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My Love Of The Interior Shutters

This just in:

much progress has been made at the Dutch colonial!

Its wonderful, original woodwork has finally been restored!

Have a look-see for yourselves.


That is the view from our dining room,

looking through our pocket doors into the living room.

Here are the dining room’s beautiful windows:



Hell-O gorgeous, am-I-right?

But wait.

How on earth could I cover any of that with window treatments?

I couldn’t!

So here’s what I want (lower half of the window only):

Faux wood shutters from JC Penney.


Notice that, in this version, there are 4 panels per window.

This style is what I like to call old school,  

 + wouldn’t that be perfect for our vintage Dutch colonial?

But wait.

I always fear that old school might actually be the dreaded GRANNY!

In fact, when I showed the shutters to G.O.,

even he said something about their being too Seventies!

surprised boy

Ha ha ha!  What!!??

So.  Here’s why I blog (today, anyway):

 I need your votes, re: the old school shutters . . .


. . . versus something a little more now, like this:

shutters 2 panel


I have to admit that I’m loving the what’s-happening-now version!


shutters 2 panel

Either way, they’re really not that expensive,

+ the Penney’s window lady will come out to your house,

with samples + everything!

I need to make time to call JC Penney today!

But wait.

 If you would give me your opinion, which shutter style has your vote?

OLD SCHOOL, yay or nay?


Or would you prefer the What’s-Happening-NOW version?

shutters 2 panel

Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Disclaimer: Actually, I’d prefer the old schools,

as they would be age appropriate for our Dutch colonial

(unlike how I dress ** — HAA!)

**  See ME, rocking the 10-year-old boy “look”.

Stay tuned!


Martha’s At JCP!

Who among us still reads the Sunday paper?

Just wondering, because our Parade magazine this week had a

cover story on Martha Stewart.

martha - parade

She’s written a new book about aging for baby boomers, which is nice + all . . .

. . . but what really piqued my interest was that she’s got stuff at JCP!

martha JCP logo

JC-what?  You ask?

Penneys is now JCP!

They have totally revamped themselves, + so far, I’m digging the changes.

Everything’s preppy , trendy + positively J. Crew-esque!

 — at great prices!

But Martha + JCP?

I haven’t been this excited since Martha was at K-Mart . . .

martha + k-mart logo

. . . or when the old Penneys + Ralph Lauren teamed up

with that awesome American Living collection!

american living

I took a little trip through JCP online this morning,

just to see what’s what.

Martha’s got custom natural shades (yes, please!)

martha shade edge banding

+ voile* floor-length sheers

(*meaning no pesky polyester sheen!)

martha sheers pinch-pleat

Just the treatment I had in mind for the

living room windows

 of our Dutch colonial!

This room is my inspiration:

black room w. desk

Look how the golden wood tones
‘pop’ against those dark gray walls!

 Look at the golden wood tones of Martha’s ‘cinnamon’ shade!

martha shade sample -- cinnamon

They, too, would pop against dark gray walls!

Cinnamon is but one of dozens of choices

for Martha’s natural shades.

They’re also available edged with

either a 2″ or 1″ wide banding ,

in your choice of colors:

martha shade banding

The banding makes the shades
look more expensive!

For my sheers, I have choices, too!

martha sheer grommet top

Plain Jane solids . . .

. . . or something  with a pattern!

. . . or something
with a pattern!


Well, THAT was fun!  Methinks I’ll gas up the car + head to a JCP store,

to see all of this good stuff in person!



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