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Finally! Our Informal Hedge!

From the minute we closed on our Dutch colonial,

I have been trying (but failing) to design our lot line landscaping.

Then this happened.

Just last weekend, I found (my favorites!) Oak Leaf hydrangeas

at Menards, a Midwestern home improvement store:

oak leaf alabama

$11 each for one gallon size plants!

Can you believe it?

Yesterday we drove to a Menards about an hour away,

to find enough plants (7 total) to  make our informal hedge.

Like this, hopefully:

oak leaf hydrangea big hedge

Back to NOW — here we have our new plants,

marching along our lot line, at left (below).

Imagine, if you will, what our hedge will look like, in a few years:

Good things come to those who wait!

Oak Leaf hydrangeas grow to 6′-8′ tall by 6′ x 8′ wide.

This means our backyard will be less of a fish bowl.

Our hedge will begin + end  between 2 large existing trees —

a huge walnut (L) + a gorgeous maple (R):

Oak Leaf hydrangeas have cone-shaped white flowers

which turn a pretty, faded pink as the blooming season progresses.

Yes, those flowers are gorgeous,

but in my opinion, their leaves are the all stars.

Look at what happens in the Fall:

Is it any wonder that Fall is our favorite season?

Anyway, I am so relieved + happy,

after suffering through all those months of indecision.

oak leaf hydrangea 2

It’s hard to believe I found one of my favorites,

+ at such an affordable price!

Fingers crossed we’ll find the time to plant them THIS week.

Stay tuned!

Snapping Fall Color!

Our yard is popping with Fall color right now,

+ it’s everything I can do to keep from snapping photos all day!

Oak Leaf Hydrangea Every yard should have 1.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea
Every yard should have 1.

The weather was nice + warm, albeit drizzly, on Halloween,

so up went the hood on my Cardinals sweatshirt + outside I went!

Here’s what caught my eye initially . . .

. . . beautiful golden Chokeberry shrub leaves against our dark brown fence:



In a nearby corner is my vintage Purple Martin birdhouse:


(Past) time to move everything inside for the winter!

I dread this project so much!


Did I mention that, by now, I’d hoped G.O. would have moved my roof spire

from this garage to the one at our fixer upper?


Now on to the front of our house:


Okay, so maybe it’s (past) time to take down my Cardinals flag, too!


Every yard needs at least 1 Japanese maple tree, too!

We have 3.

Looking east toward our neighbor’s spectacular burning bush:


Back toward our house.

Those window boxes filled with begonias still look pretty festive!



Our friends, Stacey + Erik Olson,

surprised me with a pair of concrete “sausage dogs”,

one on our current porch

 + “his sister” over at the Dutch colonial fixer upper!


And, speaking of still looking (somewhat) festive,

take a look at the rose climbing our front arbor!


You GO, climbing rose!

Every yard should have roses, too.

I think ours has 12 climbers +/or shrubs.


Who knew? — that every Thanksgiving,

we’d still have plenty of roses

for our table centerpiece!?



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