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Metal Awning Crush

Let’s talk about my latest obsession

from this past week’s Fixer Upper project,

a.k.a. The Baby Blue House:

baby blue house

Beautiful, no?

Like I’ve said before, their landscaping is always wonderful!

However, that’s not the reason I find myself obsessed right now —

this is:


Did you notice the metal awning over the front door?  YUM!

There were no photos of it on Joanna’s blog,

so I snapped a few from my TV.


The awning project originated from that part of the show when this happens:

1. Joanna meets the homeowner,

2. Joanna shares that there’s $$ left in the budget,

+ 3.  Joanna gives the him/her three different design choices.

Looks like the awning cost $2800. Your thoughts?

That seems a tad high to me, but remember: I have G.O.,

who can do everything himself.

Meaning — yes, please!

 G.O., won’t you make me an awning for our Dutch colonial?


Our back door would be the perfect spot!


Oh, wait.  There’s a problem, + yes, it’s our light fixture.


The humanity!

Looks like the Dutch colonial is not going to have its highly-coveted metal awning!

Not so fast, though!

There’s always plan B, which is code for: our next house!

surprised boy


Anyway, hold that thought + come with me, back to Pinterest.

This house has our siding + our black door color.

awning  thefathydrangea.blogspot.jp


Next, here’s one of my all-time favorite houses:

awning cool house with gray and white  molly frey

Please go to this talented designer’s blog:


You’re welcome.

Meanwhile, here’s a close up:

awning cool house with gray and white close up

I think those light fixtures are identical to the ones  I chose for our garage!

light fixture garage

Hampton Bay Outdoor Cottage Lantern — $29

I feel so good about myself, right now!

Now let’s have a look-see of some more photos, shall we?

But first, a disclaimer.

It’s at this point where the sources get a tad sketchy,

meaning I’m not sure who pinned what.

iawning curved zinc

However, I can tell you that most came from this British company:


People.  Go there.

Once again, you’re welcome.

Meanwhile, check out this simple yet stunning awning:

awning big round circle

It’s even better with a flowering vine climbing up + over it:

awning curved with circle and wisteria

2 awnings, no waiting (below)

Please notice those beautiful blue Delphiniums!

The roses + lavender are some of my favorites, too.

S/W Ver: A0.03.1DR


awning garden requ 49

There were so many wonderful examples

on garden-requisites website,

I had to just quit, before my blog post was too long!

Last but not least — for all you fun seekers out there —

is this shabby awesome or just shabby awful?

awning old pick up truck hood

I think it’s fun, + I also think I wish I could remember who pinned it!

And lastly, one more awning.

If you can’t afford to hire Fixer Upper to give you a $2800 awning,

look what you can get for a mere $345.88 from Wayfair.com!

I think that’s doable, don’t you?

awning standing seam wayfair

Thanks for reading — and go see those websites + blogs I suggested!



Tell me what you think!



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