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Crazy Retail Hopes + Dreams

Come along with Chloe the Dachshund + me

as we walk downtown + fan the fire of “Mommy’s” retail fantasies.


Only a few blocks from our house, we spied this charming garage:


How crazy is it that I’m dreaming of opening my retail store downstairs

+ creating our adorable apartment upstairs?

Okay.  That’s not going to happen.

Let’s view this darling restaurant, which was recently sold + renamed:


Perhaps we should have purchased said restaurant for my work/live dream,

as there is already an apartment upstairs.

Okay.  No worries.  Plan B is right next door.

A vacant lot!


Don’t worry, in my head, it’s already been sold — to us —

+ we’re going to build something like this:

allison ramsey store and apartment

Naturally, I’ve already selected my architect,

Allison Ramsey from Beaufort, South Carolina.


So.  While my plans continue to be thwarted,

it’s good to know that someone out there is realizing their new biz dream.

That someone is opening a new restaurant,

+ from the looks of it, someone has excellent taste.

That facade + those lights rule my little world!


Oops.  Sorry about the trash barrel closeup!

But wait.  What’s this, next to the new restaurant space?

It  was home to a toy + hobby store, which seems to have closed.


That’s either going to be one huge restaurant or 

one fantastic location for my new biz!

Meanwhile, there’s this:


It’s the 2 Basset Hounds who, coincidentally,

spend their days in the retail shop of their humans!

Chloe was very excited + insisted that we have a meet + greet.

Sorry Chloe.  Maybe next time.

Speaking of which,

next time I’ll share yet another retail hope + dream,

involving none other than my retail idol, Ralph Lauren.

And this:


Stay tuned!

Little Goat Diner In Chicago

Top Chef's Stephanie Izard's newest Chicago restaurant.

Top Chef’s Stephanie Izard’s newest Chicago restaurant.

It’s fun to be me, especially when I visit my friend, Alan, in Chicago.

This past weekend we watched the Oscars at his house, + Monday a.m. he took me to the awesome Little Goat Diner.

This cool place (2012) is owned by Stephanie Izard, winner of the 4th season of Bravo’s Top Chef.

Her other, very popular restaurant, The Girl + The Goat (2010), is just across the street. Alan says there’s a 2-month wait for reservations!

Stephanie Izard’s goal for this restaurant was to create a true, East coast-style diner. The space is a feast for the eyes, design-wise — it’s a mix of retro, industrial + modern.

All the above photos are from www.yelp.com. I took these next 3. Am I the only person who snaps pictures of restaurant bathrooms?

I suppose I should MENTION the food, no?  It was delicious!  Alan + I shared a reuben.  YUM!

Reuben + groovy plate

Reuben + groovy plate

And now, here’s how to find the Little Goat Diner!
The diner is in the West Loop neighborhood

The diner is in the West Loop neighborhood



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