you ask?  Sadly, no!

Our second demo of this project — the bathroom — suffered the same fate, photo-wise!

Camera M.I.A.

We did pick up the ball  mid-way through the demo:

Are words necessary here?  I think not!

Are words necessary here? I think not!

Just imagine one of those bad 70’s fiberglass tub + shower surrounds,

totally obscuring that window.


Can you believe it!?   The peeps next door did the same thing!

Just feast your eyes on the remudel:

Why?  People?  Why?

Why? People? Why?

Oh, look!  A cat!

Oh, look! A cat!

But I digress.  Here’s one more bad ‘before’ of our bathroom:

'Nice' paint job on that cast iron pipe.

‘Nice’ paint job on that cast iron pipe.

The wall bump-out next to that cast iron pipe is an obsolete brick chimney . . .

IMG_0521(1). . . . + I’m considering whether or not to keep the exposed brick.

I have OCD, though, + can’t decide.

Anybody have thoughts?

Stay tuned

My Restoration Hardware Bathroom Dreams

Dutch Colonial before.

Dutch Colonial before.

Don’t you love this sad, little Dutch Colonial foreclosure?  We did + made an offer that was accepted!  HOO-RAY!  A project!  We’re about 98% sure we’ll get it . . .

. . . which is sure enough for a very-excited  ME to immediately zoom to the Restoration Hardware website in search of all our bathroom needs!

I especially love their Shop By Rooms feature + trust me, so would you.  So inspirational!  So vintage!  So charming!  So expensive!

I love this stainless steel cabinet . . .

. . . but I prefer this white Pharmacy version:

White pharmacy bath cabinet.

Special (sale) price: $715!

So, here’s  one of my favorite Restoration Hardware bathrooms.  This would be totally period appropriate for our house, + we all know how important that is!  Notice they’ve used the Pharmacy cabinet that I’ve chosen!

Park pedestal sinks.

Park pedestal sinks — special (sale) price $595.

extension mirror

A little “spendy” at $265. IKEA has them for less than $20.

And now, for my 1st favorite RH bathroom. It’s so classic + would look great in our Dutch Colonial!

Love it!

I love everything! Those shutters are beyond gorgeous!

Shaker style vanity, marble top, vintage-style medicine cabs.

Shaker style vanity w. marble top — special (sale) price $2395, vintage-style medicine cabs — special (sale) price $199 – $269.

More pendant-over-sink light fixtures.

They’ve used the pendants over the sinks here — thumbs up from me! I’m a fan of white milk glass + Edison bulbs. $119

Scrumptuous soaking tub, great wainscoting detail.

Thumbs up for the soaker tub + hand held shower — $4995! Excellent wainscoting detail + (my favorite) pale blue walls.

Something industrial for over the tub?  Yes, please!

Something industrial for over the tub? Yes, please!

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? But let’s have a reality check.  The merch is really cool + uber vintage-style, but you can buy the genuine (antique) article for a lot less!  You can also find other reproductions at much less!  I’ve been inspired, + now the hunt begins!

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

G.O. + our dogs, Dory + Chloe

G.O. + our dogs, Dory + Chloe

Even though my blog is still in its infancy,  I’ve already managed to poke fun at G.O. at least twice.  I mock because I love, though!

The truth is that without him, my decor is nothing.  He’s always able to do anything we (meaning I) desire, house-wise.   Am I saying he’s always on board when I think of a new project?  Sadly, no.   Even after all these years, he’s still dumbfounded by my (crazy to him) ideas.

Here it is!  G.O.'s perfect choice for our vintage bath!

Here it is! G.O.’s perfect choice for our vintage bath!

Actually, sometimes he does say or do something that lets me know that he’s playing for Team Kay, that he likes what I like!  In late 2006, we bought a 20’s-era bungalow + began a whirlwind re-do.  We gutted the main bathroom + re-did it in a vintage style.

While shopping for shower fixtures, we slowly scanned the selection at Home Depot.  Without a word from me, G.O.  grabbed the perfect set + placed it in our cart!  Victory!

Way back in '06, this tile was a rare find, so we splurged.  Now it's sold at Lowes.

Way back in ’06, this tile was a rare find, so we splurged. Now it’s sold at Lowes.  Chloe looks great against the floor!

I love the coordinating COLD + HOT shower curtain rings from Restoration Hardware.

I love the coordinating COLD + HOT shower curtain rings from Restoration Hardware.



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