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My Old Sorter Is Filled + Fabulous!

Last Friday I spent nearly an entire day,

very leisurely + very happily filling this:


That’s my old sorter ($50!) that I bought in the early 90’s

for my retail store, Heart-in-Hand.

Believe it or not, this is the very first time I’ve used it inside my home.

Here ’tis now:


My goal was to use it to display my books.

Since many of them have been in boxes for a while

(prepping for the big move, don’tcha know),

I honestly didn’t remember if I had enough to fill those shelves!

(G.O. + I collaborated on making that sign for my current biz.)


Anyway, back to my books — turns out I was pleasantly surprised.

I think my sorter looks just great + nicely full!


I left room for some of my classic décor magazines —

some neatly stacked on shelves + others inside this old box of mine.

(That retail store of mine was in Oregon, Illinois,

only about 20 minutes southwest of Rockford in the NW part of the state.)


I stacked my books in categories,

which is part of the reason the job took most of the day.

Here are some of my beloved décor books:


Here are some of my show biz books:


had to buy that cute Oscar statuette souvenir on my first visit to L.A.


My beloved grandson was only about 3 or 4 at the time,

so chances were he wouldn’t grasp the meaning of his Oscar.

Now that he’s 10, maybe he’d like to have this for his own room!

(Stay tuned.)


Since one of my goals is to go a tad less-is-more in our Dutch colonial,

I fretted about filling all those cubbies:


I have chosen mostly old, or vintage, things,

many of which were gifts from some of my very best friends.

This funny pair of Dachshund salt + pepper shakers

 were a “just because” gift from my friend, Doris Shull:


Oh, gosh — remember ash trays?

My mom was given a set of 3 of these mallards by her mother.

Seems to me that, for good luck, that duck should point in a certain direction.

I’ve forgotten which, so I’ll have to ask my sisters.


Here’s the foul ball that our dad caught at a Cardinals game

when we were just kids — late 50’s?  Early 60’s?

He can’t remember which year, sadly, nor who hit it,

but it’s still very precious to me.


My friend, Alan, gave me the Dachshund planter,

+ that pretty tan pitcher was from my grandmother I mentioned just now.


How I love the wonderful patina of my sorter’s original gray paint,

and how great it looks in our living room!



Different day — same topic.

How can I make our Dutch colonial kitchen look more original??!!



So far, my instant age ideas include our cabinet hardware.

Red glass!


Some reclaimed lumber in a beam + possibly a range hood:


range hood o' lumber fixer upper

Possible vintage fabric curtains for windows + sink:


And now for my latest, greatest instant age idea!

Tricking out the toe kick!

range hood design something

Check it out — they, too, have a blue ceiling in their kitchen!

You see, it’s all about making one’s lower cabinets look like furniture.

Faux legs, like on a dresser!

toe kick

range hood lettered cottage with deer heads

The Lettered Cottage blog

Or we could include what I’m calling a solid kick.

This is definitely a ‘thing’ now.

All my beloved British home magazines have kitchen toe kicks like this:

kitchen -- cab with no toe kick

I couldn’t love this kitchen more, but I can’t find the source. If anyone can give me the heads up, I’d be glad!

And for our last but not least toe kick eye candy,

this kitchen has both the furniture legs + the solid toe kick!

toe kick -- b h g

Better Homes and Gardens

OMiGosh!  I’m not sure I could love a kitchen more!

Note to self: find a vintage or vintage-repro rug, stat!

Here’s a contender; it’s indoor/outdoor, believe it or not!

rug -- cross stitch outdoor -- overstock

Called the Cross Stitch outdoor rug from Overstock.com

I love that it looks like a modern log cabin quilt!

But, once again, I digress.

 Back to my new toe kick obsession.

Poor G.O. is not yet hip to this latest design idea.

surprised boy

 I hope to share all these photos with him later today.

Stay tuned, everybody (+ keep your fingers crossed, too!)



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