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Mama’s Got A Brand New Rug

Last Christmas, my sister Lisa gave me a Pottery Barn gift certificate.

After much pondering, I finally chose this cool rug:


Who doesn’t love navy blue ticking stripes?

As a reminder of days gone by, let’s look back at my old, much loved kilim rug:

I loved it because it had all the “Kay colors” of blue, red + buttery tan.

I bought it way, way back in 2007, so I was ready for a change.

Meanwhile, this cute little rolling table is also new:


I bought it for my biz, RedBird Vintage Home, 

to resell at one of my upcoming spring markets.

Who knew?  It would look so great in our living room!

Check out the way the white bead board top echoes the white stripes.

So.  I may or may not sell it.  We’ll see!


I love how you can tell that it has been made from parts of other furniture.

The white top + apron have the best chippy patina,

while the graceful, natural wood legs surely came from something fancier.


And the wheels!  I’ll buy anything with wheels!

In fact, our living room has not 1 but 2 typewriter tables,

which, as you know, have wheels.


Sorry about the naughty photo, but it’s  been so dark + dreary here.

Anyway, I bought a sample 12″ square marble tile for the top,

yet more white in the room.


Now, then.  This concludes the tour of all wheeled items in our living room,

but before I go, may I show you some other newcomers to our living room?

Golf trophies!


My dad won those, + when we were visiting last month, he said I could have them!

I’m not sure how sentimental he is about his “major awards”,

but I promised him I wouldn’t sell them.

How could I?


But stay tuned for whether or not I sell my little table!

I have a market this coming Saturday.




Typewriter table "before"

Typewriter table “before”

I don’t know about you — but I can’t resist the vintage metal ANYthing with wheels. I bought this old typewriter stand last fall + have been dreaming of tricking it out into a side table ever since.

I thought we’d have to find a stone supplier + see if they had any remnants in the highly-coveted honed marble.

Almost 4-1/2 months of procrastination later . . . + this past Monday, I walk into a huge tile outlet store in Chicago. There they were! A stack of said-same honed marble tiles in THE 18″ x 18″ size of my typewriter table!

18" x 18" honed marble tile.

18″ x 18″ honed marble tile.

My pal, Alan, instructed me, “Don’t say anything!” as he walked to the check-out counter. “I’d like to buy this SAMPLE,” he said, to which the tile personnel replied, “Take it!”

I KNOW!!!  This kind of thing never happens to ME (+ don’t you kind of hate me right now for bragging?)

Typewriter table in progress

Typewriter table in progress

Now comes the “fun” part. I’ll admit it — I have issues with tabletop display! It never looks right to me! But here are some stabs.

Here it is, in place!

Here it is, in place!



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