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Our New Star, The Main Bath

Update:  we finally finished the main bathroom.





Of course, I am very pleased,

but let’s get this out of the way before I share more:

I know it skews granny, but I don’t care!

I love it!


That gingham wallpaper is tres awesome, don’tcha think?

I found it at a garage sale last summer.  $5.  2 rolls.  Yay!

The hook rack for our towels was an old window or door top:


Notice the buttery accents (yum!) that tie the room together:

My sister, Kathy, made that (called a “pineapple”) ornament:

We bought the vanity/marble top + sink set from Menards.

 I purchased the cross-handle (my fave) faucet online,

probably from Signature Hardware:

And now, check out my crazy splurge:

Yeah, that’s right.

I actually paid $50 to have this way-cool flush handle on our toilet!

Speaking of price tags, I can’t remember what I paid for this enamel tissue bin:


Our more modestly priced, vintage-style medicine cabinet is from Home Depot:

It’s been such a long time ago, I can’t remember where I got our pendant lights.

Aren’t they cute?

Meanwhile, this style of awesome wall-mounted mirror is usually $100+:


Ours came from IKEA + cost less than $10!

It’s nice + heavy + does not look or feel cheapie in any way.  So get one.

We use this vintage black cabinet for storage:

G.O. found it at an antiques mall — score!

I was going to strip its runny black paint job + re-paint it white,

after which I would stencil a large red cross on the door.

(Betcha I never do, but stay tuned!  Youneverknow!)

Enough about that — now let’s view my beloved plates:


I have been trying but failing to find the perfect spot to hang them,

but I just couldn’t commit.

After the wallpaper went up in the bathroom, that was it, for me:


They’re perfect!

And finally, looking down, we spy my beloved tile floor!

I’ve always loved this style of floor tile — it’s so vintage!


We searched + searched for it without success,

but I finally found it on Amazon.

Who knew?

Our tub + shower surround subway tile was from Home Depot.


That tile surrounding the window was quite an accomplishment,

if I do say so.

Thanks (again), Pinterest!

You’ve always come through for me when I needed help!

The good news is that even G.O. loves our new bathroom!

Earlier this morning, he said, without being prompted at all,

“That bathroom is really the star, isn’t it?”


Thanks for reading!

Farmhouse Sink + A Tile Snafu

Our IKEA farmhouse sink is finally in, over at the Dutch colonial!

See for yourself:




While I like that sink + (a little bit less) that faucet,

I love my choice of back splash tile!

They are 3″ x 6″ subways with a crackled gray glaze.

Home Depot, online.



Martha Stewart paintable bead board wallpaper from Home Depot


Perfection — the way they complement all my design choices!

But wait.


There’s a problem with the size of my tiles

as they relate to the size available for our back splash.

We would end up with a row of tile slivers, to fit the space,

and nobody wants that.



My mind immediately raced to the oh-so-cute penny rounds.

Exhibit A:

tile penny round home depot

Home Depot

In addition to their being super charming,

they are very vintage style, which is just the ticket!

After a somewhat lengthy online search last night,

I found them in the color I desire — gray!

tile -- penny round granite blend gloss

Galaxy gray penny rounds Source unknown

tile penny round marble -- sarah richardson

Marble mosaic penny rounds Sarah Richardson

Beautiful, ’tis true, but I fear they’re too busy for our kitchen.

They’d clash with our semi-busy counter tops:



So.  After yet more online searching,

I finally found penny rounds in a solid gray!

tile -- penny round gray lowe's

Lowe’s online

But wait.


Our grandlad G.O. immediately nixed the idea,

as he claimed small mosaic tiles like that are very difficult to install.

So is it on to Plan C?

Or will I get my penny rounds?

Stay tuned!

Exposed Shower + Tub Faucet Obsession

The Fed Ex boy brought this yesterday:

Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware

It’s the New York widespread faucet in chrome,

it’s going in our soon-to-be powder room.

I love its cross handles with the porcelain HOT + COLD.

When I showed it to G.O. just prior to ordering,

he was not amused + insisted I was paying too much.


This is his “I’m displeased” face.

But people.

This thing is so heavy,

I think even he was impressed!

* * * *

At any rate, it’s here,

+ soon it will be in this marble sink:

bathroom vanity top from pottery barn

Pottery Barn

I ordered it the same day that I ordered the faucet.

But seriously — how scary is ordering marble, sight unseen?

surprised boy

Have I gone MAD?!?!

Fingers crossed I’ll like it.  Stay tuned.

* * * *

Fingers also crossed the color of the marble will “play nicely”

with the white of its intended vanity:



G.O. picked this up at IKEA this afternoon.

It’s the HEMNES/ODENSVIK sink cabinet.

I love its plain Jane, Shaker style,

but more than that, its 2 drawers:

bathroom vanity -- IKEA with open drawer

Much better than the black hole

we now have!

under the sink mess


Disclaimer: this is not our mess.

Ours is probably worse.

* * * *

But I digress.

Let’s look at something a lot more pleasant,

like this:

bathtub exposed pipe shower + tub fillerhttp://www.signaturehardware.com/product4095

It’s called an exposed shower + tub faucet

with a watering can shower head.

I just found it today,

+ I have never been more obsessed in my life!

I mean, it’s going to put our bathroom over the top!



No, I’ve not yet shared with G.O.,

but he’ll be shocked out of his senses at the price, when I do.

* * * *

Stay tuned.



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