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Awesomely Awesome GE Artistry Appliances

There’s some buzz going around

about stainless steel appliances’ finally being on their way OUT.

How’s this possible?  We ask?


Didn’t you (or your mother) have avocado green appliances?


* * * *

But fast-forward to 2013.

Meet my new, vintage-style appliance crush(es),

all from GE’s new Artistry Series:

artistry_iconic ge logo

As if those appliances weren’t awesome enough,

they pretty much had me at that iconic GE logo.

Hello!!  Who DOESN’T love an old-fashioned logo?

* * * *

But I digress.  Back to the appliances.

I first spied these beauties in my This Old House magazine,

+ here’s what they said:

High-gloss finishes, instead of tired stainless steel,

+ Americana design touches, such as metallic trim + analog clocks,

exude a cohesive, polished look

at a price that’ll leave you with enough cash to redo the cabinets, too. 

$2,416 for the fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and range; geappliances.com.

* * * *

artistry range

When I saw this stove, I told G.O. that THIS is what I wanted.

End of appliance shopping.


Meanwhile, when he started ‘yelling’ about needing a TIMER.

my heart sank a little bit.

However, my mind soon began racing back in time

to when we actually HAD separate, little timers

(problem solved!),

so I pressed on, somewhat undaunted.

artistry refrigerator

We didn’t get this far into the GE Artistry discussion.

but something tells me

he’s not going to want to give up

that in-the-door ice + water happiness that we have now.

Ooh.  Buzz kill.

artistry dishwasher

Surely he can’t object to this dishwashing beauty, can he?

artistry microwave

This microwave goes over the stove,

which is a ‘no-no’ in my house, anyway.

I’m too short, for starters,

+ besides, I’m a microwave snob

+ prefer them a tad more out-of-sight/out-of-mind.

* * * *

But whatevah!   Sadly, the whole point may be moot!


Last night, while I was watching a Tilda Swinton movie on Netflix,

G.O. was burning up the laptop,

furiously scanning Craig’s List for appliances!

When he showed me an entire set of black ones for $500!! —

I realized my GE Artistry hopes + dreams were officially over.

artistry range

I shall choose another battle to wage,

but not over our kitchen appliances.

Oh, well,

awesomely awesome GE Artistry appliances —

it was fun while it lasted.



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