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Ralph Lauren’s Gas Stations

Just a few days ago,

Chloe the Dachshund + I enjoyed a walk in our city’s charming downtown,

where I imagined having my own retail store/home above.


My last possible store candidate

was this former gas station-turned-repair-garage:


So.  I hear what you’re saying.

You’re crazy!  What a dump!

That would be the worst possible building to re-do into a retail shop!

Or is it?

Check out this awesome Exhibit A:

ralph lauren gas station


It’s my retail idol, Ralph Lauren,

+ this is his epic gas station makeover in sunny southern California.

My pal, James, shared this photo with me.

You must read his blog, + here’s just one reason why:

You’re welcome, by the way.

But back to  my gas station hopes + dreams.

There’s even more (from Ralph Lauren)!  Exhibit B:

Let’s have a closer look-see, shall we?

ralph gas station store doors up

Please notice that the garage doors were saved

+ that they are flung open during biz hours!

When our biz hours occur after dark,

as they would for Girls Night Out or Cruise Night, we have this:

ralph gas station store at night

Admit it.  You’re feeling it, too — am I right?

Funny how a bit of online sleuthing can be so inspirational!

Speaking of which, there’s more!

This garage makeover is in Nashville, TN:

imogene and willie neon sign and gable

I KNOW!!!  It looks like it’s awesome!

I’ll share more tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Hanging Artwork Paralysis

Although we’ve happily lived in our Dutch colonial since October,

our poor walls remain bare!

All except this one, behind our headboard:


That wonderful flag is from my Grandpa’s funeral.

He served as a veterinarian’s assistant in France during WWI.

Did you see the movie War Horse?

war horse

Yes, there were horses serving in the military during WWI,

+ I suppose it was Grandpa’s job to help keep them healthy.

Isn’t that interesting?


If only I had found it so interesting back then, when he was still alive!

Dumb kid!

But back to today.

A flag on the wall, no matter how much it’s cherished, is a bit odd, no?

Maybe not!

Here are some Pinterest photos that inspired me:

Pretty cool!

But wait.

I’ve changed my mind, as one does,

+ I now wish to take down the flag + hang something else!

surprised boy.


This no doubt explains my artwork paralysis — I  do change my mind a lot.

This time, I blame it on my new obsession with pastels,

which is also reflected in my “merch”, as I call it:

I don’t talk about my biz that much in this blog.

It’s called RedBird (shout-out for my favorite baseball team)

redbird logo

It has me sewing, painting + slipcovering all sorts of things;

I call my style rustic cottage + sell in vintage markets.

The shows are a tons of fun but also a lot of work!

I am not as young as I used to be, but then, who is?

Just yesterday, I was here from from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.:


 I was so tired that when I got back home around 4 bells,

I was out like a light before 5 + slept right through the night!


Anyway, next market is in 2 weeks, so I’d best stop typing.

I think I’ll sew a slipcover this afternoon!

RedBird Retail, The Sequel!


I am beyond pleased that my fabulous BFF, Stacey,

asked me to join her equally fab, new antiques shop venture,


true north flyer

Who wants to like us on Facebook?  Thank you!


Here we are at our recent West Elm shindig pop-up shop:

west elm shindig -- my booth

And now, here’s the before pic of the new antiques store:

true north before

And now, here’s the awesome TRUE NORTH after!

(If you look closely, you can tell which space is mine:)

true north after

Yesh, of course, it’s the one with the RedBird sandwich board!

I have a $150 price tag on it for now.

Everything’s for sale, so this can be yours for ‘only’ $150! Any takers?

As per usual, G.O. helped me set up my space.

Just look!  There he is now!


Okay, so it would be a stretch to say that my new ‘project’ has him this happy,

but I do think that he’s having a good time.

Here’s one tall, handsome reason why:


It’s Stacey’s fabulous husband, Erik

a.k.a. “E.O.” 

(I’m so not kidding — that is his nickname!)

G.O. + E.O. are the 2 halves of a super swell bromance,

so it’s win win for Stacey + Kay!

 * * *

But I digress.

Back to my new shop:

In progress!

In progress!


Ready for opening day!

Speaking of opening day, I sold not 1 but 2 large pieces of furniture!


I’ll post more pics later; ’tis time for me to stencil something.

Don’t forget!  https://www.facebook.com/shoptruenorth


MADE — My Gallery In Jackson Hole, WY

MADE 2-2013

MADE — My Gallery In Jackson Hole, WY

I have an online etsy shop called RedBird Vintage Home (same as this blog), and this  gallery has sold my pillows for several years.  My Jackson Hole/U.S. Map pillows sell like hotcakes! Here’s one inside the gallery! Jackson Hole was profiled in the January issue of Chicago magazine, + several of my pillows made the cut. Check it out!





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