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Yesterday we went to IKEA + scored some amazing bargains for our kitchen.

You’ll just have to take my word for it, though,

because just like “ALL the professional bloggers”,

I left my camera at home.

surprised boy

Oh, dear.  Let’s try to move on.

Check this out:

IKEA white fridge

NUTID S23 White counter depth refrigerator

Regular: $1,899.00 / Clearance: $699

IKEA fridge -- interior

WHOA!!!  I know!!!  I still can’t believe it!!!

1. A mere $699 . . . AND . . . 2. counter depth . . . AND . . . 

. . . 3. the Kay-coveted WHITE!!!!???

Plus, 4. it does not say IKEA on it,

+ 5. it does have the acceptable (stainless) handles —

not those cheapie-looking white plastic ones.

I’ve got my standards.

“But why white?” you ask?

Stainless is what we have now, but I wanted to be different.

If you really must know, here’s why I went over to the white side:

sarah richardson

Yesh, that’s my designer lady crush, Sarah Richardson,

.who, in one of her most recent projects,

 chose white kitchen appliances.

cat fight

Sadly, I am not Sarah,

nor is G.O. anything like Tommy (Sarah’s main gay):


LOVE him!

Nope.  G.O. nixed the idea of the white appliances!

The humanity!

 I’m kind of glad that I forgot the camera,

because the Bickersons in the IKEA kitchen department

wasn’t such a pretty picture, after all.

* * * *

He protested, as he does, + I just listened stared at him.

I then marched over to Mr. IKEA Man

+ asked if, at that price,

the (3 remaining) white refrigerators would be soon be gone.

When he said “today”, that was that — for me, anyway.



G.O. color-shamed me,

right there in front of Mr. IKEA Man! —

 saying that “everybody on HGTV wants stainless + granite!!!”

I, of course, was mortified + refused to engage.

At this moment, however, Mr. IKEA Man,

who’s probably heard it all, at least a bazillion times,

brightly offered this patented conflict diffuser:

“I always tell people that, if they want white,

they should get white!”

IKEA white fridge

I couldn’t agree more . . .

. . . aaaaaand they’re delivering our white refrigerator tomorrow.

Thanks, Mr. IKEA Man.

Oh, + IKEA, too, for offering these at such a deep discount.


Tommy + Sarah

My all-time favorite HGTV personnel is Tommy Smythe, who is the funny + cute sidekick to my HGTV lady crush, Sarah Richardson.   One day, as the two of them were refrigerator shopping, they (mostly Tommy) immediately proceeded to make disparaging remarks about the fridge handles! He even had derogatory nicknames for them, like “the bow + arrow”. OMG! OUR refrigerator has bow + arrow handles! The humanity! Silly me — I didn’t think they were important!

Sarah Richardson Sears Refrigerator

But I digress. Here’s the one they chose — a Kenmore. I forget if there was a nickname for its handles, but at least they weren’t the dreaded bow + arrow! I’m not sure I was listening at this point because I was totally smitten with those GAUGES! I wanted/want that refrigerator for the gauges alone!

Corbin Bernsen

Corbin Bernsen's Kitchen

Meanwhile, the current issue of Country Living magazine landed in my mailbox last week. Oh, look! It’s Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Law) + Amanda Pays’ house in Studio City*, CA! (*Been there, loved it!) I loved their decor style — a mix of rustic modern + industrial with a lot of personal items. You’ll never guess what refrigerator they have! Yesh, it’s the one from Sears — the one with the gauges! Sadly, its price is a little over our budget, at nearly $6 grand. Buzz kill! Speaking of, what would G.O. say if he knew I’d chosen a fridge just because it had gauges?



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