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Industrial Style BBQ Restaurant in Chicago

Is it wrong to dine at a restaurant because of its awesome industrial interior?

Maybe not.

Here’s Lillie’s Q BBQ restaurant in Chicago:

lilliesQ interior front

Subway tile wall, rustic mirror, Tolix chairs + bar stools
industrial light fixtures — check!

 I pretty much want to move in at this point.

lillies Q sinks

  If only I could have taken this vintage sink home with me!


These very cool industrial lights were fabricated from
old pulleys + meat hooks (get it? BBQ restaurant?)
+ plenty of Edison bulbs.

lillies Q sauces + mason jar

Their signature BBQ sauces are in cool tins at every table.
You can buy jars at the restaurant or on amazon.com!
All drinks are served in cute Mason jars, too.

So.  Don’t tell me.

You’ve got your car keys in your hand,

+ you’re ready to drive to Chicago + dine at Lillie’s Q,

just because the decor’s so awesome.

It would be worth the trip . . .

. . . but WAIT!

The food is beyond FAN-tastic, too!  Just feast your eyes on this:

lillies Q pork sandwich

lillies Q cornbread

Everything’s served on cool metal trays.
The cornbread comes in its own little cast iron skillet,
served with a savory, peppery butter in a cute jar.

lillies Q salad with pulled pork

Lillie’s Q salad with pulled pork.

lillies pulled pork + fries

More of that de-lish pulled pork,
this time served with sweet potato fries.

lillies more meat

Calling all carnivores!

lillies food to use

Show of hands — who needs a bib now?


Here’s what we ordered when we dined at Lillie’s Q just this week:


G.O. had some Memphis tacos + 2 sides,
while I ordered mac ‘n cheese
with pulled pork tips in it!

BTW, that serving was heap-ing; I took about 1/2 of it home!

* * *

If you’re thirsty, Lillie’s Q has a cool bar

with an awesome drinks menu:

So.  When can you get to Chicago?

lillies signage

Call me, + I’ll meet you at Lillie’s Q!

lillies Q front facade

It’s located in the Bucktown neighborhood,

1856 W. North Avenue in Chicago,

just west of the Kennedy Expressway

* * *

There’s a Destin, Florida location, too!

lilliesQ destin fl

I’ve heard really good things about the hipness of Destin.

Have you been?  Share with the class!

I could use a Florida get-a-way!

Garage Hopes + Dreams

Yesterday a.m. G.O. went to our fixer upper, as usual.

As you may know, we’ve been in demo mode, inside . . .

Are words necessary here?  I think not!

Our very, very naughty ‘before’ bathroom.

. . . so I was a little surprised when he came home for lunch

+ announced that he had spent the a.m. tackling the garage roof!



I just switched from house re-do mode to garage re-do.

Look at the inspiration I found:

Vertical board + batten siding from Certainteed.

Vertical board + batten siding from Certainteed.

For our garage, I want vertical board + batten siding like you see here ^^

 . . . in white, please, like this:

Nothing says cottage quite like board + batten siding!

Nothing says cottage quite like board + batten siding!

Look closely, + you will see the highly-coveted garage door arbor

(or is that a pergola?)

I dunno.



No garage door should exist without one . . .

. . . + every single one would have something climbing + flowering on it, like this:

What's prettier than the blue flowers of morning glories?  Nothing!

What’s prettier than the blue flowers of morning glories? Nothing!

But wait!

I also think all garage doors should be a color.

I think the dark door 'pops'.

I think the dark door ‘pops’.

Our door may be 1 of the 2 siding colors I have chosen for our Dutch colonial house re-do.

Remember, the garage will be white + cottage-y!

Sterling gray from Certainteed.  This will be the first story of our Dutch colonial.

Sterling gray from Certainteed.
This will be the 1st story of our Dutch colonial.

Flagstone gray, which will be on our house's 2nd story exterior.

Flagstone gray,
which will be on our house’s 2nd story exterior,
hopefully in shingles if our budget allows.

Of course, I can’t decide, because that’s how I roll.

But wait!

Another ‘must-have’ for the garage would be

your roof spire, like this:

Kay's arbor + roof spire.

Kay’s tan door, brown arbor + roof spire.

If you want your own cool roof spire . . .

. . . a fab antiques store in my former town has a really nice + very affordable one!

I blogged about the shop last month:


Call Karen Tucker @ 815.440.4931 + ask her to set it aside for you!

Artifacts Antique. Art. Accents. 221 W. Washington St. Oregon, Illinois

Artifacts Antique. Art. Accents.
221 W. Washington St.
Oregon, Illinois

Now the exterior lights!

I’m going to insist on something industrial to flank our garage door.

What say ye?

Barnlight Electric Co.

The Original Warehouse Gooseneck
from Barnhouse Electric Co.

The gray of the galvanized metal would complement my gray garage doors.


People.  This company has the most fabulous light fixtures.

Their motto is ‘Where Vintage + Modern Collide’ . . .

. . . I love it!

Anyway, here are more light fixtures in my most favorite color, ever . . .

Sydney gooseneck. $284  :-O

Sydney gooseneck.
$284 :-O

Sinclair 12" gooseneck.

Sinclair 12″ gooseneck.
Oops. Didn’t get the price.

Esso 10" gooseneck

Esso 10″ gooseneck
Darn, forgot to get the price.

Pretty cool, no?  Well, feast your eyes on the light fixture I really, really want:

Seaside radial wave 12" gooseneck.

Seaside radial wave 12″ gooseneck
$237 each. :-O

I’ve always thought that red is a great accent color when one has a gray house.

My very 1st house sported that color scheme!

I think it’s time for the sequel!

My New BFF, Ellen DeGeneres

It’s always a good day (for me) when a magazine lands inside my mailbox!

This week’s happiness is the May issue of Elle Decor, with Ellen DeGeneres + Portia de Rossi’s property . . .

. . . 26-acres + 8 cabins north of Los Angeles.



What a cute couple! Portia de Rossi + my new BFF, Ellen DeGeneres!

It wouldn't be too stalker-ish of me to send Ellen one of my BFF pillows . . . would it?

It wouldn’t be too stalker-ish of me to send Ellen one of my BFF pillows . . . would it? I ‘keed’!

It’s crazy!  We have so much in common — spontaneous dancing, trying to be funny —

and, most importantly, we both love the serial re-doing + the constant moving!

“I can only change the furniture so much and I get bored,” said Ellen . . .

AND ME, constantly.

Isn't it obvious that we both shop at the 10-Year-Old Boy Boutique?

And . . . isn’t it obvious that we both shop at the 10-Year-Old Boy Boutique?

   But I digress.   Back to the important stuff!

 Of course, she + I like the same decor style.

 The rustic, the modern, the industrial.  I know it’s not for everyone, but I love it!


Leather Chesterfield sofa, white plank walls, interesting light fixtures, faded vintage rug, metal coffee table, striped throw — check!

I love all the cool artwork that Ellen + Portia have hanging in their rooms:

Okay, so who's on board with the deconstructed chair?

Okay, so who’s on board with the deconstructed chair, a la Restoration Hardware? Sorry, Ellen, I’m not a huge fan . . .


But she + I display artwork on a vintage easel!

. . . but I’m a total fan of displaying art on the vintage easel . . .

. . . look!  I had the same idea!

. . . and look! Here’s my vintage easel! Group hug!

Now let’s talk about how a simple magazine issue can change one’s life . . .

  . . . not only do I have a new BFF (yay!) . . .

. . . but the magazine has changed my mind about my beloved postal sorter . . .


. . . it’s awesome, no?  Well, believe it or not, I was on the fence about whether or not it would be in our next house!

Then, this happened.  2 words:   Ellen’s.  Sorter.

Lots of vintage furniture, some from Sweden.

Look at that hanging chalkboard! The ironstone! The glass canisters!

Now you can see why that postal sorter HAS to be in our next house!

And speaking of that photo’s ability to alter our decor, I saw these beauties + knew I had to find industrial bar stools!


Okay, so I’d already been shopping for industrial stools.

Here are a few examples one can find in Robert Redford’s groovy Sundance catalog:

Here’s my favorite . . . the Texas spinning stool, in color!  I’ll take mine in red, please!

$225 -- still over my budget, unfortunately.

$225 — still over my budget, unfortunately.

Wow, my eyes are spinning from all these bar stools!

. . . but I could add dozens more that I’d consider.  That will just have to be another post for another day!

Stay tuned!



Typewriter table "before"

Typewriter table “before”

I don’t know about you — but I can’t resist the vintage metal ANYthing with wheels. I bought this old typewriter stand last fall + have been dreaming of tricking it out into a side table ever since.

I thought we’d have to find a stone supplier + see if they had any remnants in the highly-coveted honed marble.

Almost 4-1/2 months of procrastination later . . . + this past Monday, I walk into a huge tile outlet store in Chicago. There they were! A stack of said-same honed marble tiles in THE 18″ x 18″ size of my typewriter table!

18" x 18" honed marble tile.

18″ x 18″ honed marble tile.

My pal, Alan, instructed me, “Don’t say anything!” as he walked to the check-out counter. “I’d like to buy this SAMPLE,” he said, to which the tile personnel replied, “Take it!”

I KNOW!!!  This kind of thing never happens to ME (+ don’t you kind of hate me right now for bragging?)

Typewriter table in progress

Typewriter table in progress

Now comes the “fun” part. I’ll admit it — I have issues with tabletop display! It never looks right to me! But here are some stabs.

Here it is, in place!

Here it is, in place!



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