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Today’s big news re: our Dutch colonial project:

our replacement windows are here!

Now, THAT’S photo-worthy!

So where are the snapshots, you ask?

Unfortunately, I have none at this time,

but here’s a look-see at the profile we chose:

window grill -- farmhouse

They’re American Craftsman windows by Andersen

from the Home Depot,  + I blogged about said-same here:


* * * *
Meanwhile, 2 other ginormous projects are nearly complete, as well:
Sadly, I have no photos of said-same, because I’m sorry.
Plastic pipes are NOT exciting.
SO . . . let’s fast forward to bathroom stuff that is exciting!
Stuff like this:
Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware

I am in the midst of selecting groovies for our 2 downstairs bathrooms —
one full + another 1/2.
I blogged about our full bathroom here:
The coolest thing about it would be this pine cupboard
that we’ll be repurposing into an awesome vanity:
I don’t know about you, but to me,
that’s excitement ON A STICK!
Now, on to the 1/2 bath, or — as I like to call it — the powder room.
We only have space for the smallest of vanities.
By small, I mean 24″ wide.
Here’s what I’ve chosen, from IKEA:
bathroom vanity -- IKEA white
What do you think?
I think it’s plain Jane + Shaker style (right up my alley),
it’s modestly priced, + look at the drawers, people!
bathroom vanity -- IKEA with open drawer
They had me at ticking stripes!
As far as the vanity top is concerned,
those awesome Swedes DO offer something with the vintage style that I covet.
You can see said-same above, or here’s another view:
bathroom vantiy -- IKEA with country top
Nice, no?
I do like the style, but here’s the deal:
it comes with just a single faucet hole,
+ I’m  not the biggest fan of single faucets.
Even so, I forced  myself to search online for them,
 + I found a couple okay ones,
both from Signature Hardware:


Or brushed nickel?

Or brushed nickel?

But let’s face it — I’m trying not to settle for OKAY

for our Dutch colonial (even if our budget is tragically miniscule!)

Here’s what I want, instead:

Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware

Something widespread, please, with cross faucets.



Or metal with small porcelain accents?

Or metal with small porcelain accents?

While I’ve lost track of the # of bathrooms I’ve had over the years

with the porcelain crossi,

these days I am obsessed with the metal with porcelain accents.

They look more expensive.


* * * *

Lastly (is that even a word?), I will be tricking out our IKEA vanity even more

with one of these:

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Yes, people, that’s the highly-coveted Carrera marble

with an under mount porcelain sink.

And speaking of highly coveted, look closely at the edge.

It’s called an ogee, + I couldn’t love anything more!

ogee edge


Talk about making something look more expensive!

We need to head to IKEA + get that vanity, stat,

after which,  measurements will be taken (by G.O., not me),

+ I can furtively order my faucet + marble top!

Stay tuned!

Siding Choices — Done!

When we began our Dutch Colonial re-do,

G.O. insisted we’d save the exterior for last.

Slight buzz kill for me.

Would passersby think we were okay with this naughty white aluminum?

The humanity!


* * * * *

I’m happy to share that there’s been a change of plans.

The roof will be replaced soon (yay!) . . . after which, bring on the siding (yay!)

* * * * *

Time for me to finalize some decisions re: said-same!

Here are a couple inspiration photos,

which I’ve shared a bazillion times:



More of the 2nd story change of siding + color.

I’m totally on board with the white siding for the first story,

with a change of color for the second story gables.

We’ll get to that color choice later . . .

. . . it’s just this morning that I made my choice between these 2 siding options:

Option #1:  5″ straight shake singles

Option #2:  vertical board + batten

* * * * *

Literally, about 5 minutes ago, I decided on the shake shingles!

Sometimes it takes ‘a while’ to choose, when you’re ME!

Just ask anybody G.O.!

But whatever.  It can’t be helped.

* * * * *

Here’s another look-see at my vinyl shingles:

certainteed -- shakes

Whoa — not a fan of that color scheme, people!

So, what did I choose, you ask?

A light or medium gray!

Almost immediately!

Look!  I even colored a photocopy of our house for my perusal:


Obviously, this was when I still desired the red replacement window sashes.

They were over budget, sadly.

No problem, though!  I really dig the white ones we chose:

Here’s our replacement kitchen windows:


Anyway, back to today’s color choice — for our second story gable siding.

Drum roll!  Here ’tis!

I won’t lie . . . I’ve got that buzz one gets when one chooses the perfect thing for one’s project!

We all get that, don’t we?

The down side is that I’m not going to be happy unless we do this . . .

. . . + it’s going to be a splurge.

That stuff’s EXPENSIVE!

Fingers crossed + stay tuned!



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