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What I Want MOST In Our New Kitchen

kitchen #5

Does everybody have at least one kitchen design feature  that they truly + deeply + madly love?

kitchen window #4

The one scrumptuous thing that draws your eye in each + every Pinterest photo you spy?

Small Black And Cream Cottage Kitchen With Italian Details P ItalianSomething that you’ve always wanted for your own kitchen + vow to have, someday?

lower cab plate rack

Well, I do!  Can you guess what it might be?

kitchen window #5

That’s right — it’s the large windows/window wall above the kitchen sink!

kitchen window #3

YUM, right?  To me, those puny, little single over-the-sink windows are just tragic!  J/K, kind of!

Here’s my current kitchen (below).  Tragic!

Kay's kitchen

And look!  It’s our Dutch colonial kitchen, ‘before’!

Potential tragedy, am I right?


Good news!  It’s my lucky year!

 We’ve sprung for the larger (dare I say ‘ginormous’?) above-the-sink kitchen window!


Here’s the brand of replacement windows we’re using, all from Home Depot:


We can’t recommend them more.

They’re very substantial + well-made + come with dozens of options!

We chose this window grille style — called Farmhouse.

window grill -- farmhouse

We also sprung for the option of having high-profile grilles

which rest on top of the glass, both inside + out!


I’m a huge fan.  Seriously, they make the windows more authentic + original-looking!


Is that window ‘calling’ for a window box, OR WHAT?

$150 Home Depot

Home Depot

Those brackets really put that white vinyl** charmer over the top, don’t they?

**Our Dutch colonial’s exterior will be white + vinyl + as charming as I can possibly make it!

But I digress again!

Here are a few more photo ops of my newest love:


Here you can see how our kitchen flows nicely with our dining room + its gorgeous bay + huge windows:


Another view.  Please pay close attention to the 2×4 board on the center of our floor:


I’ve decided we won’t replace our ‘before’ kitchen’s peninsula . . .

. . . (they’re SO ‘last century’!  J/K!)

Instead, we’ll have an island, + it will be approximately the same length at that 2×4 board.

I’m still pondering over its exact style + color, etc.,

but I’d like to incorporate a plate rack like this one:

lower cab plate rack

Our space is limited, but I’d love to provide room for seating.

Stay tuned.



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