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Walpole Woodworkers Dreamin’

Let’s have a quick look-see at a really UGLY before photograph.

This is the back of our Dutch colonial, definitely in progress (last summer!):


Disclaimer: it looks a tad better than this now,

but, sadly, not nearly enough to warrant another photo op.

Instead, let’s focus on what awesomeness

I have in mind for that back door’s immediate future,

courtesy of Walpole Woodworkers:

walpole woodworkers entry pergola

I’ve never met a pergola that I didn’t love!

* * * *

What I’d really prefer is a larger pergola

combined with a small-ish patio, like this:

walpole woodworkers attached pergola #2

Or this:

walpole woodworkers attached pergola

YUM — + definitely stay tuned.

I’m not sure we’re going to do a lot of landscaping,

not this spring, anyway.

* * * *

Tragic, I know . . . but I’ll just dream about landscaping,

courtesy of Walpole Woodworkers’ website:

Care to join me?

walpole woodworkers arbor with privacy fence

What a stunning privacy fence + arbor! Yes, please!

walpole woodworkers arbor with roses

Omigosh, I’m such a fan of climbing roses! Fingers crossed that our tree-filled new yard has a sunny spot for said-same!

walpole woodworkers moon arbor

This bit o’ divine-ness is called a moon arbor. What do you think of the dark-ish color? I’m a fan!

walpole woodworkers gate

Who can resist the classic white picket fence? This gate spells P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N in my little world.

walpole woodworkers picket fence


Huge Vintage Casters

Today’s to-do list includes heading to etsy + choosing something like these . . .


DestinationsVintage on etsy

. . . so that I can turn this . . .


. . . into this!

Source unknown

Source unknown

And now, for something totally off-topic, here’s a corner of our garden:


I recall fretting over our choice of the dark brown stain for the fence.

I can’t believe how unsure I was, because I love it so much now!

Not only is it striking in spring/summer . . .

. . . it looks fantastic in the snow!

fence snow #2fence snow

For our Dutch colonial,

I think we’ll stain our fence the same dark gray

we’re using on our garden shed!

Garden shed  color inspiration -- Remodelista.com

Garden shed
color inspiration — Remodelista.com  




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