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Dreamy Vacation Rental on Cape Cod

The best thing on this morning’s trip through Facebook —

discovering this vacation rental house on the wharf in Provincetown, MA:

wharf house

Loving the exterior New England-y gray shingles

+ black window sash, amIright?

Provincetown is a hipster community

located on the very tip of Cape Cod, MA:

cape cod in red

cape cod cartoon map

Having only seen Cape Cod from the air

as I once flew through Boston,

I didn’t realize that its tip was such a pronounced hook.

provincetown on the map

One day, of course, I hope to visit, but for now,

let’s get back to dreaming about that waterside house.

Just look at the view one gets from the living room.

wharf house living room looking out toward water

Oh, yeah — the sea + all those gorgeous sailboats are divine,

but let’s get real.

Didn’t we first notice that nautical chic deck decor,

starting with that epic blue + white striped rug?

Or is it just me?

wharf house living room looking out toward water

It’s not just me.

But wait, there’s more:

wharf house living room three quarter view

The living room, how do I love thee?

Exposed ceiling, groovy rattan sofa with blue + white stripe upholstery . . .

. . . wicker chair + sawbuck table + industrial lights . . .

. . . pair of distressed, brown leather chairs AND that FLOOR!!



Anyway, it looks like there are 2 sleeping spaces . . .

wharf hoiuse living room looking into kitchen

. . . including this cozy upstairs loft:

wharf house loft

More stripes!  And isn’t that the perfect old, blue paint color!!??

Extra points for the “leaner” photographs, too.


Downstairs, just beyond the kitchen, we find a larger bedroom:

wharf house bedroom with flag

Full disclosure:

I totally hung a giant flag on the wall behind our bed once,

but tragically, it didn’t look as cool as this one does.

Maybe I should re-think + re-visit that idea, though.

Stay tuned!

Anyway, back to the living spaces:

wharf house window seat

That window seat, with the all the “Kay fabrics” is swoon-worthy, for sure!

Point me to the striped fabric + get out of my way!

wharf house kitchen

I love the kitchen’s pendant lighting, open shelving + cabinet cubbies,

the nautical clock, + check out all the artwork!

I love how some is hung up high + some is resting atop the counters.


Speaking of hanging artwork “up high”,

did we notice this pair of framed art

flanking the living room window gable?


Unexpected + genius!

This concludes our fantasy stay in Provincetown, MA,

which has inspired me to do the following:

sewing something striped, stat!,

+ hanging some artwork, maybe later today!

Hanging Artwork Paralysis

Although we’ve happily lived in our Dutch colonial since October,

our poor walls remain bare!

All except this one, behind our headboard:


That wonderful flag is from my Grandpa’s funeral.

He served as a veterinarian’s assistant in France during WWI.

Did you see the movie War Horse?

war horse

Yes, there were horses serving in the military during WWI,

+ I suppose it was Grandpa’s job to help keep them healthy.

Isn’t that interesting?


If only I had found it so interesting back then, when he was still alive!

Dumb kid!

But back to today.

A flag on the wall, no matter how much it’s cherished, is a bit odd, no?

Maybe not!

Here are some Pinterest photos that inspired me:

Pretty cool!

But wait.

I’ve changed my mind, as one does,

+ I now wish to take down the flag + hang something else!

surprised boy.


This no doubt explains my artwork paralysis — I  do change my mind a lot.

This time, I blame it on my new obsession with pastels,

which is also reflected in my “merch”, as I call it:

I don’t talk about my biz that much in this blog.

It’s called RedBird (shout-out for my favorite baseball team)

redbird logo

It has me sewing, painting + slipcovering all sorts of things;

I call my style rustic cottage + sell in vintage markets.

The shows are a tons of fun but also a lot of work!

I am not as young as I used to be, but then, who is?

Just yesterday, I was here from from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.:


 I was so tired that when I got back home around 4 bells,

I was out like a light before 5 + slept right through the night!


Anyway, next market is in 2 weeks, so I’d best stop typing.

I think I’ll sew a slipcover this afternoon!

Primitive Americana Quilt Inspiration

This a.m., as always, I perused Pinterest for inspiration.

How did we do anything creative without it?  One wonders.

Today I was most inspired by this Civil War era quilt:

quilt -- civil war

The fabulous Polly Minick pinned it.

She’s a quiltmaker, rug hooker, fabric designer, etc. etc. etc.

whose work I’ve loved from afar for years.

Go look:


 * * * *

Meanwhile, the gears in my brain

are working on incorporating that primitive flag onto something.

Stay tuned!




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