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My Yuletide Powder Room!

I love Christmas!

It makes me so happy to give my homes their Christmas makeovers!

Since this year, we’re in our new house,

it’s like FUN, times 100!


So far I’ve tackled our front porch.


What’s going on inside the house, you ask?

Sadly, not too much, really — until just a few days ago.

This year, I started with our powder room. 


HA!  Doesn’t everyone start with the bathrooms + branch out from there?


Anyway, back to said powder room —

its everyday “look” features both this darling vintage shelf, from etsy . . .


. . . + this sweet vintage photo (circa mid 50’s)

of a 3 or 4-year-old ME,

with our pet Beagle, Scamp.


I know!


So.  Check this out:


It’s an ornament that I made,

using an old photo (circa early 60’s) of my sister, Lisa.

OMiGosh, look at the way she was gazing adoringly at Santa!


I liked it so much that I made another one to send to her.

I think I also gave one to my other sister, Kathy.

I CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff), so I’ll ask her later today.


So, anyway.

While I was already traveling down Christmas Memory Lane . . .


. . . I included this pretty glass bell ornament in my vignette.

It reminds me of one that our mom had.

Group hug.

Finally, those plaid circles have a bit of a back story, too.


They’re displayed in a trio of vintage metal embroidery hoops

that I’ve saved for a few years.

I bought the plaid flannel a few weeks ago.


 Here’s one, sewn as a rustic Christmas pillows for my biz,

RedBird Vintage Home.


YAY!  Bells!

Aaaannnnd SO.

Stay tuned for more Christmas photos,

just as soon as I complete a few more vignettes!

More Red + White Signage

Yesterdee (that’s how they say it in St. Louis, I swear)

I posted about my collection of much-loved red signs.


My friend, Tal, gave me this for my birthday one year.

This birthday present from a few years back
rests on the woodwork in our kitchen.

A mere hour or so after I posted,

I realized to my horror (J/K) that I forgot to include

my most prized red sign of all:


This is 2-sided + says ROCKFORD on the other side.

We pretty much think this was in a bus or train station.

Why do I love it so?

Well, St. Louis is my homeland,

+ at the time, I lived 20-ish miles s.w. of Rockford, Illinois.

Speaking of “needing” something — how could I resist

(even though I think I paid $95 for it!!)

surprised boy

What can I say?  I was single at the time

+ could buy anything I wanted!

* * *

This happiness occurred when we lived in the groovy apartment

that I built above my old retail store.

My ST. LOUIS/ROCKFORD sign hung on the ceiling beam

just over my head in this snapshot from long ago:

christmas -- apartment -- kay in squalor living room

Circa 1993 — maybe 94

My plans for hanging it in our Dutch colonial project

involve yet another (future) beam,

which will hang between our dining room + kitchen.


Just above G.O.’s head.


Re: that beam.

I’m still on the fence about whether or not to investigate the price

they’re charging these days for salvaged beams.

Methinks I probably should.

Stay tuned.

* * *

Meanwhile, let’s have a look-see at another red+ white sign of mine:



I love this one, too!

I made it myself, back in my letterpress phase.

It was also the era in which I most recently had a brick+mortar retail space.

Here’s 1 of 3 that I made, hanging outside our shop(s):


Here’s the larger version:


Right now, these beauties (if I do say so)

are languishing in our cellar hide-a-way,

but I think these need to be included in our home + garden décor . . .

. . . if not here + now, then FO SHO in the Dutch colonial!

Stay tuned!

Frenchie Stripe Obsession

So.  Everybody knows that ‘old people’ love their routines,

which explains why every morning, like clockwork,

I head to Pinterest + gaze at whatever I’m currently obsessing about.

Today I enjoyed all sorts of Frenchie striped linens;

here are but a few:





Unknown But, if those letters are "K K", that's my monogram!


If these initials are K K, as I suspect they are, that’s my monogram!

I think I need that pillow, don’t you?  (As if I could afford it.)

* * *

Yes, most vintage French stripe linens are over my budget, sadly.

What to do, then, when one is me?

Well, there are some lovely reproductions out there.

Here’s one:

I’m a fan of the new upholstery fabric

with what appears to be an authentic vintage linen pillow!

* * * *

And attention, all my St. Louis-area  peeps!

This yummy shop, Gingham Buffalo, is in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Their gray wall + pair of striped chairs rules my world!

* * *

Meanwhile, ’tis quite often that my obsessions find their way

to my pillow making biz.


Yesterday I blogged about all things Hudson’s Bay . . .

striped pillows

. . . + I shared that I’m obsessing about making my own version

of Hudson’s Bay style pillows.  YUM!

* * * *

But wait!

have been making my own versions of Frenchie stripe pillows for years;

here are 3 that I sewed just last week!

I always use vintage buttons for my closures; these are black metal.

I cut my own stencils of Frenchie stripes + hand stencil them on canvas:


* * * *

Another side closure with more gray vintage metal buttons.

You can just glimpse the ticking stripe fabric lining:

* * * *

Finally, this rectangular Frenchie measures 21″ long x 12.5″

+ has a button + loop closure that I made for the first time!

I think it turned out well:


* * *

Well, that was fun!

Sharing with the class always is!

Time for me to get my nose to the sewing grindstone!

Old-School New England/Americana Ralph Lauren

People.  It’s no secret how much I love IKEA.

Here’s one delightful, red + white ticking stripe reason why:

IKEA red + white bed linens

My favorite saying about IKEA is:

“Those Swedes always come through for me, with the reds + the dark blues!”

* * * *

Well . . . “those Swedes” have done it again.

This time, it’s not IKEA but Lexington Company.

lexington co. holiday collection bedroom snapshot

Have you heard of/seen them,

and better yet, of whom were you reminded

when you first spied their products?

  (More on that in a moment.)

* * * *

I found Lexington, Co. online, while surfing,

but they also have brick-and-mortar retail stores,

including this one, in East Hampton, NY:

Here’s a description of Lexington Co.,

that I found on the Curbed Hamptons website:

NEW STORE ALERT—Lexington Company, the Swedish-based lifestyle brand (considered by some “the Ralph Lauren of Europe”) has opened the doors to its first store in the United States.  Located at 73 Main Street in East Hampton, the boutique offers their “nautically-themed, American heritage inspired” items in all the relevent summertime categories—womenswear, menswear, and kidswear, as well as home goods, especially bed and bath items.  Won’t be making it to the means streets of East Hampton any time soon?  Well, they’ve just launched their US website so you can still check ’em out. [Curbed Hamptons Inbox]

Do ya think there’s a Ralph Lauren influence?  I guess so!

Especially “old-school” Ralph — my favorite!

Is it wrong?

Well, take a look.  Who do you think is my inspiration for my biz?


RedBird retail, circa 2012!


RedBird Vintage Home tote
sewn from a recycled Army tent
Circa 2012!

Please.  Look at the design I stenciled onto a primitive, old stool.

chair -- RB dairy milk stool

RB for RedBird?
Yes, it’s my shout-out to RL for Ralph Lauren!

Look!  My hand-stenciled RedBird Vintage Home pillow:


That hand-stenciled Frenchie stripe is pretty RL-esque,
+ I couldn’t love the side button closures MORE!

Vintage buttons closures.

I always use vintage buttons.

* * * *

But I digress, a little.  Back to Lexington Co.

Here’s their store in the Stockholm, Sweden airport:

From their website:

lexington co. holiday dining room

While this dining room is far busier, stuff-wise . . .

its crisp, white walls

with all the reds + dark blues

reminds me a little of Karin Blake’s folk art-filled kitchen:

karin blake's malibu kitchen with red sashes #1

. . . about which I blogged just a couple days ago


* * * *

More Lexington Co. dining rooms:

lexington co. holiday dining room #2

lexington blue dining room

Fabulous ‘merch’ I’d love to have:

lextington co. wool throwWool throws @ $175.oo

lexington co. wool throw - white with blue + redLike RL, their prices are more “spendy” than those at IKEA.

lexington co. blue striped blanket $303

Striped herringbone bead spread $303

lexington red pillowcase

Somebody else is rocking the side closure buttons!

The king-size checked duvet set in this holiday checked fabric

was originally $484.00,

but it is on sale on the amara.com website for half off, @ $242.00:

lexington co. red poplin check bedding


* * * *

So, that was kind of fun, wasn’t it?

What are your thoughts about “the Ralph Lauren of Europe”?

Are you — like me –still a fan

of the old-school Americana/New England RL?

Are you tempted to order something from Lexington Co.?

You might as well have a look-see at their fabulous website:




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