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Vintage Corbel Snafu

Yesterday I bought a pair of antique corbels,

hoping to use them at the corners of the opening

between our kitchen + dining room.

Like here:

corbel doorway this old house

This Old House

And Like my idol, Sarah Richardson . . .

sarah richardson

. . . used in her family’s farmhouse:

corbel doorway -- sarah richardson

Look at all those prints, playing so nicely together!

That’s so Sarah Richardson!

But back to me.

 Here you can see our doorway where I hoped to add corbels:


But wait.

It’s kind of hard to see in this photo,

but the cabinet at the right corner is too high on the wall.

There’s no room for the corbel!


F A I L !

surprised boy

The humanity!

Of course, I could always sell my corbels in my retail space.

I will probably do just that, but not before I explore my other options,

or as I like to call it — punting!


Once again, Sarah Richardson serves as my inspiration.

She really likes to use vintage corbels in her designs.

Here are not 1 but 2 pairs,

in the kitchen of that same farmhouse we saw previously:

corbel under range hood -- sarah #2

At the left are painted yellow ones holding a shelf,

+ at right, some white ones are incorporated into the range hood.

corbel under range hood -- sarah richardson

Hey!   I thought.  We’ve not finalized our kitchen’s range hood!

Could that possibly be Plan B for my corbels?

Well, here I am, holding one in place:



Frankly, I am smitten.

They’re certainly beautiful + quite old (1890’s, I was told),

+ I have been trying to add some “age” to our kitchen!

Since I’m not the only person in our household who gets a vote,

we’ll have to wait to see what happens.

As always, stay tuned!

Hudson’s Bay Blanket Love

When one is me, one never knows when design inspiration will strike.

This week, I was struck on Facebook — not once but twice.

First up was my Canadian BFF, Sarah Richardson . . .

sarah richardson

. . . who shared that this winter’s Canadian Sochi Olympics team

was being outfitted by the Hudson’s Bay Company!

Check it out . . . you can even buy your own Olympics wool duffle coat:

Regularly $275,
now on sale for a mere $199

* * * *

Speaking of coats — also on Facebook last week,

one of my favorite vintage shops

Betty’s in Morris, Illinois

posted she had this vintage Hudson’s Bay jacket!


Now, there’s your iconic, striped Hudson’s Bay blanket,

the one with which we’re all familiar, am I right?



* * * *

I remember having recently seen these towels from Pendleton:

Only they don’t call them “Hudson’s Bay” towels;

on Pendleton’s website they’re Glacier National Park towels!

* * * *

Quickly,  my mind raced back to a photo

I’d seen in Country Living magazine,

in which a pair of Hudson’s Bay blankets were hung as drapes:

hudson bay curtains sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net

Hubba hubba!

* * * *

And soon, I was off on an online trip

to find yet more Hudson’s Bay inspiration!

The treasure trove of all things Hudson’s Bay can be found

in the Hudson Bay Collection, here:


People.  Hudson’s Bay bedding?!   Yesh, please!

striped flannel sheets

If my budget was just a tad larger than it currently is

I’d get myself this awesomeness:



Or, for a lot less, how about a stylish umbrella that no one else will have?



I could order a hipster travel mug for G.O.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart?

striped travel mug

Or I could just order a pair of these mugs:

Only $7 each

Only $7 each

And for our doggies:

Regularly $45 Clearance $31.50 http://www.thebay.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/thebay

Regularly $45
Clearance $31.50

Somebody pass me my credit card!

* * * *

But wait!

There’s lots more online Hudson’s Bay merch!.

For babies!

FarmFreshBaby hats etsy.com

OMG — you have got to head to this shop
+ see all the adorable-ness!

baabaabaxsheep on etsy

Please. If you love north woods ANY-thing, you must check out this shop!

* * * *

For the wackiest of Hudson’s Bay apparel . . .

. . . there’s even footwear!

$120 Jack Purcell for Converse www.thebay.com

Jack Purcell for Converse

Hudson's Bay booties anthropologie.com

Hudson’s Bay booties

Disclaimer:  these shoes have been out for a while;

the sizes are very limited for the Converses.

* * * *

This adorableness wins the prize

for most unusual Hudson’s Bay merch:

A wacky pin cushion!

I love it!

* * * *

In my opinion,

for the pinnacle of Hudson’s Bay merch,

one must head to Pinterest + search for

Hudson’s Bay blanket upholstery projects!

Hudson's Bay Thonet Chair by modernhause on etsy

Hudson’s Bay Thonet Chair
Mid-century modern your thing? Check out this shop on etsy:

Source unkown

Source unkown

Yes, you can even buy pillows from Hudson’s Bay blankets . . .

. . . but now I’m pondering how I might incorporate their iconic stripes

into some pillow projects of my own!

Stay tuned!

My Sarah Richardson-Wannabe IKEA Kitchen

Sarah Richardson's tricked-out IKEA kitchen . . .

Sarah Richardson’s tricked-out IKEA kitchen . . .

... + my attempt at a Sarah-style IKEA kitchen.

… + my attempt at a Sarah-style IKEA kitchen, using Ballard Designs shelves + lots of “stuff”.

One of my design icons is Sarah Richardson, + my favorite project of hers is definitely the farmhouse she re-did for her own family. It’s so cool that she uses IKEA kitchen cabs + even cooler that she tricks them out the way she does.

She always paints them + often incorporates salvaged corbels into her design (see also: range hood + open shelves.)

As you can see, we used IKEA cabinets when we re-did. We chose these ADEL cabs because both the color + simple Shaker doors were such a great match to our bungalow’s originalwoodwork.

I tried to trick out our IKEA kitchen like Sarah — really, I did. That stainless hood, the glass uppers + all that tile might not look like so much, but — believe it or not — I had to fight for them!

Speaking of which, there’s been a recent skirmish, + our subway tiles will soon be sporting a more vintage dark gray grout! Change is good!

It took some persuading, but G.O. is on board with the darker grout!  I think it makes it look more vintage.

It took some persuading, but G.O. is on board with the darker grout! I think it makes it look more vintage.



Tommy + Sarah

My all-time favorite HGTV personnel is Tommy Smythe, who is the funny + cute sidekick to my HGTV lady crush, Sarah Richardson.   One day, as the two of them were refrigerator shopping, they (mostly Tommy) immediately proceeded to make disparaging remarks about the fridge handles! He even had derogatory nicknames for them, like “the bow + arrow”. OMG! OUR refrigerator has bow + arrow handles! The humanity! Silly me — I didn’t think they were important!

Sarah Richardson Sears Refrigerator

But I digress. Here’s the one they chose — a Kenmore. I forget if there was a nickname for its handles, but at least they weren’t the dreaded bow + arrow! I’m not sure I was listening at this point because I was totally smitten with those GAUGES! I wanted/want that refrigerator for the gauges alone!

Corbin Bernsen

Corbin Bernsen's Kitchen

Meanwhile, the current issue of Country Living magazine landed in my mailbox last week. Oh, look! It’s Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Law) + Amanda Pays’ house in Studio City*, CA! (*Been there, loved it!) I loved their decor style — a mix of rustic modern + industrial with a lot of personal items. You’ll never guess what refrigerator they have! Yesh, it’s the one from Sears — the one with the gauges! Sadly, its price is a little over our budget, at nearly $6 grand. Buzz kill! Speaking of, what would G.O. say if he knew I’d chosen a fridge just because it had gauges?



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