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Baseball (Again!) + Pillow Musings

Hola again, sportz fanz!

If you didn’t know of my epic St. Louis Cardinal fandom,

then you’ve not been paying attention!

Why do you think my blog + biz are called

R E D B I R D ?

Here’s why:

Look!   My grandlad + me at Busch Stadium, St. Louis

My grandlad + me at Busch Stadium, St. Louis!
September 27, 2013

Any-hoo, maybe you heard:

 my Cardinals won their deciding Game 5

v.s. the Pittsburgh Pirates last night (YAY!) . . .

There they are, my 2 favorite Cardinals, pitcher Adam Wainwright + catcher Yadier (Yadi) Molina

There they are, my 2 favorite Cardinals:
pitcher Adam Wainwright + catcher Yadier (YADI) Molina!

. . . which means they can advance to the next series,

which will pit them against the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers!

pillow -- st. louispillow -- l.a.

Get it?  St. Louis v.s. Los Angeles?

SO, in my world, this is perfect timing

 for some shameless self-promotion!

I make these awesome (if I do say so) city pillows;

they’re sold in my online etsy shop:


I hand-stencil + sew them myself, using repurposed canvas + vintage buttons.


AND I just introduced some grain sack pillows

 on which I’ll stencil any name.



I just sent this one as a wedding gift to a couple being married in November:

Fingers crossed they'll love it!

Fingers crossed they’ll love it!

* * * *

But what’s going on at the Dutch colonial project, Kay?

Do I hear anybody asking this?


Well, the most photo-worthy update

is that I coerced/nagged G.O. into hanging my ginormous Cardinals flag there.

"But we don't live here yet!"


HA!  Whatev, G.O.!

If we DON’T do stuff like this, they won’t win!!

* * * *

But I digress.

Not much else at our project is really that blog-worthy, sadly.

They are framing for new windows, at long last,

so that’s going to be a morale boost!

Stay tuned + go Cardinals!

Retail + Baseball Therapy!

Today I’m seeking the morale boost that an online purchase provides.

Here ’tis:



‘Tis a roof finial, + I need a pair, actually . . .

. . .  one for each end of our garden shed roof peak:


At about 7″ high, I’d say these finials will be perfect!

* * * * *

Speaking of retail morale boosts,

Saturday morning I shopped our local French Country Market:


The Good Humor Man was there!


This adorable girl provided live sax music!


This cool, vintage camper was for sale!

I called G.O. + asked him to come down + have a look-see:


It was completely re-done + wonderful,

but I’d rather we re-did one ourselves.

* * * *

Speaking of G.O.,

I did purchase a huge, red O from this booth:

Hundt No More Antiques & Collectibles 779.279.1109

Hundt No More
Antiques & Collectibles

Even though he nixed the idea**,

my plans were to include the O in my bridal shower gift

for his beautiful soon-to-be-daughter-in-law:

L, niece of G.O. R, soon-to-be-DIL of G.O.

L, niece of G.O.
R, soon-to-be-DIL of G.O.

** He even said, “I’d have just gotten her a $50 gift certificate to Kohl’s!” . . .

. . . no offense, Kohl’s, but that’s just not how I roll,


Fingers crossed that ‘the kids’ dig their O (+ other stuff!)

* * * * *

Back to the Market.

My other purchase:


Vintage initial pennants!

I am going to use them to make pillows,

similar to what I’ve done in the past

with a really swell vintage golf flag:

pillow flag #5

Sold it in my etsy shop:  https://www.etsy.com/transaction/39139050

* * * * *

Anyway, as much fun as I had at the French Country Market,

Saturday’s highlight took place here:

wrigley field scoreboard

Wrigley Field’s iconic manual scoreboard

We took our grandlad to his first-ever Cubs-Cardinals game

at Chicago’s Wrigley Field!

wrigley field

Wrigley Field’s iconic marquee

And yes, the Cubs DID manage to win one.

(HA!  I “keed”!)

* * * *

But check it out!


He has a peanut shell on his finger.   Kids do that sort of thing.

He has a peanut shell on his finger.
Kids do that sort of thing.

Yes, we made our own signs,

+ yes, the national FOX TV broadcast showed us!

His “GO CUBS” was a huge hit!  FUN!

* * * * *

My sign is a shout-out to Tim McCarver,

the FOX MLB broadcaster who’s retiring after this season:

tim mc carver

McCarver was the Cardinals’ star catcher in the sixties:

mc carver as a cardinal

3 World Series: ’64, ’67 + ’68!

Feel free to comment if you noticed

what a good sport Grandma Kay is,

to promote or even tolerate my grandlad’s Cubs fandom!  😉

Who do you think bought him that shirt?  😉

Thank you!



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