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That Time We Almost Had A Green House

It’s official.

I am somewhat obsessed with green now.

You may recall my Pinspiration greens from Sherwin-Williams.

I recently blogged about painting our upstairs bath sage green.

paint green sage

We chose Unusual Gray (at the bottom) for the walls,

with a ceiling of 50% Contented (second from top).

Our bathroom, very much in its “during” stage:

My green obsession has me plotting to use a lot of sage green upstairs,

so stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, I now have just a wee bit of color remorse

re: the exterior siding of our Dutch colonial.

surprised baby.jpg

How’s that possible?  I’m asking myself,

when I truly love the white + gray + black scheme that’s out there now?



I was perusing some older blog posts the other day,

when I came across some siding choices from 5 years ago.

As one does, I’d placed some color samples on the house

for what I call “the admire”,

which is what I do when I am trying to decide ANY-thing.

Notice that there are 2 gray siding samples at left + 1 green sample at right.

siding of green long view

Even 5 years before my green obsession developed,

I was seriously considering green siding!

Too late now, of course, but for fun, here’s a close up of the green:

siding of green close up

I forget the name of the siding company,  but we bought it from Menards.


Shall we look at some green houses + wonder “what if”?

siding of green craftsman

Found on Pinterest — source unknown

Check out the stunning details on this next beautiful home!

The Adirondack chair + container of blue hydrangeas are so “me”!

siding of green with white adirondack

Domino magazine — I must subscribe!

And, saving the best for last, this cottage charmer.

Looks like they used the same colors as we did in our bathroom!

Extra points for painting the front door + the window sashes

with the same (beautiful) darker color!

Disclaimer: I would totally fall on those steps!

siding of green round arch door

Found on Pinterest — source unknown

I still love our white house with the gray gables, though.

I think it’s timeless, + the white first story + contrasting color second story

is definitely a “thing” when it comes to Dutch colonials.



What’s more fun than looking at houses on realtor.com?


I’ve been looking this a.m. + now wish to share 3 houses I like.

Every single show on HGTV features 3 houses per episode, after all,

+ if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for my blog!

Let’s get started!




2 bd, 2 ba — $163.500

This house has kind of an odd, designed-by-owner exterior,

which usually results in my shaming of the homeowners during the drive-by.

 Funny thing, though.  I like this!house-woodsy-front

That overhang at the front door is appealing,

+ I will soon replace the shingles with standing seam metal roofing.

Now, then.  Look at the charming walk way on the wooded, 1 acre property!


Inside there is kind of a Hansel + Gretel vibe that I’m loving:


That room had me at exposed stone or brick + a fireplace.

Look at that sweet stool!  Where is Miss Muffet?!?

 (Calm down.  It probably doesn’t come with the house, but still.)

The kitchen doesn’t have a ton of cabinets, but it’s all so very charming.


And please.  Built-in bookcases with window seats?

Yes!  I would buy a house for those!





3 bd 1+ ba — $178.500

I am head-over-heels in love with that sunny, south-facing front porch,

but am not feeling the love for the bad siding.


Bad siding just means I get to choose something more fun + appropriate.

Important disclaimer:

I would buy this or any other house that has this sort of eat-in nook:


Those original kitchen cabs would stay + get a new paint job.

Notice, please, that the stacked uppers are very appealing + very now.

The scalloped trim at the window would have to go, though.


 I actually like the vintage-style, linoleum back splash

+ counter with the metal edge.

I would keep the design but do it in red or gray, instead.

  • – – – – –




This house is on the street that runs parallel to the river flowing past our town,

so I am guessing that the views from inside are pretty spectacular.


Meanwhile, I really love the following exterior features:

those dormers, that cute front bump-out, + the bay window on the side!

I’m strangely on the fence about this pair of cupboards in the dining room, though:


But what am I saying?

 They are obviously original to the house + are oozing with charm.


  • This concludes my first real estate blog post.

Thanks for viewing!

If you want a link to any of the houses, let me know.

Too Bizzy To Blog; Here’s Why


Man, I’ve missed blogging, but here’s why I’ve been absent.

I’ve been bizzily making “stuff” like this,

using old wood salvaged from our Dutch colonial!


It’s reversible!  2 X’s the fun!

It’s also currently for sale in my brick-and-mortar space, or store:


I call my biz REDBIRD Vintage Home,

+ I really couldn’t love anything more.

I share my space with 12 other vendors in this new-ish cool store:

 true north flyer

true north -- amy's toucan true north -- front interior true north exterior

Let’s have another look-see at REDBIRD.

Here I am, at left, inside my space,

 with 2 of my high school classmates who visited last week!

Guess the name of our high school.


Kay – Janet – Kathy

I’ve been making + selling pillows for several years.

I have an etsy shop for them, plus 2 galleries sell them for me —

1 in Jackson Hole, WY + 1 in Los Angeles.

Lately, I’ve focused more on signs + furniture + other “stuff”.

By “other stuff”, I mean measuring sticks.

Here is a close-up of a couple:


Wow, all that old chippy paint — I love it!

I like to think of these as the world’s hippest growth charts

or just a cool, industrial accent.

* * *

My plans are to combine my work

with other “merch” that I order for the store,

like these glove molds from NYC:


. . . and this fabulous-ness from New Hampshire:

IMG_4414(1) IMG_4416(1)

Meanwhile, it’s time to view a few more of my projects!

I love the word “HOME” + opted to stencil it on this old, wooden step ladder:



Next up, I stenciled a faded Frenchie stripe on some off-white canvas,

+ G.O. used it to reupholster this old, red metal mechanic’s stool:


$34 — SOLD!

This cute table was tricked out in a Swedish kind of way:


Check out how I lined those drawers.

It’s old Mary Emmerling wallpaper from a recent past bathroom of ours!



A pub table turned a little British with its stylized Union Jack top:


. . . and a couple more vintage items received their RedBird crosses:

IMG_4273(1) IMG_4402(1)

* * *

So.  What’s going on over at the Dutch colonial? — you ask?



Next up (soon!): tricking out THAT PORCH!

Stay tuned!


1st Story Siding Is Up + Running!

Progress at the Dutch colonial!

Its first story is now sporting white clapboard siding!


We chose 3″ white clapboards, as that was original to the house.

Disclaimer: I say “we” chose white, but it was my idea.

G.O. was not on board at first,

nor has he completely been won over — YET.

cat fight

I’m sorry, but this makes me smirk!

In fact, on more than one occasion,

when chit chatting with passersby,

G.O. has remarked, “That’s a LOT of white, isn’t it?”



Thankfully, everybody’s been pretty gung-ho about “all that white”, so far.

On Saturday afternoon, I over heard a guy-neighbor saying to G.O.,

It looks like an old farmhouse!”

Um.  YAY.

That’s what I had in mind!

* * *

Anyway, speaking of “old farmhouse”, I chose to further evoke that look

with a siding change for our house’s back entry.


I’m guessing this structure is not original to the house,

which prompted the switch out.

I want our house to look as if it evolved over time.


* * *

I can’t WAIT to get a light fixture hung over the door.

This morning, I’ll grab my credit card + order this  from Home Depot:

lighting -- kitchen over sink gilded iron

I think it goes with my “old farmhouse” vibe,

+ that black is really going to pop against “all the white”!

We/meaning I chose black for the garage doors . . .


cat fight

Couldn’t resist. 🙂

. . . so our back entry door

will soon be sporting some black paint of its own:


Stay tuned!

Wrapping The House

After waiting months upon months

+ living with our poor Dutch colonial

 in its so-sad Haunted House mode . . .


. . . there’s finally progress being made to its exterior!

See for yourself:


It’s being wrapped before it gets sided.

First up, the pink layer.

According to G.O., the pink stuff is

1/4″ fan fold insulation.


In addition to its insulating properties,

the pink stuff also provides

a nice, flat surface for the installation of the siding.

Next up, house wrap:



It serves as a vapor barrier,

+ also gives one the idea of how awesome our house will look!

Remember, here’s my inspiration:

dutch colonial exterior gray + whitedutch colonial darker upper story

White siding downstairs + pale gray upstairs.

G.O. is very happy about this, as am I.

The siding’s been ordered, so it won’t be long now!

Stay tuned!


For those keeping score at home,

we are now in Year 2 of our Dutch colonial project.

There has been a flurry of activity inside, involving a lot of drywall.

While that’s a lot of hard work + great progress,

sadly, it’s just not that photogenic.

* * *
Recently, our attention has turned to our exterior, at long last.

Here’s what she looks like now:


We just got a bid on wrapping + siding the house,

+ I couldn’t be more pleased.

* * *

This means that I’ve been pondering exterior colors,

which is pretty much fun on a stick!

I love Dutch colonials with light first stories + dark uppers, like here:

dutch colonial darker upper story


and here:

dutch colonial with gray shingle 2nd story


I am really drawn to white with gray.

This isn’t a Dutch colonial, but it’s the same idea, + I love it.

white + gray hacienda

* * *

Meanwhile, even though I’m 95% sure I want white with gray,

once in a while I entertain the idea of something else, like this:

Country Living magazine

Country Living magazine

I love red houses!


But I dunno . . . red’s a major commitment I don’t think I can make.

I fear that our Dutch colonial’s barn-like shape with RED would be a cliché.

* * *

Maybe it’s because it’s finally spring here,

+ this year, I’m seeing pastel colors just about everywhere . . .

. . . + I’ve always loved pale yellow houses, like here:

Country Living magazine

Country Living magazine

How could you not be in a good mood, as cheerful as this is?

Same here:



It certainly looks great paired with white!

I love the white vertical siding + dovecote (faux birdhouse in the gable)!

Oh, well, I don’t have to decide TO-day, but soon.

Stay tuned!



Windows, Siding + Foundation Musings

After we waited for weeks-on-end,

our replacement windows finally arrived at Home Depot last week!

We chose American Craftsman windows from Andersen.

We considered this grill configuration:

window grill -- farmhouse with 2 stripes

But we decided upon this simpler ‘Farmhouse’ grill, instead:

window grill -- farmhouse

We sprung for grills which rest outside the glass,

hoping it would make the windows look more original.


Here’s our kitchen window,

which was switched from its original single self

to a pair, side-by-side:


That item on the roof is a solar tube

for adding light to the kitchen below.

Next up, one of 2 large bays in our house.

This one is in the dining room,

which is next to the kitchen.


The front bay which is in our living room:


I know this is premature,

but for both bays, I would love to have old-school shutters

on the lower sashes, like here:

kitchen window #4

You don’t see these all that much, but I still love them!

I think they look good from both inside + out.

$ $ $ $  Stay tuned, though.  $ $ $ $

* * * *

Meanwhile, while the windows are fab,

the rest of the house is still looking pretty hiddy.

After foam, bats + blown-in insulation,

they’ll wrap the house before winter.

I can’t wait until spring, so we can add siding!


I’m still undecided on what color, although gray is my fave.

And seriously, wouldn’t gray siding complement

the colors of that groovy stone foundation of ours?


What's prettier than a Dutch colonial done right?

I’m a fan of shingle siding on a Dutch colonial:

certainteed -- granite gray shakes


It’s more spendy than clapboard,

but  maybe we could do just the second story gables, like here:



dutch colonial darker upper story

Hurry, spring — am I right?

Green v.s. Gray + Some Dachshunds

Yesterdee’s (St. Louisspeak for “yesterday”) weather was beyond glorious . . .

. . . so Chloe the Dachshund + I seized the opportunity

for a bike ride around town!

chloe in bike basket

Chloe is a large-ish, standard-size Dachshund,

while her predecessor, Susie, was a smaller mini.

When Chloe wouldn’t fit inside the late, great Susie’s handlebar basket . . .

. . . I searched + searched + found her this vintage awesomeness

at the antiques mall!

* * * *

Shall we take a moment to view a few photos of Susie?

A very youthful Susie + her friend, Max, in my old apartment above my old retail store!  C. early 90's.

A very young Susie with her friend, Max,
in the apartment I built above my old store!
Loving the pine floors!
Circa early 90’s.

Susie being Susie,  digging for moles. Look!  It's my old "ride" --  a dorky Dodge minivan!

Susie being Susie, digging for moles.
Look! It’s my old “ride” — a Dodge minivan!

Susie with her beloved brothers,  Ben (L) + Jon (R), at Christmastime in our old apartment.

Susie with her beloved brothers, Ben + Jon,
posing for yet another Christmas card,
back in our old apartment above the store!

Okay, so now I’m feeling a little ver klempt.

Thanks for going down Dachshund memory lane with me!

* * * *

But back to yesterdee’s ride.

Our first pit stop was at our Dutch colonial,

where I pondered over some siding color choices.


You can’t really see them that well in this photo,

but there are 2 grays just to the left of the window trim,

+ I green to the right.


There, that’s better.

I was all set to choose the lighter of the grays,

with lots of white trim + black doors . . .


. . . just like we used for our garage’s re-do!

Gray is so ME!

Here’s the thing:

At age 19 (in 1971), I painted my very first house gray with white trim.

Wish I could share a photo of it with me in cut-offs + a halter top

+ my Linda McCartney-esque shag haircut.  Darn.

* * * * *

Fast forward, + my second (1975) + 3rd (1985) houses were gray, too.

Look at my 80’s hair + how ahead of my time I was,

with my Benjamin Moore gray kitchen cabinets!


What I’m saying is: I LOVE GRAY!

* * *

But  I think I love being DIFFERENT, more!

You see, there are already 3 gray houses on our new block,

including right next door + just across the street!

* * *

Cue: Timbercrest green.



Yikes!  That green would definitely be out-of-the-box for me,

but if we were to start siding today,

I think I’d go for it!

green house #1

green house #2

Stay tuned!

Siding Choices, Plans 2 + 2.5!

I recently blogged about my exterior siding choices:


* * * * *

N E V E R M I N D !

I shan’t use the word “DONE” in a blog post title again, ever,

because I change my mind too much!

Here’s what I mean:

Plan 1 for our Dutch colonial’s 2nd story involved shingle siding . . .


certainteed -- granite gray shakes


. . . with this charmer as my inspiration:



Sadly, it turns out the shingle siding is 5 X’s more spendy

than the regular horizontal clapboard siding.

The humanity!

* * * * *

No problem! . . .

. . . if our modest budget only allows for the clapboard siding,

I’ll select another inspiration house!

Here’s Plan 2:



In my world, this is just as charming as Plan 1 . . .

. . . + yes, the board + batten is also available from CertainTeed:

Vertical board + batten siding from Certainteed.


Of course, it is also 5 X’s more expensive than the plain Jane clapboard stuff.

But check it out!

Plan 2 involves the accent on the tip top of the gables only

+ not the entire 2nd story:


Exterior siding Plan 2, again.

* * * * *
Meanwhile, I’ve already changed my mind again + have chosen Plan 2.5!
Here ’tis:


Plan 2.5 is nearly identical to Plan 2, but wait!

What’s that at the very top?


(a.k.a. “faux birdhouse”), + I think it’s crazy charming!

* * * *





You’re totally on board, right?

Well, here’s a DOVECOTE on a Dutch colonial, kind of like ours!



W I N N I N G !

* * * *

Anyway, this past week I’ve been trying to persuade G.O.:

surprised boy

HA!  No, he’s NOT amused . . .

but fingers crossed!

Stay tuned!

Siding Choices — Done!

When we began our Dutch Colonial re-do,

G.O. insisted we’d save the exterior for last.

Slight buzz kill for me.

Would passersby think we were okay with this naughty white aluminum?

The humanity!


* * * * *

I’m happy to share that there’s been a change of plans.

The roof will be replaced soon (yay!) . . . after which, bring on the siding (yay!)

* * * * *

Time for me to finalize some decisions re: said-same!

Here are a couple inspiration photos,

which I’ve shared a bazillion times:



More of the 2nd story change of siding + color.

I’m totally on board with the white siding for the first story,

with a change of color for the second story gables.

We’ll get to that color choice later . . .

. . . it’s just this morning that I made my choice between these 2 siding options:

Option #1:  5″ straight shake singles

Option #2:  vertical board + batten

* * * * *

Literally, about 5 minutes ago, I decided on the shake shingles!

Sometimes it takes ‘a while’ to choose, when you’re ME!

Just ask anybody G.O.!

But whatever.  It can’t be helped.

* * * * *

Here’s another look-see at my vinyl shingles:

certainteed -- shakes

Whoa — not a fan of that color scheme, people!

So, what did I choose, you ask?

A light or medium gray!

Almost immediately!

Look!  I even colored a photocopy of our house for my perusal:


Obviously, this was when I still desired the red replacement window sashes.

They were over budget, sadly.

No problem, though!  I really dig the white ones we chose:

Here’s our replacement kitchen windows:


Anyway, back to today’s color choice — for our second story gable siding.

Drum roll!  Here ’tis!

I won’t lie . . . I’ve got that buzz one gets when one chooses the perfect thing for one’s project!

We all get that, don’t we?

The down side is that I’m not going to be happy unless we do this . . .

. . . + it’s going to be a splurge.

That stuff’s EXPENSIVE!

Fingers crossed + stay tuned!



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