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Dueling Tile + Artwork On Fixer Upper

It’s Wednesday, which means I must be mulling over last night’s Fixer Upper.

AND . . . yes, I AM!

(These photos are from Joanna’s blog: https://magnoliamarket.com/blog/)

fixer uper bean house front exterior

We’re all on board with this charming house’s being awesome, no?

They don’t focus too much attention on their landscaping on the show,

but they always knock it out of the park, + I always love it.

The curves!

 Going to have curves out front

when we finally get to landscaping here at the Dutch colonial.

But I digress.

Let’s go inside:

fixer upper bean house kitchen tiles

And . . . welcome to what I am going to call DUELING TILES!

Yes or no?

First, let’s look at the kitchen’s back splash — painted tiles.

fixer upper bean house kitchen tiles close up

Since it’s (my favorite color) blue + vintage looking, I vote yes,

but not a very enthusiastic yes.

I fear they will be out of style sooner or later or I will tire of them.

I prefer the 2nd dueling painted tiles  — those on the bathroom floor:

fixer upper bean house bathroom floor

I really love the painted tiles they chose for here.

I think it looks a little like a quilt pattern.

fixer upper bean house bathroom floor and tub

Thumbs up!

But wait.  There’s more.

I wonder how well were you paying attention last night.

Did anyone else notice these stunning botanical prints in the dining room?


(These photos were taken by me, off the TV screen.)

The prints were shown during the evening

when Joanna was finishing the staging of the house.


I was instantly smitten, + not just with the botanicals.

They were framed in such an unusual + interesting way!

Looks like each print was sandwiched between 2 panes of glass.

Any-hoo, at the end of the show, I noticed the prints had gone missing.

fixer upper bean house dining area

In their place, Joanna chose some galvanized metal containers,

with what looks like faux greenery “planted” inside them.

fixer upper bean house dining area buffet

I wonder what she was thinking.

Were the prints too attention grabbing?

Would they have strayed too far from her go-to neutral design?

Maybe that rug might be the only strong item she wanted to use.

(Oh, + of course, that is a gorgeous herringbone brick floor!)

I wish to have said herringbone brick in our front sidewalk!

But I digress, once again.

So, anyway, did anybody else notice those prints?

Am I the only one who prefers the botanicals to the metal containers?

Vote early, vote often!

a. botanical prints

or b. tin containers of faux greenery?


Yes or no: painted tile kitchen back splash?

fixer upper bean house kitchen tiles

Yes or no: painted tile bathroom floor?

fixer upper bean house bathroom floor

Thank you for voting,

+ as always, see you next Wednesday for more Fixer Upper chit chat!

Christmas On The Porch

This is our first Christmas in the Dutch colonial,

+ it has me wildly enthusiastic about decking our halls!

Isn’t there something about a new house + holidays

that makes us want to just go nuts!?

Anyway, I started on our incomplete front porch,

which, sadly, is still awaiting its rails + steps:


Does my display look goofy on the unfinished porch?

I hope not.

Let’s look at everything up close, shall we?


I bought that old, gray bench in an antiques store in Galena, Illinois.


I bought the old red mailbox this past summer

from Hammar’s This + That, here in town.

My plan was to store my gardening supplies inside it.


The large number cards are from

the Scout Flea Market in Yorkville, Illinois.

416 is our street address.


The 2 small urns were less than $20 each at Lowe’s.

Don’t you love pairs of things in the garden?  I do!

I bought those faux evergreen trees at IKEA last year.


I couldn’t resist buying that new-but-looks-old watering can

at my favorite garden center, Blumen Gardens in Sycamore, Illinois.

Ouch!  That thing is heavy when full of water,

but at least it looks good!


My sled was a gift from my friend, Alan.


Don’t you love those primitive red mittens?

I bought those a long time ago

at a wholesale market in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Anyway, I think that’s going to be it for the outside.

Slowly but surely, I’m adding a bit of Christmas inside the house.

It’s hard, though, because I’m super busy

with my RedBird biz this month.

plaid umbrella flyer

I am participating in my friend, Amy’s, Plaid Umbrella Pop-Up Store

in the next 3 weekends in December.

If you’re from the Chicago area, I highly recommend this show.

Fantastic displays, awesome + affordable merch, nice people!






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