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Yet More Canned Ham Progress

Yesterday I shared some exciting new progress in our canned ham’s interior.

Turns out our new bedding

is the reason why we painted our refrigerator black + red!

NOW it makes sense!

IMG_0844 (1)

Both G.O. + I really love those new arrow decals on the wall!

My thoughts are to repeat them on the opposite end wall of the ham,

which is way too plain Jane:


Wow, what a yawn!

I’d like to see a single row of arrows on each side of the window,

 similar to this photo that the etsy shopkeeper posted:

decal of arrows single row

Not too much — just enough to “have a conversation” with the wall

on the opposite side of the ham.


Oops! Please disregard the dusty stove top — somebody needs to fire the house keeper (me!)


Hey!  What’s going on with those curtains?  You ask.


I am sewing them with this fabric from Fabric.com.

It’s a very lightweight white cotton,

so our ham will be bright + light, even when the curtains are closed.

fabric for ham curtains

But that print!  I couldn’t love it more!

Turns out it’s “having its own conversation” with something in the ham,

but I’ll share that fun story tomorrow.

Back to the curtains.

Here’s Plan A for hanging them, with clip-on rings:


I’ve gotta admit, I’m not in love.

Maybe they would look better if we just shirred them on that rod,

OR how awesome would they look with black grommets!?

I think I want grommets.



G.O. has the job of grommet installation at our house,

wouldn’t you know it?

cats fighting

  Stay tuned.








Do + Don’t Curtains

We’ve happily lived in our Dutch colonial since last October,

although I wasn’t all that happy about that stupid sheet

covering our bedroom window.

I’ve looked + looked, but I just couldn’t find the perfect curtains!

Until Sunday.  Yes, Sunday.

We broke our “no IKEA on the weekend” rule + came home with these:


The minute I saw that print, I was smitten, as was G.O.!

Prints are a thing, + I’ve been wanting to add more in our decor.



So.  Mission accomplished, am I right?

But wait.  Not so fast.

I wanted them hung really high, like high above the woodwork.

How could I not?  I saw this on Pinterest!

curtain hung high do and don't

Oh, dear.  As I often do, I failed to give G.O. the heads up about this rule.



cat fight

Luckily for me, that same Pinterest  has dozens of photos:

curtains hung high

HGTV Dream House

curtain hung high

Ms. Career Girl

Wait.  Not so fast.

On a whim, I popped in one of our living room cafe curtains:


I like them because we can’t see our neighbor’s messy yard,

nor can he see us, + yet, there’s still plenty of natural light.

What I really wanna know is: are they hopelessly granny?

You’d tell me, wouldn’t you?

I shall stay tuned + wait for your recommendations.

Finally! Curtains!

After much pondering about window treatments in the Dutch colonial,

I finally chose to sew 1/2 tiers for our living + dining room bay.


 Here’s 1 pair, already up + at ’em in our dining room.


My fabric is some very lightweight + soft handkerchief linen.

It’s so pretty!

Anyway, if you are wondering why I finally chose 1/2-tier curtains, here’s why:

Reason #1. This gorgeous fall foliage from next door.


How could I possibly cover up such natural beauty?

It’s great that we can see out, but passersby can’t see in!


And speaking of not covering up natural beauty,

here’s reason #2.

All our gorgeous original woodwork!


After all that work — stripping + refinishing —

it would be a crime to cover that beautiful woodwork with curtains,

don’t you think?

And now, reason #3 for 1/2 tiers — the curtains in this room:

alison kandler office-family room from above

They’re so simple!  So less-is-more!

So me!

Coincidentally, this room is my inspiration

for the dining room/office combination in our house.

alison kandler office-family room

Isn’t it great?

It’s a room in designer Allison Kandler’s California home.

I am a huge fan of hers, +I have blogged about her previously, here:


Meanwhile, I’ll share more curtain photos as I sew more of them!

Stay tuned!

  • DSC08303

Adding Age With Vintage Fabric

I recently complained that our kitchen’s looking too ‘new’,

+ I mused that a reclaimed lumber box beam might help with that:


So.  What else could I do to add some instant age?

Enter vintage fabric!


I bought this very pretty table cloth today;

it started out as a flour sack in the 30’s.

Look at the sweet hand stitching at the hem!


Darling, right?


 And the red goes with our glass cabinet pulls:


And that cheerful blue is nearly identical to our ceiling!


Since I love vintage fabric,

I already had this gingham check tablecloth:


Don’t they look great together?

My plans for them include sewing short tiers for here:


And here:


And possibly on the glass doors of this upper cabinet:


I know!  That’s a lot of curtains in just 1 room!

But wait!

I’m even toying with the idea of this:

sink skirt

Country Living magazine

A skirt for our farmhouse sink!

Stay tuned!


Hola, fun seekers!

I wish to join the 21st C. by actually incorporating prints into my next décor.

That’s not so easy when you’re a plain Jane like me.

First up: huge buffalo checks somewhere.

Note to self: hang plates in the new hacienda, too!

I’d share more, but it’s (past) time to sew like the wind

+ maybe finish Christmas shopping online.

Hope you’re enjoying the season 1/2 as much as I am!



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