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Upstairs Progress With A Little Art History

G.O. has been a busy guy upstairs,

painting the walls white + the woodwork a neutral gray/beige (a.k.a. “greige”).

So far, the hallway has been transformed from drab . . . .



. . . to FAB!

woodwork of gray

We chose Pittsburgh Paint’s Delicate White for the walls

Ghost Writer for the woodwork + wainscoting.

pittsburgh paint ghost writer

Yes, all this talk of gray + white

means it’s time for us to go down memory lane again,

with me, with my perm, + my gray kitchen cabs, circa 1985!

kay with gray kitchen cabs

I loved it then, I love it now!


Please.  How stunning is our beautiful, original door hardware with the greige?



Very stunning, especially so, considering its amazing before + after!

The beautiful pattern of that hardware is called Art Nouveau,

which was an art + architectural style in fashion between 1890 + 1910.

That makes sense because we think our house was built in that era!

Look closely!  There are ferns!



New England Today

Art Nouveau was inspired by natural forms,

particularly the curves lines of plants + flowers.

Well-known examples of Art Nouveau include the Metro Stations in Paris:

art nouveau paris metro stop

Yet more Art Nouveau awesomeness, closer to home,

is the former Carson Pirie Scott store in Chicago,

designed by architect Louis Sullivan,

who was Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor:

carson pirie scott store

Sullivan also designed my personal favorite,

The fabulous Wainwright Building in downtown St. Louis:

wainwright building

This concludes today’s Art history lecture.

Did you know that I used to be an Art teacher, in grades 7 – 12?

Meanwhile, back at the Dutch colonial,

G.O. continues to restore the beautiful original woodwork,

literally one piece at a time!


I’ll share more photos, soon — so stay tuned!

A Beautiful Old Door + Gorgeous Original Hardware

Our bedroom is nearly up + running at the Dutch colonial.

There’s a bed, a rug, a nightstand + a leaning floor mirror in there now,

but stay tuned for photo ops.

Today G.O. finished painting the door

Pittsburgh Paint’s Black Magic,

just like all the interior doors throughout.

Here ’tis, as seen from the kitchen:


The powder room door is just to the right:


Next up, we have a view of the door from inside the bedroom.

This view is out into the kitchen, with the powder room door at the left:


Check out the original hardware!


That beautiful plate was covered with paint,

so G.O. stripped it + scrubbed it with a brass bristle brush.

Stunning, don’t you think?

Brass Is Back!

Sometimes I can’t make up my mind.

When this happens, I just call it a day, already,

after wich, I procrastinate like crazy.

This can’t be good, you think.

  • * * *

But wait.  There are these:


Yes, it’s true — I’ve finally jumped aboard the brass-is-back train!

I have big plans for these vintage beauties

in our Dutch colonial kitchen.

  • * * *

But wait, you say.

Didn’t you already select red glass pulls in your kitchen?

Congratulations!  You’ve been paying attention!

Here they are . . .

.cabinet hardware -- red glass

 . . . already up + ’em on all the white cabs in our kitchen:


I love them!

* * *

But wait.

What will happen to those antique brass pulls?



Yes, we do have an oak kitchen island.

I chose it to complement all the natural woodwork in our Dutch colonial.


It looks good, alright, but aren’t there 4 drawers that need pulls?

Yes, they do, but which pulls?


surprised boy

So.  I dealt with this issue by putting it on the back burner, as one does.

Until maybe 4 days ago.

. . . when I had this light bulb moment:


  Vintage brass + warm oak wood tones = perfect!

Sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

I was inspired by a new (to us) set of old wooden drawers from the flea market.





As is his way, poor G.O. did not immediately love this idea,

but he did agree to play along by holding a pull on its proposed drawer front.



Okay.  Now I am going to need to add some additional antique brass into our home!

I’m thinking of over-the-sink light fixtures.

Stay tuned.

Modern v.s. Vintage Cabinet Hardware

This just in:

our kitchen tile floor!


Chloe the Dachshund approves!


After 2+ years, the closer we get to the finish line,

the more I yearn to get those little features

that will finally make this place a home.

* * *

Let’s start with kitchen cabinet hardware, shall we?

At first, I toyed with the idea of going modern farmhouse

+ picking something similar to our dishwasher handle:


I mean, we both love it,

+ in fact, it’s the reason we chose the dishwasher!

Is that so wrong? 

But really.  Really?

I just couldn’t get on board.  It wasn’t right.

So.  After (lots) more searching, I decided on vintage-style glass!

Like these:

cabinet hardware -- black glass pull and knob

The black would tie in all the dark grays + nearly black floor tiles!


Within moments, I ordered a sample, from here:


While I was at it, I threw all caution to the wind

+ ordered some colored ones, as well!

Blue milk glass:

cabinet hardware -- pale blue milk glass pull + knob

These are beyond gorgeous in person,

+ their pastel awesomeness is so ‘now’!

But really.  Really?

I mean, it had to be these:

cabinet hardware -- red glass

cabinet hardware -- red glass knob

That’s more like it!

And there’ll be no mistaking whose kitchen it is!

Which is pretty much how I roll, décor-wise.

And people.  The pulls cost a mere $4.45 each,

+ the knobs are only $2.09 each!

That’s just crazy!


What do you think?


I think I ordered them yesterday,

+ have already received an e-mail heads up

that they’ve already been shipped!

Stay tuned!

Restoration Hardware Bath Inspiration

We recently had what I call a GOOD MAIL DAY,

when this stack o’  10 Restoration Hardware catalogs

landed on our front porch:


Yes, that’s right.  TEN!

I shan’t list all of them, but my one of my faves was BATH:


Last March, when my blog was new, I posted this love letter to RH bath ‘stuff’:


* * *

Alas, I can’t afford to spring for anything major

(maybe one of their awesome industrial-style light fixtures?) . . .

. . . but Restoration Hardware provides plenty of inspiration

for tricking out our budget bathrooms!

Speaking of inspiration, look at the hardware on this vanity:

vanity -- RH mercantile with knobs + label slots

How cool is it!?  Very!

Combining the metal label slots with extra-long pulls is genius!

It’s called the Early 20th C. Mercantile vanity . . .

. . . no wonder I love it!

vanity -- RH early 20th C. Mercantile close up

I may try to replicate this look on the drawers of our kitchen cabinets!

Stay tuned!



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