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My Latest Kitchen Re-Do


When we bought our 20’s era brick bungalow in ’06,  one of our (G.O.’s) first projects was to gut and re-do the original kitchen.

The space to the left of our fridge originally had a pub table + 2 stools, which we NEVER, EVER used.  Something about our dining in front of the TV!?

SO, out with the old + in with the new vintage, red table — a giftage from my friend, Stacey, who knows of my love for all things vintage +/or red!

Nice plate rack -- too big.

My first staging stab involved this cool plate rack — too big.

Plan B -- out goes the plate rack + ingoestheKitchenAid!

Plan B — out goes the plate rack + in goes the mixer! Much bettah!

Of course, the mixer looks great — as my stepdaughter, Marnie, said, the KitchenAid mixer’s job is to sit on the countertop + mock all the other appliances!  Ha! Fun!

  Speaking of which, this poster (below) is from ’92; it survived the elimination of most of my ‘stuff’ from that era.

How could it not?  The artist — Catherine Grunewald — signed, dated + personalized it with my 2 boys! Years ago, she was profiled on Mary Emmerling’s show, Country Style, on HGTV.

Oh, + I sold those Hoosier canisters in my shop.  Love them!

My dad gave me that cooler (below), as he, too, is hip to my vintage + red ‘stuff’ love!  When not cooling beverages, it stores all my gardening magazines.  I’ve saved way too many magazines.

But I digress.  My friend, Linda Weathers, made the basket, which I love for its blue spongeware handles.

And yes, I did buy that radio because it’s red + looks old-fashioned!

How cool are the labels of these Woodchuck Ciders? Tell me I’m not the only one who buys something because it’s been packaged attractively!




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