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Time to talk about everybody’s favorite HGTV show, Fixer Upper.

After an iffy start, I now find Chip very amusing,

+ I have always had a lady crush on Joanna.


I’m sure they’d both be pleased,

because it’s not like they don’t have throngs of super fans or anything.

Meanwhile, check out their latest Fixer Upper project,

which they’ve named the Pick-A-Door House:


Pretty ho hum, no?


Wow!  It’s so modern!

So modern, in fact, that I wondered if the show’s fans would embrace it.

Let’s talk about what makes it modern + whether or not we’re on board.

  I’m giving thumbs up for the wide paver + stone walkway,

that black metal roof, the dark gray paint + the double doors.

Have you noticed?  Joanna has a ‘thing’ for them.

Here they are from the inside:


Those light wood floors had me swooning,

as do the black metal sliding doors on either side of the entry.

There’s one set for the office, on the left:



Those light tone wood built ins!  Love!

The second set encloses the dining room, just across the entry hall:



Honestly, all I could think was that the doors were crazy cool

but not that functional or necessary,

WHICH is something I usually embrace, wholeheartedly

They probably cost more than MY HOUSE, though,

which is kind of a buzz kill, when you’re me.

Anyway, here’s another view from the adjacent living room:


Don’t you love the color of that leather with all that black + gray?

I call that baseball glove brown, + it’s my fave.

The original fireplace had some structural issues,

so it was replaced with this very modern, concrete one:


They have intentionally left the marks from the forms,

which makes it rustic + modern + industrial.

I vote yes.

But wait.  Look at the rest of the living room.

  • There’s more concrete.  Or is it faux concrete?


Oh, dear.

I fear this has gone from industrial chic to cellar hideaway, so thumbs down.

An accent of concrete is good — walls + walls of it, not so much.

But wait.

 Look at that wall of black metal windows —

my favorite feature of the entire re-do!

So much natural light!  I live for it!


Please take a sec to notice all the groovy houseplants + their awesome holders.

They have me yearning to gas up the car + go plant shopping, a.s.a.p.!

+ + + +

Now, then, back to the house — with yet more concrete in the kitchen.

It’s the back side of that fireplace, + once again, I love it.


I’m still not digging the concrete on the other walls, though.


All that black + gray!   Does anybody need an anti-depressant, or is it just me?




Oh, cheer up, already.

The light wood floors, beams  + shelves really pop against all that dark,

 + there’s yet more of that fabulous window wall:


Isn’t that bar epic?


+ + + +

There’s an entirely new master bath + bathroom.

At first, Chip wasn’t on board with the bedroom’s black ship lap feature wall:


Oh, if I had a dollar for every time that happens in our little world!


But let’s get real — I think the black really works

when surrounded by all the light furniture + the white walls:


Thumbs up for all the modern ceiling fans, including this one.

But wait a minute.

Those plant hangers are having their moment,

 but that moment’s already taken place inside my very own hacienda,

circa 19 and 73.

I’m not sure I want to return!  What say ye?

+ + + +

While we ponder that, let’s have a quick glimpse of the new master bath,

with yet more black, white + light wood:


These large, black hexagon floor tiles are very modern.

They transition into smaller black hexes in the shower,

the walls of which are covered in large black marble rectangles.

Thumbs up or down?

I vote up.


Once again — a job well done by the Gaines-es.

Are you a fan,

or are you hoping the next episode features another farmhouse?

Stay tuned!

I Hate Concrete

I am not a fan of old concrete.

Why is there so MUCH of it at the Dutch colonial?

For starters, take our old broken + heaving driveway.




Why can’t we have something charming + gravel+ Frenchie, like these?

driveway of gravel #3

driveway of gravel #6driveway of gravel #1

driveway of gravel #5

driveway of gravel #2

Oh, I suppose there are issues after a snowfall, when it’s time to plow.

But wait!

On an episode of This Old House, I saw them use a pebble-topped asphalt:


They claimed it could be plowed without any pesky gravel issues!

driveway of gravel #4

Fingers crossed somebody can do this here in the Midwest!

* * * * *

And now, let us turn our thoughts to our naughty sidewalks.

Sadly, what we now have is like this . . .

broken sidewalk #1

. . . when I would prefer this:

bricks running bond with soliders

The bad news is that we’ll probably not get to this kind of happiness for a while,

so I’ll have to be patient.

The good news is that we demolished our brick chimney last week:


Look how awesome the old bricks are!


Of course, I insisted that these MUST be saved + recycled

for a new front walk . . .

. . . and within mere moments, I’m on Pinterest, searching for inspiration for said-same:

bricks happy girl

HA!  Look at how HAPPY she is!

You wouldn’t believe how many times this was pinned!

But please.

I would never try this at home —

not with my OCD + perfectionist tendencies!

* * * * * *

But once again, I digress.

Back to the genuine brick sidewalks!

Bricks + boxwoods + roses!  Pretty much what I had in mind for our front yard garden!

Bricks + boxwoods + roses! Pretty much what I had in mind for our front yard garden!

Diagonal bricks with 'soldiers' borders.

Diagonal bricks with ‘soldiers’ borders.


Running bond pattern with 'sailors'.

Running bond pattern with ‘sailors’.

Looks like a random basketweave, flanked by beautiful + fragrant herbs!

Looks like a random basketweave, flanked by beautiful + fragrant herbs!

During one of my frequent trips to my homeland,

I have seen old bricks, stamped ST. LOUIS, for sale . . .

. . . + now wish I’d gotten at least one.

You can see them here:


brick st. louis

How awesome would this be in our sidewalk?



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