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My Quest For The Perfect Gray-Green

G.O. is working on the upstairs bathroom,

so I’ve been busy thinking about paint colors, etc.

I was all set to get Glidden’s Prairie Sage (bottom right),

since it was described as a neutral alternative to gray.

paint green of sage

Trust me, we have enough gray walls downstairs.

 I am ready for a change but want to stay neutral-ish.

Besides, green is a thing now.

Anyway, off we drive to Home Depot for a gallon of Glidden Prairie Sage.

Long story short — neither of us liked it.

I thought it looked too bright + too mint.

surprised baby

The minute we got home, I headed to Pinterest,

where I began a furtive search for green-gray paint.

When I saw these being described as matches to

Restoration Hardware paint, my search was officially ovah!

paint green sage

I mean, people.

Everything from Restoration Hardware is exquisite, is it not?

Sadly, it’s almost 5 bells, so I shall have to wait until manana

to drive to our (brand new + local) Sherwin-Williams.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, earlier today I casually suggested we do this

to the bathrooms walls:

board and batten entryway

I mean, how cool!  Plus, isn’t it easy to install?  I hope?

board and batten bathtub

Oops.  I think that’s where I lost him.

cats fighting

Wish me luck with the paint, though.

  I’ll report back — so stay tuned.


Chippy Vintage Outdoor Dining

We gave away our old outdoor dining set the other day.

I have no photos of said same, which is just as well.

Meanwhile, one wonders at this point:

what are we to do when we want to dine al fresco?

Luckily, I had a light bulb moment when I spied this table,

languishing unused in our cellar hideaway.


I thought — wouldn’t it make an unusual + charming outdoor table?


People.  That very shade of green is crazy in style now.


And who doesn’t  love the enamel table top?


Within minutes, G.O. + I carried our table outside

+ set it in front of our garden shed.

Please allow me to point out a couple items.

That DOOR remains in its awful before state, which I hate.


Fingers crossed we’ll re-do them yet this year.

 And please may I point out our shed’s roof finials?


I was after a colonial Williamsburg vibe at the time.

But back to the table.


Soon I started gathering a few things,

hoping that a quaint vignette would ensue.

Check this out.


It’s one of those weed/cedar trees that are all over the yard!


I thought it would look great in a pot,

 but shockingly, G.O. predicted it would never live.

So far, so good, but there is winter, looming.


Next — these vintage folding chairs were languishing unused in our garden shed:


I have to say that I love a good chair project

+ I’ve done plenty of them.


For these chairs, I decided that I’d sew some simple cushions,

using my go-to fabric — the blue ticking stripe cotton.

 I had hand-stenciled them with my go-to motif,

the red circle + white plus sign.


You can just see a peak of the pretty pale blue liner fabric:


I decided to attach the chair pad with ties

that I’d sewn with the same blue + white ticking stripe.








I’ll be sure + keep you posted re: our shed doors.

Stay tuned, later this wee, I hope!

Green v.s. Gray + Some Dachshunds

Yesterdee’s (St. Louisspeak for “yesterday”) weather was beyond glorious . . .

. . . so Chloe the Dachshund + I seized the opportunity

for a bike ride around town!

chloe in bike basket

Chloe is a large-ish, standard-size Dachshund,

while her predecessor, Susie, was a smaller mini.

When Chloe wouldn’t fit inside the late, great Susie’s handlebar basket . . .

. . . I searched + searched + found her this vintage awesomeness

at the antiques mall!

* * * *

Shall we take a moment to view a few photos of Susie?

A very youthful Susie + her friend, Max, in my old apartment above my old retail store!  C. early 90's.

A very young Susie with her friend, Max,
in the apartment I built above my old store!
Loving the pine floors!
Circa early 90’s.

Susie being Susie,  digging for moles. Look!  It's my old "ride" --  a dorky Dodge minivan!

Susie being Susie, digging for moles.
Look! It’s my old “ride” — a Dodge minivan!

Susie with her beloved brothers,  Ben (L) + Jon (R), at Christmastime in our old apartment.

Susie with her beloved brothers, Ben + Jon,
posing for yet another Christmas card,
back in our old apartment above the store!

Okay, so now I’m feeling a little ver klempt.

Thanks for going down Dachshund memory lane with me!

* * * *

But back to yesterdee’s ride.

Our first pit stop was at our Dutch colonial,

where I pondered over some siding color choices.


You can’t really see them that well in this photo,

but there are 2 grays just to the left of the window trim,

+ I green to the right.


There, that’s better.

I was all set to choose the lighter of the grays,

with lots of white trim + black doors . . .


. . . just like we used for our garage’s re-do!

Gray is so ME!

Here’s the thing:

At age 19 (in 1971), I painted my very first house gray with white trim.

Wish I could share a photo of it with me in cut-offs + a halter top

+ my Linda McCartney-esque shag haircut.  Darn.

* * * * *

Fast forward, + my second (1975) + 3rd (1985) houses were gray, too.

Look at my 80’s hair + how ahead of my time I was,

with my Benjamin Moore gray kitchen cabinets!


What I’m saying is: I LOVE GRAY!

* * *

But  I think I love being DIFFERENT, more!

You see, there are already 3 gray houses on our new block,

including right next door + just across the street!

* * *

Cue: Timbercrest green.



Yikes!  That green would definitely be out-of-the-box for me,

but if we were to start siding today,

I think I’d go for it!

green house #1

green house #2

Stay tuned!



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