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My Quest For The Perfect Gray-Green

G.O. is working on the upstairs bathroom,

so I’ve been busy thinking about paint colors, etc.

I was all set to get Glidden’s Prairie Sage (bottom right),

since it was described as a neutral alternative to gray.

paint green of sage

Trust me, we have enough gray walls downstairs.

 I am ready for a change but want to stay neutral-ish.

Besides, green is a thing now.

Anyway, off we drive to Home Depot for a gallon of Glidden Prairie Sage.

Long story short — neither of us liked it.

I thought it looked too bright + too mint.

surprised baby

The minute we got home, I headed to Pinterest,

where I began a furtive search for green-gray paint.

When I saw these being described as matches to

Restoration Hardware paint, my search was officially ovah!

paint green sage

I mean, people.

Everything from Restoration Hardware is exquisite, is it not?

Sadly, it’s almost 5 bells, so I shall have to wait until manana

to drive to our (brand new + local) Sherwin-Williams.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, earlier today I casually suggested we do this

to the bathrooms walls:

board and batten entryway

I mean, how cool!  Plus, isn’t it easy to install?  I hope?

board and batten bathtub

Oops.  I think that’s where I lost him.

cats fighting

Wish me luck with the paint, though.

  I’ll report back — so stay tuned.


Fixer Upper Floats


So.  Here’s my face when I realized the project

on this week’s Fixer Upper was a house boat:


What’s happened to our show??!!


Calm down.  They’ve got this.

Exhibit A:


How could I have doubted these 2?






Looks like Joanna’s chosen to combine black with warm wood tones again,

which she used in their recent modern house project.

Those black boards on the house boat’s exterior were not painted or stained.

Instead, they were literally torched + set on fire,

which is a form of preservative used in Japan.

+ + + + +

The black + tan color story is continued into the house boat’s interior,

where the kitchen cabinets + windows are black:


There’s that beautiful, caramel-colored leather again, in the bar stools,

with yet more warm brown/tan  repeated

in the butcher block counters, accessories + lighting.

Exhibit B:


That black + antique brass sconce

looks like this one from Restoration Hardware:


What are our thoughts re: the window-spanning shelves?


I vote yes + in fact, I toyed with the idea for our own kitchen windows.

I’m pretty sure I’ve pinned a few examples.

Exhibit C:


This Old House

What’s not to love?

They provide tons of storage + nice perches for some pretty houseplants.


Could that small farmhouse sink be cuter?


I don’t think so!  I’d love it!

+ + + + +

There is one bathroom on the lower level.

Its mirror is framed in black, + the shower walls are clad in black tiles:

I’m in love with the double sconce over the sink.

Here’s something similar from Restoration Hardware:


Surprisingly, Restoration Hardware’s lighting can be pretty affordable,

plus, I think there’s a big sale going on.

+ + + + +

Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms,

the first of which is this awesome bunk room

for the homeowner’s 4 young children:


I’m so drawn to the beautiful, warm wood tones.

It’s kind of refreshing to see it being used now,

after so many years of painted everything.

Do we think it’s a trend that will last for a while?

(I do!)  Time will tell!

+ + + + +

There is also a master bedroom on the 2nd story,

+ it sports this beautiful natural wood feature wall:


I think that interior window awnings

are Joanna’s signature accent for this season.

Just to the right of the bed is a pair of beautiful French doors,

leading to a balcony.


So.  What’s next for Fixer Upper?


Not a TRAILER, surely!!??


Wait.  What?


I would totally watch that, wouldn’t you?


Stay tuned!

Restoration Hardware Bath Inspiration

We recently had what I call a GOOD MAIL DAY,

when this stack o’  10 Restoration Hardware catalogs

landed on our front porch:


Yes, that’s right.  TEN!

I shan’t list all of them, but my one of my faves was BATH:


Last March, when my blog was new, I posted this love letter to RH bath ‘stuff’:


* * *

Alas, I can’t afford to spring for anything major

(maybe one of their awesome industrial-style light fixtures?) . . .

. . . but Restoration Hardware provides plenty of inspiration

for tricking out our budget bathrooms!

Speaking of inspiration, look at the hardware on this vanity:

vanity -- RH mercantile with knobs + label slots

How cool is it!?  Very!

Combining the metal label slots with extra-long pulls is genius!

It’s called the Early 20th C. Mercantile vanity . . .

. . . no wonder I love it!

vanity -- RH early 20th C. Mercantile close up

I may try to replicate this look on the drawers of our kitchen cabinets!

Stay tuned!


Here’s hoping that you know about HOUZZ

+ go there often to be inspired, as do I.

There are bazillions of photos on just about any topic.

How do you think I found my inspirations

for the exterior of our Dutch colonial?

Search for 'Dutch colonials' on Houzz + voila!

Search for ‘Dutch colonials’ on Houzz + voila!

Houzz not only provides awesome eye candy — it’s also interactive!

Check it out: http://www.houzz.com/discussions


People write in with their house-related dilemas,

+ we can respond with suggestions + photo ops!

I KNOW!!??  It’s like our dreams came true!


just yesterday I finally joined the party + responded to this mother’s request:

boy room on houzz

My son’s room

I want to decorate my son’s room.

He is 12 years old and wants to decorate to urban/city style.

Please help me.

* * * * * *


My thoughts immediately raced to Restoration Hardware’s website,

which has the most inspirational room galleries, EVER!

IN-cluding these yummy bedrooms for BOYS!

RH boy room with rollnig bed

^^Come ON — how awesome is that rolling bed!?!

RH boy room with RACERH boy room with pipe shelves

^^Totally digging the graphic letters + numbers + industrial-style lighting!

RH boy room with insect artRH boy room with huge M

^^Those metal beds + the huge insect art  — genius!

RH boy room with huge A

I was SO excited to participate + share my love of the Restoration Hardware “with the class”!

I did add a disclaimer that their merch is way too expensive,

but that it’s an excellent inspiration to take to the flea market,

where one can find “the real stuff”  for less $!

rh boy room with AZ

^^I mean, even WE have 2 sets of old, metal lockers

that were purchased for $20-ish each, at the flea market.

* * * * *
But I digress.

Don’t you agree that RH’s cool industrial furniture, lighting + accesories

would be a great fit in an urban/city-inspired boys’ bedroom?

Without having to be 100% literal or — God forbid — a THEME.

RH boy room with Kay lamps


Apparently, not everybody was on board.

In fact, one gal was so against my RH suggestion that she disdainfully rejected said-same!

* * * * * * *

Wow, really folks?

Urban/city style is not a wall mural of a city (not to say they aren’t super cool!),

nor is it restoration hardware or old signs.

* * * * * * *

HA!  What!?!


Gosh, I kind of dislike it when people are snarky + rude + dismissive

+  kill my fun, little online buzz.

 I’ll admit, I was a little tempted to reply in my best 8th grade girl fashion

+ call her a name.


Thankfully, saner heads prevailed, + I opted to act like a grown up

by making fun of her on my blog!  😉

Have a swell rest of the day, + see you on HOUZZ!

My Restoration Hardware Bathroom Dreams

Dutch Colonial before.

Dutch Colonial before.

Don’t you love this sad, little Dutch Colonial foreclosure?  We did + made an offer that was accepted!  HOO-RAY!  A project!  We’re about 98% sure we’ll get it . . .

. . . which is sure enough for a very-excited  ME to immediately zoom to the Restoration Hardware website in search of all our bathroom needs!

I especially love their Shop By Rooms feature + trust me, so would you.  So inspirational!  So vintage!  So charming!  So expensive!

I love this stainless steel cabinet . . .

. . . but I prefer this white Pharmacy version:

White pharmacy bath cabinet.

Special (sale) price: $715!

So, here’s  one of my favorite Restoration Hardware bathrooms.  This would be totally period appropriate for our house, + we all know how important that is!  Notice they’ve used the Pharmacy cabinet that I’ve chosen!

Park pedestal sinks.

Park pedestal sinks — special (sale) price $595.

extension mirror

A little “spendy” at $265. IKEA has them for less than $20.

And now, for my 1st favorite RH bathroom. It’s so classic + would look great in our Dutch Colonial!

Love it!

I love everything! Those shutters are beyond gorgeous!

Shaker style vanity, marble top, vintage-style medicine cabs.

Shaker style vanity w. marble top — special (sale) price $2395, vintage-style medicine cabs — special (sale) price $199 – $269.

More pendant-over-sink light fixtures.

They’ve used the pendants over the sinks here — thumbs up from me! I’m a fan of white milk glass + Edison bulbs. $119

Scrumptuous soaking tub, great wainscoting detail.

Thumbs up for the soaker tub + hand held shower — $4995! Excellent wainscoting detail + (my favorite) pale blue walls.

Something industrial for over the tub?  Yes, please!

Something industrial for over the tub? Yes, please!

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? But let’s have a reality check.  The merch is really cool + uber vintage-style, but you can buy the genuine (antique) article for a lot less!  You can also find other reproductions at much less!  I’ve been inspired, + now the hunt begins!



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