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A Couple Of Big Projects


G.O. has decided to strip the beautiful woodwork

of our Dutch colonial!


While this means that we’ll never, ever move in (just kidding!),

it also means we’ll have the prettiest woodwork on the block!

Feast your eyes on one of the 2 pocket doors

between our living + dining rooms:



My plans are to leave the wood as natural as possible,

but I’m hoping we can somehow tone down that orange a bit.

Stay tuned for that.

* * *

Meanwhile, here’s another look-see at our beautiful woodwork.

This particular type of molding is called egg and dart:


I recently observed said-same

on the exterior of an old building in our town:


I think this illustrates very clearly why it’s called egg and dart.

Check out our molding in this before photo:


Yikes!  All those pesky coats of paint almost obscure the gorgeous details!

 * * *

SO.  While — again — we may never, ever actually reside in our house . . .

. . . G.O. did share with me, just this a.m.,

 that a huge project should get underway this week, at long last!

T I L E !


These 2″ hexagon marble tiles will be the floor of our powder room.

Here’s my grout chart, strategically placed next to the tile samples:


I shall choose a medium-to-dark gray,

which is easier to maintain, will pop against + accentuate the light tiles,

+ I also think that dark grout looks more old-fashioned.

* * *

I’ve also got a few paint charts in the powder room.

At this point (meaning I might change my mind!),

I want to paint the walls a medium-to-dark gray.



Since the floor’s so light + the room is so small,

I think I’ll be brave + go with something quite dark.

Maybe not this dark:

gray dark bathroom white tiles apartmenttherapy


. . . but maybe a bit more dark than this:

gray bathroom walls with white floor apartment therapy


Here’s what I have in mind:

gray walls -- #1

Source unknown

Definitely stay tuned for that, because I dunno if I have the courage!

Whatever shade I do pick for our powder room,

I want to install picture-frame molding on the walls, like here:

gray panelled bathroom walls -- apartment therapy


I KNOW — YUM, right?

Oops!  I’ve not yet shared these fun factoids with G.O.

surprised boy

I’m not sure which he’ll dislike more — the dark walls or the paneling.

Please.  Stay tuned!



Gray Woodwork, The Sequel

gray woodwork -- living room

I pinned this photo today

+ commented that it might be time to bring back gray woodwork.

You see, way back in 19 + 85,

I painted my kitchen cabs + woodwork a luscious gray

from Benjamin Moore’s historical color chart.

See for yourself in this spectacular Polaroid snapshot:


I’m really rocking my 80’s perm + sweater,

+ I’m pretty sure those are acid washed jeans with pleats.

Va va va voom!

* * * *

But back to TO-day, people.

Here’s what I’ve been trying (but failing)

to persuade myself to do in our Dutch colonial:

gray walls -- #1

Dark gray walls!  Yesh!

You see, our new home is blessed with 1 south + 1 west-facing bay,

both sporting nice, big windows . . .


. . . the woodwork of which some interloper chose to paint, years ago:


Tragic or no?

When we first toured our house, both our (very nice) realtor + G.O.

immediately agreed that we’d have to strip it all

+ return it to its natural glory.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of natural gloriousness remaining:


Meanwhile, I said nothing

(at the TIME — I mean, who wants to quarrel in front of the real estate lady?)

You see, images of dark gray walls with luscious white woodwork

were already dashing through my head!

black bathroom

black walls

Since then, I’ve given it my best college try, people,

but I just can’t pull the trigger on the dark gray walls.

White walls make me happy . . .

gray woodwork -- living room

. . . +, after all these years,

I guess I’m still carrying a torch for gray woodwork!

So that’s why, when I came across this photo,  I was thrilled!

Immediately, I set out to find more images of said-same:

gray woodwork -- staircase

gray woodwork - bathroom

Loving the relaxed Roman shades!

gray woodwork -- bedroom door

Now I’ve got my it’s-great-when-a-plan-comes-together buzz!

I’ll share said-same with G.O. — LATER.

I mean, who wants to quarrel

on such a beautiful summer morning?



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