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My Diane Keaton Lady Crush

This morning I stumbled upon the portfolio of Stephen Shandley,

a NYC-based designer whose clients include my fave, Diane Keaton.


Shandley was named to the Architectural Digest’s AD100,

the list of the world’s best interior designers + architects.

I tried but failed to access his website this morning —

perhaps it was just a temporary issue — I dunno.

+ + + + +

Now, then.  What was I saying about my lady crush, Diane?


Remember when she won the Best Actress Oscar for Annie Hall?

annie hall.jpg

Oh, how I love that movie, + when it came out,

I was inspired by Annie’s wardrobe to sew myself a similar blazer + skirt!

+ + + + +

In addition to her highly successful acting career,

Diane is also a home design afficionado + author of this book:


 Next, let’s have a look-see at some photos of Diane’s many** homes,

(**she moves more than we do!)

the interiors of which were designed by Stephen Shandley.


Seriously?  A leather sofa porch swing?  Genius!

The master bedroom at Diane Keaton's home in Pacific Palisades, CA.

People.  This is SO me!  I’ve even sewn pillows with the Swiss cross like these.


The stairwell at Diane Keaton's home in Pacific Palisades, CA.

OMiGosh!  Pillows in a rolling cart!

Check this out (below) — Diane + I also share a love of the “re-arrange”!

I wonder if it provides her the same morale boost as it does me?

I am loving the version at left, with all the colorful pottery.

 I love color, + am growing a tad weary of the trend of all-white decor.

What say ye?


Look at Diane’s inspiration board —  I love it.

And last but not least, here are a couple examples of phrases (stenciled?)

incorporated into Diane’s homes:



I’m not surprised to see that Diane has so many books.  I want one of those rolling ladders, please.

I am feeling a yen for stenciling something on the walls of our house,

since that’s what I do.

Now I have to choose a phrase, don’t I?

Stay tuned!


My Yuletide Powder Room!

I love Christmas!

It makes me so happy to give my homes their Christmas makeovers!

Since this year, we’re in our new house,

it’s like FUN, times 100!


So far I’ve tackled our front porch.


What’s going on inside the house, you ask?

Sadly, not too much, really — until just a few days ago.

This year, I started with our powder room. 


HA!  Doesn’t everyone start with the bathrooms + branch out from there?


Anyway, back to said powder room —

its everyday “look” features both this darling vintage shelf, from etsy . . .


. . . + this sweet vintage photo (circa mid 50’s)

of a 3 or 4-year-old ME,

with our pet Beagle, Scamp.


I know!


So.  Check this out:


It’s an ornament that I made,

using an old photo (circa early 60’s) of my sister, Lisa.

OMiGosh, look at the way she was gazing adoringly at Santa!


I liked it so much that I made another one to send to her.

I think I also gave one to my other sister, Kathy.

I CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff), so I’ll ask her later today.


So, anyway.

While I was already traveling down Christmas Memory Lane . . .


. . . I included this pretty glass bell ornament in my vignette.

It reminds me of one that our mom had.

Group hug.

Finally, those plaid circles have a bit of a back story, too.


They’re displayed in a trio of vintage metal embroidery hoops

that I’ve saved for a few years.

I bought the plaid flannel a few weeks ago.


 Here’s one, sewn as a rustic Christmas pillows for my biz,

RedBird Vintage Home.


YAY!  Bells!

Aaaannnnd SO.

Stay tuned for more Christmas photos,

just as soon as I complete a few more vignettes!

Only 2 Days Until Our Christmas Cabin!

Our ‘really big show’ is coming up this weekend.



Look at the fantastic flyer that Stacey, of Kismet Junk, designed for us!

cabin christmas flyer re-do

I’ve been really excited, preparing for said-same.

Tonight I’m tired + realizing I’m not as young as I once was,

especially that one year when I did 12 shows

in addition to having my old retail store, Heart-in-Hand.

Omigosh, now that I think about it — that was exactly 20 years ago!

* * * *

But back from memory lane — I’m glad it’s TODAY —

because now, for inspiration, all I have to do is head to Pinterest!

I’ve been busily re-pinning lots of photos

that evoke a ‘cabin Christmas’:

cabin christmas -- tree in bucket

Sorry — didn’t get the source!

Seems that vintage metal trucks are all the rage online,

+ I’m loving the red + white license plates.



Wish I could get my hands on some ‘scrawny’ trees like these.

Who doesn’t love an urn (or 3)?



I’ll have some similar glass pinecone ornaments to sell.



I’ll also have a vintage white watering can with a faded, red stripe at the show . . .

. . . and G.O. dutifully gathered fresh greens from his brother’s farm today,

so my can will be tricked out in a similar fashion!


Martha Stewart’s Anvil Gray

Speaking of G.O. — on Sunday afternoon he re-painted some screens

that were in my booth, back in the good, ol’ days.

They’ll be making quite the statement this weekend,

as they’re marching across the back of our Cabin Christmas booth.


Fingers crossed,

 he can somehow hook up these awesome red industrial lights, too.

(I know he can — I’m so excited to see them in use!)



Wish I had a few dozen old baskets like this.

And some ginormous pine cones, too, please?



Talk about your inspiration!

do have lots of old boxes to sell, + I have been making white with red pillows.


I prefer simplicity + not-too-Christmas-y when I decorate

 so I think these pillows fit the bill.


That red cross makes the pillows look a little like Christmas presents, doesn’t it?

Here’s something similar of the rectangular persuasion:

cross pillow

Right now, they’re listed in my etsy shop . . .


. . . but of course, come Friday, they’ll be in our booth.

* * * * *

Here’s a look-see at some of my other Christmas Cabin projects:


These boards were the original porch floor of our Dutch colonial fixer-upper.

Who knew? — that a long-ago owner of our house would love the color red, too!


Everything is vintage here — the chair, the slipcover, buttons + ticking fabric.


Wish I had dozens of neat buttons with words on them, like this one.


This vintage ticking stripe material is from an old cot cover.



* * * * *

I think I’ll have about 5 chairs at this show,

including this one, which is a ‘tad’ different than what I usually make:


It’s an old folding chair from the Moose Lodge, + I’ve added a chevron pattern.


I think it’s fresh + modern.

So, is there a chance you’ll make it to our show?

I’d love it if you stopped by + said “HI!”

Retail + Baseball Therapy!

Today I’m seeking the morale boost that an online purchase provides.

Here ’tis:



‘Tis a roof finial, + I need a pair, actually . . .

. . .  one for each end of our garden shed roof peak:


At about 7″ high, I’d say these finials will be perfect!

* * * * *

Speaking of retail morale boosts,

Saturday morning I shopped our local French Country Market:


The Good Humor Man was there!


This adorable girl provided live sax music!


This cool, vintage camper was for sale!

I called G.O. + asked him to come down + have a look-see:


It was completely re-done + wonderful,

but I’d rather we re-did one ourselves.

* * * *

Speaking of G.O.,

I did purchase a huge, red O from this booth:

Hundt No More Antiques & Collectibles 779.279.1109

Hundt No More
Antiques & Collectibles

Even though he nixed the idea**,

my plans were to include the O in my bridal shower gift

for his beautiful soon-to-be-daughter-in-law:

L, niece of G.O. R, soon-to-be-DIL of G.O.

L, niece of G.O.
R, soon-to-be-DIL of G.O.

** He even said, “I’d have just gotten her a $50 gift certificate to Kohl’s!” . . .

. . . no offense, Kohl’s, but that’s just not how I roll,


Fingers crossed that ‘the kids’ dig their O (+ other stuff!)

* * * * *

Back to the Market.

My other purchase:


Vintage initial pennants!

I am going to use them to make pillows,

similar to what I’ve done in the past

with a really swell vintage golf flag:

pillow flag #5

Sold it in my etsy shop:  https://www.etsy.com/transaction/39139050

* * * * *

Anyway, as much fun as I had at the French Country Market,

Saturday’s highlight took place here:

wrigley field scoreboard

Wrigley Field’s iconic manual scoreboard

We took our grandlad to his first-ever Cubs-Cardinals game

at Chicago’s Wrigley Field!

wrigley field

Wrigley Field’s iconic marquee

And yes, the Cubs DID manage to win one.

(HA!  I “keed”!)

* * * *

But check it out!


He has a peanut shell on his finger.   Kids do that sort of thing.

He has a peanut shell on his finger.
Kids do that sort of thing.

Yes, we made our own signs,

+ yes, the national FOX TV broadcast showed us!

His “GO CUBS” was a huge hit!  FUN!

* * * * *

My sign is a shout-out to Tim McCarver,

the FOX MLB broadcaster who’s retiring after this season:

tim mc carver

McCarver was the Cardinals’ star catcher in the sixties:

mc carver as a cardinal

3 World Series: ’64, ’67 + ’68!

Feel free to comment if you noticed

what a good sport Grandma Kay is,

to promote or even tolerate my grandlad’s Cubs fandom!  😉

Who do you think bought him that shirt?  😉

Thank you!

MADE — My Gallery In Jackson Hole, WY

MADE 2-2013

MADE — My Gallery In Jackson Hole, WY

I have an online etsy shop called RedBird Vintage Home (same as this blog), and this  gallery has sold my pillows for several years.  My Jackson Hole/U.S. Map pillows sell like hotcakes! Here’s one inside the gallery! Jackson Hole was profiled in the January issue of Chicago magazine, + several of my pillows made the cut. Check it out!





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