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RedBird Retail, The Sequel!


I am beyond pleased that my fabulous BFF, Stacey,

asked me to join her equally fab, new antiques shop venture,


true north flyer

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Here we are at our recent West Elm shindig pop-up shop:

west elm shindig -- my booth

And now, here’s the before pic of the new antiques store:

true north before

And now, here’s the awesome TRUE NORTH after!

(If you look closely, you can tell which space is mine:)

true north after

Yesh, of course, it’s the one with the RedBird sandwich board!

I have a $150 price tag on it for now.

Everything’s for sale, so this can be yours for ‘only’ $150! Any takers?

As per usual, G.O. helped me set up my space.

Just look!  There he is now!


Okay, so it would be a stretch to say that my new ‘project’ has him this happy,

but I do think that he’s having a good time.

Here’s one tall, handsome reason why:


It’s Stacey’s fabulous husband, Erik

a.k.a. “E.O.” 

(I’m so not kidding — that is his nickname!)

G.O. + E.O. are the 2 halves of a super swell bromance,

so it’s win win for Stacey + Kay!

 * * *

But I digress.

Back to my new shop:

In progress!

In progress!


Ready for opening day!

Speaking of opening day, I sold not 1 but 2 large pieces of furniture!


I’ll post more pics later; ’tis time for me to stencil something.

Don’t forget!  https://www.facebook.com/shoptruenorth



Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

G.O. + our dogs, Dory + Chloe

G.O. + our dogs, Dory + Chloe

Even though my blog is still in its infancy,  I’ve already managed to poke fun at G.O. at least twice.  I mock because I love, though!

The truth is that without him, my decor is nothing.  He’s always able to do anything we (meaning I) desire, house-wise.   Am I saying he’s always on board when I think of a new project?  Sadly, no.   Even after all these years, he’s still dumbfounded by my (crazy to him) ideas.

Here it is!  G.O.'s perfect choice for our vintage bath!

Here it is! G.O.’s perfect choice for our vintage bath!

Actually, sometimes he does say or do something that lets me know that he’s playing for Team Kay, that he likes what I like!  In late 2006, we bought a 20’s-era bungalow + began a whirlwind re-do.  We gutted the main bathroom + re-did it in a vintage style.

While shopping for shower fixtures, we slowly scanned the selection at Home Depot.  Without a word from me, G.O.  grabbed the perfect set + placed it in our cart!  Victory!

Way back in '06, this tile was a rare find, so we splurged.  Now it's sold at Lowes.

Way back in ’06, this tile was a rare find, so we splurged. Now it’s sold at Lowes.  Chloe looks great against the floor!

I love the coordinating COLD + HOT shower curtain rings from Restoration Hardware.

I love the coordinating COLD + HOT shower curtain rings from Restoration Hardware.



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