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Cabins In The Snow

Today’s post is a result of my daily “look-see”

at Remodelista’s inspirational blog,

this one devoted to cabins in the snow:

love snow + think every house looks more beautiful in said-same.

For proof, here’s our Dutch colonial last Christmas season.

Charming, if I do say so!

dutch colonial pretty at christmas

Disclaimer: we’ve not had much snow this year,

+ I am not amused.

So.  Let’s cheer ourselves me up

by looking at some houses in real snow,

beginning with this Belgian stunner

that’s been one of my online favorites for years:

cabins in winter belgian stone exterior

I’ve always wanted to live in an old stone house!

The juxtaposition of the rustic stone + that glass room addition is so exquisite.

Inside, they’ve continued mixing the modern with the rustic.

I’m smitten with those red kitchen stools,

but I fear I would tumble out of the bed during the night!

cabins in winter -- belgian stone

This Aspen, Colorado ski chalet was recently renovated

to yet more glass + stone perfection:

cabins in winter -- colorado exterior

I’m a fan of the interior’s rough-sawn wood planks

combined with the smooth, white walls + dark gray beams:

cabins in winter -- colorado interior

I shan’t lie — I am obsessing about living in a mid-Century modern house


so I love this one in New York state:

cabins in winter -- new york state exterior

By again, I mean that while I was in college in the 70’s,

I lived in a genuine mid-Century house

in a 50’s neighborhood in my southern Illinois hometown.

Sadly (very), this was prior to my devotion to MCM style,

+ I would definitely love a courtesy “do-over”.


Inside, the homeowners obviously left the natural wood ceiling + beams

but have brightened everything up by painting the wall paneling white:

cabins in winter -- new york state interior

Next up, I love all things Swedish, in-cluding this dark green beauty!

How wrong would it be

for us to paint our white vinyl siding a crazy dark color??!!

cabins in winter -- swedish exterior

Okay, that’s not gonna happen,

but please.

The whitewashed wood interior + Scandi-style furnishings!

Obviously, the view’s not bad, either.

cabins in winter -- swedish interior

Our maternal ancestors are from Switzerland, as is this mountainside cabin.

Wow.  It’s as flat as a pancake here in Illinois, where we live.

I can’t imagine mountains like this!

(Love the fence, too.)

cabins in winter -- switzerland exterior

Once again with the dark exterior + ultra-light interiors,

+ once again with my loving the bare, minimalist decor

when we have anything but!

That view!

Could we at least plop one chaise lounge in that space, though?

cabins in winter -- switzerland interior

This concludes our fun tour of cabins in the snow via the Remodelista blog.

Maybe I can whip up some energy to remove all things Christmas

from our household + pare things down just a tad!

Doubt it.

Hope you had a merry Christmas!

Pesky Problem Solved By The Internet!

It’s fairly commonplace

to ask new-build + new-rehab homeowners:

“Is there anything you would do differently?”

My reply would be parts of our kitchen.  Here’s one:


That sliver of space between our stove/range hood + wall is troublesome.

Here are some photos of  how I dealt with the lower cabinets.



My galvanized storage bins are from World Market:

world market galvanized metal storage bins


I like the bins, but it’s above that bothers me

— on either side of the range hood.


I considered my go-to wall decor — hanging plates.

I’m fond of the blue + white plates in our main bathroom, downstairs:

plates of wall main bathroom


Disclaimer: that wreath needs to be hung higher, like here:

(Yes, I have already shared this with G.O.!)


But wait.  There’s more.  Check out those shelves!

They, too, are mere slivers of space, + yet.

How awesome!


They’ve been tricked out very tastefully!

I wonder if  very narrow shelves would work in our kitchen.


I shan’t lie.  I am on the fence.

All that means is that I shall continue to stew about it,

until the day arrives that I go for it or just  leave it.

Meanwhile, I am going to copy something from that blogger’s kitchen.

My small collections of wood bread boards will move . . .


. . . + will relocate to this spot:


. . . at the back of the stove top, like here:


I love being inspired so early in the morning!

Have you been inspired by a blog post or a Pinterest photo?

And no, I don’t know what we did before the internet!



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