New Lampshades For Some Older Lamps


I have issues with being able to make decisions.

Here’s why:

I’m the middle of 3 sisters,

+ every Saturday during the decade of the 70’s,

 we sisters, along with Mom,

would go clothes shopping at the Venture store.

venture signage

Show of hands!
Who remembers
Venture stores?

Back in that long-ago Venture dressing room,

I always needed my peeps’ approval.

If anybody laughed at my platform shoes, that did it!

OUT of the shopping cart they were flung!

* * * *

So.  today I need your input on my candlestick lamps.


I ordered a pair of these at least 10 years ago,

+ just last month, I gave them a ‘refresh’

with a pair of Frenchie stripe lampshades from Pottery Barn.


I love the lampshades!  I knew I would!

So what’s the problem?  you ask!


Here are my concerns:

1. Do the lampshades go with the lamps?

2. Do we still love the bronze metal?

3. Should I spray paint the bases another ‘now’ color?

4. What color?

5.  Should I just fling those naughty bases aside + start over?


Whaddaya think?

What would you do?

Thanks, in advance!

7 responses to “New Lampshades For Some Older Lamps

  • Dolores

    Ask your 2 sisters their opinion of the lamp and shade. I’m sure they’ll give you an honest answer. I love the lamp, but the jury’s out on the shade.

  • Pat Werths

    I love bronze-y candlestick bases, and have thewm myself, so I think you’re good.

    • cardinalkay64

      So. Pat. I love the bronze, too — especially where the edges are rubbed + some of that hip + happening antique brass is exposed. These lamps came with smaller lampshades, so I think that I’ll try + find something more suitably sized for them. Target? Target always has good home stuff online, + I love their Threshold stuff. TY for voting.

  • Pat Werths

    that would be spelled THEM

  • nancy

    Okay, since you did ask……I love the lampshades but I don’t think they go with the lamps. Now, I like the lamps also, just not together. Maybe something ” huskier?” Or a wooden base? Or a painted ceramic lampbase.. Just a few ideas. But, keep the shades!!!!!!

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