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Galvanized Metal Baskets

This just in:

I finally hemmed the curtains I started last November!


(Please forgive me for these bad + dark photos.)


You may very well be asking,

“YAWN, Kay!  Curtain hems!?  Who cares?” . . .

 . . . but we procrastinators know that completing one’s projects is a big deal!

I want to sew a tartan plaid bed skirt (stay tuned!), you see . . .

. . . but I forced myself to finish the curtains first.

+ + + + +

Anyway, speaking of completing tasks, our kitchen re-do is back ON!

This has happened:


Galvanized baskets!

The cabinet that G.O. had installed beside the range was too narrow + deep,

+ thus, a tad too dysfunctional.

This had me thinking of baskets in cubbies, instead!

Initially, I wanted woven baskets, like these:


However, when my online search for baskets took me to these

from World Market, I was totally smitten!


Only $14.99 for the small?  I’m in!

 The website sez that these are NEW,

but that they are sold out online + available in stores only.

We had to drive to 2 different World Markets to find our 3,

but it was worth it, in my opinion!


I feared that, in person, they might look cheapie + bad,

but they don’t, + I love them!


Disclaimer: we still need a toe kick here.

+ + + + +

Suddenly, the blank wall next to our stove is calling out for open shelving.

Funny how that happens.


I am thinking galvanized metal, + here’s why:

Notice how our new galvanized baskets play so nicely

with the handles of our stove + the Kitchen Aide mixing bowl:


I’m loving the continuity,

so off, I go, on yet another online search, for metal shelving!

Turns out, my 3 finalists are all from Pottery Barn.





 Or these, with painted metal:


I think I will wait to decide,

once our range hood is (finally) installed.


Stay tuned!

My Wacky Designs + My Unwacky Family

So.  I am the middle of 3 sisters.

Here we are, with our dad, at my niece’s house for Christmas.

L – R:  Kathy, me, Lisa, Dad


HA — look at how we’ve squooshed SP? ourselves together,

+ yet, the photographer (G.O.) was about a block away!

And another thing: why wasn’t I sent the peach sweater memo?!?

Anyway, Lisa — who lives in Austin, TX (lucky her!),

is re-doing one of her bathrooms.

She hired a designer!

surprised boy

I know, I know — you’re thinking, “Why didn’t she ask YOU, Kay?”

2 reasons:  1. I’m too bossy, + 2. My style is too wacky

So I’m fine.  Really.

However, I seized this moment to share my bathrooms with the class.

It’s what I do!  First up, the powder room:

black powder room door number 2


Vintage mirror, Pottery Barn vanity top + sink,

Signature Hardware faucet set + vintage towel bar.




Next up, our main bathroom:


My sister, Kathy, gave me that Ralph Lauren striped mug.

The vintage barber bottle is from my pal Alan’s late, great store — 

Patina, in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago.


I bought that NYC architecture nightlight from an etsy seller:



Do you shop etsy?

What is the coolest thing that you’ve bought?

Anyway, many thanks for viewing my bathroom snappies.

My Kitchen Rug Obsession

Quickie update:


 Because of a 1/8″  disparity in size between our dark + light tiles,

our checked kitchen floor hopes + dreams were dashed.


Thanks to some quick thinking on my part, plan B happened.

Here ’tis:

1. All the dark tiles have been laid in a running bond pattern.

2. The lighter gray tiles have been returned to our local build-o-rama, Menards.

3. We now wait for more darks so we can complete our task.


Part most of me is glad we’ll have a plain Jane floor,

because I am obsessing about patterned kitchen rugs.

Maybe you’ve noticed that they’re a ‘thing’ now.

From Apartment Therapy:

kitchen with rug - fuscia blue tiles apartment therapy

More specifically, kilim rugs in kitchen are a thing.

One of my designer faves, Emily Henderson, is on board:

rugs in kitchen

Ditto for This Old House magazine:

kitchen with orange rug -- this old house

Since I’ve been a fan of kilim rugs for years,

their surge in popularity is good news for me!

Here’s one I bought way back in ’06:

rug -- kilim in living room

As you can see, it has all the ‘Kay colors’, as I like to say.

rug -- kilim in living room with typewriter desk

Yep, that rug really tied the room together.

big lebowski on rug

HA!  Did you recognize that quote from one of my favorite movies,

The Big Lebowski?

If not, rent it.  Watch it.  Thumbs up!

* * *

But I digress.

kitchen with turquoise southwestern rug

Check out the wallpaper on the ceiling here — yay or nay?

kitchen with rug navy with ceiling wallpaper apartment therapy

Apartment Therapy

I’m going to vote ‘yay’,

 but would our relationship survive our attempting to wallpaper a ceiling?

While we ponder that query,

let’s have a look-see at another rug with the ‘Kay colors’:

kitchen rug -- southwestern style red blue pb

From Pottery Barn

This version of the ‘Kay colors’ is lighter + more now

than those in our current living room.

.The pretty, pale-ish blue of the PB version would play nicely

with our kitchen’s blue ceiling, don’t you think?



kitchen rug -- pb close up

Plus, it’s an indoor/outdoor rug —

pretty much a must-have for a kitchen in my little world!

Luckily for us, indoor/outdoor rugs seem to be a ‘thing’ now, too.

The choices are endless!

Time to go online shopping — stay tuned!

French Striped Happiness From PB

Okay, I’ll admit it — I love Pottery Barn maybe a tad too much.

My friend, Alan, teases me about it all the time.

alan + kay in front of patina

Whatever.  It can’t be helped.

Not when Pottery Barn keeps churning out

Frenchie-striped happiness like this!

pottery barn red striped lampshades

More on those ^^ in just a bit.

* * * *

First, let’s look at some Frenchie-stripe PB groovies I already own:


Frenchie stripe Santa pillow
Frenchie stripe lampshade

This snapshot was taken on our enclosed front porch.

We just got that Eames recliner repro this past year,

+ G.O. made the lamp from an old surveyor’s tripod.

* * * *

But I digress.  Back to today’s morale boost order:

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

This sweet marble vanity top

will sit atop a plain Jane IKEA vanity in our new powder room:

bathroom vanity -- IKEA white

I blogged about said-same here:


* * * *

AND YES . . .

. . . I am also ordering 2 of these ticking stripe PB masterpieces:

pottery barn red striped lampshades

I have an old pair of Crate + Barrel candlestick lamps

that have kind of fallen off my favorites list.

The good news:

I just know these awesome shades

will make me super LOVE them again!

Stay tuned.

* * * *

Once they’re sporting their new shades,

my plans for my old Crate + Barrel lamps

 are to place them on one of these:

IKEA trestle table -- scraphacker


. . . which will go behind our sofa,

which will go in this large bay in our new living room:


I am officially on a spending high!

Kitchen Reno Has Begun

Game 1 day of the '11 World Series.  We won.

Game 1 day of the ’11 World Series. We won.

We bought our current fixer-upper — a 20’s-era brick bungalow — in the autumn of ’06.

Fun factoid: our Cardinals emerged victorious in the World Series that year.  See also: ^^ flag.

But I digress.

This is hard to believe, because I’m all about the snapshot, but we took ZERO ‘before’ photos of this house.

How’s that possible?!?

That’s sad, because the ‘befores’ + ‘afters’ would have been pretty dramatic.

SO, we vowed to do things differently in or current re-do, but whoops!  — turns out we didn’t take any ‘befores’ of our gross kitchen! . . .

. . . just a few ‘in progress’ pictures:


There’s our neighbor, Bob, lending a hand. Hi, Bob.

Looks like those ^^  are the very last cabinets to go.

IMG_0485(1)Sure wish I could show you the naughty penninsula with cabinets above it, but you’ll have to trust me: they were awful!

And now, they’re gone, as are the suspended ceiling + part of the soffits.

SO, since we were finally able to take some measurements . . . last p.m. we took a trip to www.IKEA.com + designed our kitchen cabs.

It was a LOT of math but still super fun.

I’ve not yet decided on the style + color of the cabs — maybe we’ll just go all white.

I HAVE decided on hanging Roman shades for the kitchen windows, + this a.m. I’ve been online shopping for said-same!

More fun!

There's G.O., toiling away.

The single window to the left will be doubled to 2 side-by-side,
which means we need 3 shades.

Here’s what I’m liking so far — from Pottery Barn (of course!)

roman shade - gray ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon cordless Roman shade
Sale $189 – $249

Like just about everybody these days, I’m using lots of gray in my decor, so these ^^ grosgrain ribbon-trimmed pretties would work.

The colors are right, but I’m wanting some sort of print for the kitchen.  Maybe these will head to the living room.

roman grosgrain ribbon in room

These might be a tad too formal for me.
If I have doubts about stuff, that usually means ‘no-go’.

But wait! — there’s more!

roman shade - narrow red stripes

Mini Stripe Cordless Roman Shades
Sale $119 – $144.99

Hello, gorgeous!  I can’t resist a Frenchie stripe, I need to add pattern, + I love this ^^.

People.  I think that you can order the fabric by the yard!

This means pillows, + lots of ’em!

Since kitchens usually don’t need pillows, maybe I’ll use these in the bedroom, instead, as we have a yummy Ralph Lauren red coverlet.

Love it.  Got it at HomeGoods.  Photos soon.

roman shade - blue Frenchie stripes

Riviera Stripe Cordless Shade

Oh, dear.  I love this ^^, of course.

Pale blue is just about my favorite color!  I want a pale blue beadboard ceiling in our kitchen, so maybe these would go.

Whatevah.  I think I should order the shades that are on sale before they’re gone.

Same goes for some kitchen lighting from Pottery Barn.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ !

Stay tuned!



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