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Modern Barn In Country Living

Do you know what makes a FUN day at our house?

When the latest issue of Country Living magazine lands in my mailbox!

Check it out:  October 2017

Could that cover BE more appealing??

country living october 17

Must be the colors + the pumpkins + the folded blankets.

But look more closely — see the headline at the top of the cover?

country living october 17


Well, say no more, Country Living!

  Let’s have a MUST-SEE!

We’ll start with this awesomeness, called the Modern Barn,

a weekend getaway for a Memphis, TN couple:


Omigosh, that simple drawing couldn’t be more charming!

Do you like it, too?

House portraits are a thing now, + I’ve long

dreamt of painting our house(s).

If I can’t find the time in my highly busy schedule, all is not lost.

There are all sorts of etsy artists who do custom house paintings,

like this one:

house illustration

OMIGOSH!  So sweet!

Speaking of sweet, have you see HGTV’s Home Town show?

hometown -- erin and ben

Have you noticed that host Erin (next to husband Ben)

paints a house portrait on every episode for the homeowners?

I couldn’t find any photos of her paintings online,

but here she is, hard at work:

hometown girl drawing

But I digress.

Shall we have a look-see at the Modern Barn, at long last?


How I love the board + batten siding,

+ the metal roof + that grey-on-grey exterior!

I’m giving extra points for the shutters that are actually operable.

(It’s just not me — you’ve noticed things like that, too, right?)


The deck + screened porch are sporting my favorite X-motif railings . . .


. . . + there’s an outdoor fireplace (which I have always wanted!)


Inside, the rustic 2-story gathering room has its own stone fireplace:


Everything is quite neutral but definitely not boring,

as the plan includes so many different textures.

Notice how the brown leather arm chairs (yes, please!)

echo the warm wood of the paneled walls.


I’m loving the dark metal of the window sashes,

which is repeated in the industrial-style iron chandelier.


This is important — they’ve added accents of blue in the pillows + throw.

I fear that the room, sans the pops of blue, might skew too boring.

What do you think?


Anyway, in contrast to the dark + cozy vibe of the gathering room,

the kitchen is light + bright, + dare I say it?



The warm wood tones are repeated in the beams, wood bowl + X-back stools,

+ here’s that blue again, in the plaid chair cushions:


I can’t be the only one who’s geeked out over plaid being such a thing, can I?

Do you have any plaid in your home?

 And finally, in closing, what’s not to love about the dining area?


I’m a smitten kitten of all their white ironstone:

The warm wood* is back, too.

(*Yikes, for the painted furniture people!  It’s not over, is it?)

That’s a topic for another day.  Back to the dining room:

Blue is repeated here, too, in the napkins + that throw.

Yes, I  love how cohesive the décor is,

with elements repeated throughout.


And lastly, YES, it is mandatory

that we all participate in a fun field trip TO-day,

to gather some pretty branches to bring home + shove in a vase.

Who’s in?


Pass me the car keys + the clippers!

I’ll share later, so stay tuned for that,

+ yet more of my musings about the Country Living barns . . .

. . . this next one, a Kit Barn in California’s wine country!








Artifacts Antiques.Art.Accents

Without my telling you the location of this wonderful antiques shop, take a look at a few photos + guess!



Show of hands!  Who guessed somewhere east?  The stone + patina of that fabulous building make me think of eastern Pennsylvania, but no!  This awesome, new shop is in northwestern Illinois — more specifically — my former hometown of Oregon, Illinois (about 90 miles west of Chicago!)

I visited yesterday + was wowed by spopkeeper Karen Tucker’s exquisite offerings.

While I came home with this wonderful English ironstone platter . . .

My new ironstone platter, in use!

. . . here are some other things that I loved:

I love English pine furniture!  This corner cabinet is such a beauty!  We have a farmhouse table made from recycled English pine.

I love English pine furniture, + this corner cupboard is such a beauty! At the lower left, there’s a bit of a very swell Coca-Cola door push. Wish I’d snapped a better photo of it!

How sweet is this old floor mat?

How sweet is this old floor mat?

I'm wishing I'd gotten this awesome barn vent with the flaking red paint!

I’m wishing I’d gotten this awesome barn vent with the flaking red paint!

This is so "ME" -- I've even considered jumping aboard the animal hide bandwagon.

This is so “ME” — I’ve even considered jumping aboard the animal hide bandwagon.

I love funky folk art + twig furniture!

I love funky folk art + twig furniture!

If it's old + is red -- I love it!  This is an old wagon from an old Red & White store.

If it’s old + is red — I love it! This is an old wagon from an old Red & White store.

These are definitely the 'Kay colors' -- I need to start collecting old rugs, methinks.

These are definitely the ‘Kay colors’ — methinks I need to start collecting old rugs like this.

How fun is this?  I'd love to buy it for my friend, Melanie, in CT.

How fun is this? I’d love to buy it for my friend, Melanie, in CT — who collects pig stuff!

I'm loving the G.W. bust against those gorgeous old stone walls.

I’m loving the G.W. bust against those gorgeous old stone walls.

If you get the chance, head to Oregon, Illinois + visit this new shop!  221 W. Washington, St./815.440.4931.  If you can’t get there, you can see  shopkeeper Karen Tucker at the Pec Thing antiques show in May — http://www.winnebagocountyfair.com/pecthing.asp.  She’s very sweet, + she complimented me on my Minnetonka moccasins! I loved that!

But I digress.  Just be sure + tell her that Kay says ‘hola’!



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