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My Frenemy, Painter’s Remorse

Hey, look!  It’s Chloe the Dachshund!


She’s sporting some pale gray paint on her coat today,

which means one thing at our house.

 There’s a painting project underway!


I did my research + made my choices.

1. lots of pale gray,

2.massive amounts of white trim,

+ 3. glossy black doors.

Done.  Handled.

No drama when G.O. + I head to the paint store.

No painter’s remorse afterward.

* * * *

But wait.

I failed to share my inspiration pic with G.O.!

gray garage siding #1

How could I?

Imagine, if you will, me sharing

that I want him to paint his garage doors BLACK,

right in the middle of the paint department!

surprised boy

Poor guy!

I really did feel sorry for him (which kind of surprised me!)

He wasn’t swayed,

not even when I recounted every single past project we’ve done together

+ reminded him of the following sequence of events:

 1. he hates it,

2. I insist,

3. we do it my crazy way,

+ 4. he loves it.


So I compromised + chose a ‘soft’ black.

I said we could try a quart of it + see.

Here ’tis ^^, on a sample board, propped against the door.

Of course, in the photo, it looks black, but it’s not.  It’s the darkest of grays.

Here’s black:

Of course, now it seems like every other online photo is sporting an inky black door.

I spied these French doors yesterday

+ am now seized with the desire to paint all our interior doors black, too!

black french door

The New Victorian Ruralist

But I digress — back to garage doors:

garage black door

But wait.

Isn’t this place (below) awesome?

Doesn’t that color look like ‘soft’ black?

Oh, dear.

It’s the fabulous Winslow’s Home on Delmar Blvd. in St. Louis — just west of the loop in University City.

Spend a weekend in St. Louis + go there:

winslow's homewinslow's home #2

Get Cardinal tickets + see a game.

busch stadium

Hey, I digress again!

What I’m saying is that our old frenemy, painter’s remorse, is back.

No problem, I hope not.

I’ll just head over to the Dutch colonial later this a.m.,

have another look-see + (fingers crossed! ) decide.

Stay tuned!



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