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Garden Shed Blues


Now that our garage is nearly completed . . .

. . . my thoughts are turning to really IMPORTANT things like this:

dachshund weathervane

East Coast Weathervanes

. . . because of this adorableness:


I’m not sure if I’ll spring for the Dachshund weathervane,

but wouldn’t it be cool if I did?

* * * * *

Meanwhile, back to the less superficial portion of our project . . .

. . . today our humble garden shed finally gets its roof:


B e f o r e

In Progress

In Progress

Yes, I paid nearly $20 on sample paint pots from Benjamin Moore.

No, I didn’t like any of them.

Fear not, though!

One can find color inspiration on Pinterest.

I recommend doing said-same!

ben moore blue living in color with sonu typepad com


If you’re me — type “blue** paint colors” in the search + voila.

That’s how I discovered the fabulous Benjamin Moore, Santorini blue:


One quick trip to our Benjamin Moore paint store later,

+ I have these ^^ swatches.

(**Disclaimer: I have to have a blue garden shed

because of my fondness for any blue flower.  It’s my scheme.

There’s a post for another day!)

* * * * * *

I’m undecided about WHICH Benjamin Moore blue I’ll chose . . .

In Progress


. . . but I do know that those plain Jane plywood doors MUST be tricked out!

I dig the diagonal bead board detail on these vintage garage doors:


I think I’ll push for something like this, though:



Fingers crossed I get to paint tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

Top 2 Reasons G.O. Bought Our House

Please view the 2 reasons G.O. agreed to buy our Dutch colonial foreclosure:



It’s homely, strangely short + not that ginormous . . .

. . . which, sadly, kind of describes ME!

Va va va voom!

Va va va voom!

HA! — but I “keed”!

And I digress.


This garden shed's on the huge side, meaning thumbs up from G.O.

This garden shed’s on the huge side, meaning thumbs up from G.O.

(For a starter, that can crusher’s gotta go.)

Any-hoo, if you ask me, these forelorn structures should thank their lucky stars

we arrived, just in time to give them both their facelifts.

I’ve already described my hopes + dreams for that garage,

which is now sporting its new  + muy bueno charcoal gray roof.


And soon(er) than G.O. would like, my roof spire:

Can we please do this TO-day?  She asks.

Can we please do this TO-day? She asks.

He said something about it being “low on (his) priority list.


It’s at the top of mine!

(Stay tuned.)

Now, to the shed.  It will soon have a colonial red steel roof.

Hello, gorgeous!

Hello, gorgeous!

Despite this ^^ colorful choice ^^

GO has been complaining about my ‘drab’ exterior color scheme.

Perhaps this is one reason why:

The darkest of dark charcoal gray!

The darkest of dark charcoal gray!

It’s ^^ my color inspiration for the shed ^^ — something of the dark gray persuasion . . .

. . . in my favorite — the solid color stain.

Raven, please

Raven, please

But wait!  There’s more!

Those plain Jane plywood doors aren’t going to stay that way,

not when I’m around.


Here is my garage door inspiration, just down the street:


It’s hard to see, but there’s diagonal bead board here, people!

Consider it done! — on our shed’s plywood cheapies — + hopefully, soon!

Our Garage Gets Its Makeover

Today our garage gets a new roof!

G.O. spent the past several days prepping things . . .


. . . with new wood replacing rotten wood + nailing down roof paper.

We’ll be siding the house with Sterling gray on the 1st story,

with a darker Flagstone gray on the 2nd story gables,

similar to this house:

Speaking of inspirations,  this is our  garage's . . .

Speaking of inspirations,
this^^ is our
garage’s . . .

. . . + we've chosen board + batten  (in white)  from Certainteed.

. . . + we’ve chosen board + batten
(in white)
from Certainteed.

I worried about vinyl board + batten’s looking + feeling cheapie

or screaming “PLASTIC!”, God forbid.

We investigated at our local build-o-rama,

+ it was really heavy and “real-looking”!

SO, while G.O. was busy working on our roof . . .

SO, while G.O. was busy working on our roof . . .

. . .  I kept MY nose to the house grindstone, here at home,

shopping online for garage light fixtures!

Here’s my absolute favorite:

$169.91  Budapest Lampsplus


I know! — hubba hubba, right?

But that price!  We’re going to need 4 of them,

+ sadly, 4 x $169.91 is a tad over our garage lighting budget!

My quest, then, is to find something equally groovy

but at a lower price point.

Galvanized, check! $30 each from Home Depot

Galvanized, check!
$30 each
from Home Depot

I really do like this ^^ one.  It’s a plain Jane lantern,

which is right up my lighting alley.

It’s got the rustic galvanized metal, which I love.

My thoughts are to ramp up its awesome-ness

by springing for Edison light bulbs — LOVE!

$15 Schoolhouse Electric Co.

Schoolhouse Electric Co.

Quick: somebody multiply $15 bulbs x 4 light fixtures!

 J/K! — that’s why God gave us calculators!

Anyway, back to the light fixture choicee:

here’s something that’s more similar, in style, to my favorite, too-spendy light:

Hampton Bay  outdoor cottage lantern $29 from Home Depot

Hampton Bay
outdoor cottage lantern
$29 from Home Depot

What say ye?  I think it’s almost as cool as its $169.91 inspiration,

but I’m a little leary of the shiny nickel finish.

I prefer the more rustic galvanized metal of the other 2 finalists:

But wait!

Surely we could do something to tone down the nickel finish sheen, no?

As luck would have it, one of my favorite bloggers

— the guys from The Cavender Diary —

just posted about their own metal do-over project!



Something about spritzing with bleach.  Read for yourself:


? ? ?

I guess this means I need to investigate adding patina to the pesky shiny metal.

Then it’s time for me to make up my mind, already,

+ place an online order!

Is anyone going to help me by choosing between substitute #1 and #2?



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