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Celebrity Crushes + Sundance Catalog

I like celebrities.

Not so much the Miley Cyrusi of the world,

but actors + musicians who I admire as true Artists.

Especially this guy — Donald Fagen:

People. Buy this CD.

Buy this CD.

You might know him as the lead guy for Steely Dan.

I like to call him “my musical genius”.

Look!  He’s got a book coming out on October 22nd!

donald fagen book

I’m so excited!  Don’t worry — I’ll be reviewing it!

(Okay — whose eyes just glazed over?  Show of hands!)

But enough about Donald Fagen; I rather like these two, as well:

In fact, Mr. Baldwin + I were quite the “item” at one time.

OMG somebody call Photoshop, stat!


Here we are together in Santa Monica, California,

just before he left me for a much younger gal:


Perez Hilton

HA!  I, personally, see nothing wrong

with amusing oneself with the celebrity!

SO, imagine my excitement when I opened Elle Décor magazine

+ saw that Cheryl Crowe has the same Pottery Barn rug that I do!

cheryl crowe's apt. with Kay rug

Here’s Cheryl’s.

Here’s mine:


Why didn’t I think to put on a pair of sparkly pants

+ pose for a photo op on one of my dining chairs, like Cheryl?

HA — GOOD X’s.

Anyway, all bad jokes aside, look behind Cheryl’s couch.

cheryl crowe's apt. with Kay rug

I have loved those cabinets forever.

They’re in the Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog.

YUM!  No?

I longed for them for years until one day, my friend, Alan,

suggested that I use my old retail store’s postal sorter in my house —

that it was kind of the same thing!

And so I did!


Why didn’t I think of that?

I’ve had that cupboard since the late 80’s,

+ it’s been in every retail space I’ve had since then,

+ it’s been in storage when I didn’t have a shop.

Isn’t it tragic that I never once thought of using it inside my house?

Kay, Chloe + Alan, in front of his late, great Chicago store, Patina.

Here’s Alan now! — with me + Chloe the Dachshund
in front of Alan’s late great Chicago store, Patina

Don’t you think it’s a great idea

to have a friend come past the house on occasion

+ make a few design suggestions?

He or she has a fresh eye to see things you hadn’t!

* * *

But back to Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog:

I admire him a lot, too!

Definitely, he’s another celebrity
who I admire a lot!

I get a Sundance catalog in my mailbox every other week, it seems —

even more now that Christmas is on the horizon.

It’s pretty yummy.

I had a look-see online this a.m.,

+ I just picked the first thing I saw that I wanted:

Bethany Iron Bed $995-$1495 $350 shipping

Bethany Iron Bed
$350 shipping


Bethany seems to be just a tad over budget,

but it has inspired me to think about painting our IKEA iron bed red!

What do you think?

Stay tuned!



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