Canned Ham Re-Do, Part I

In my last blog post,

I casually mentioned that we’d gotten ourselves a used, vintage-style camper.

Here ’tis — a 2013 Riverside Retro-Style RV:

trailer -- vintage red and gray 2

I am not normally the kind of person who names my vehicles,

but I’ve broken with tradition

+ nicknamed our new camper “the canned ham” 

or “the ham”, for short.

Believe it or not, G.O. bought it on eBay!

In fact, this was his 4th eBay vehicle purchase — who knew?

Anyway, the seller was from southern Illinois — Sparta,

which is not far from my hometown of Greenville!

We picked up the ham on Sunday, spent the night at my dad’s house,

+ here we were, heading back home again on Monday afternoon:

canned ham at arbys drive thru

I shan’t lie — I love how well our ham + our new/used Flex go together!

Now let’s get real.

The camper’s exterior is pretty awesome, yes — but the interior?

Not so much.

Kinda hiddy, actually.

Exhibit A:

canned ham settee and fire extinguisher

Disclaimer: today’s weather is gray + gloomy, which isn’t the best for photo-snapping.

But please!  That fabric!  So not me.

canned ham settee and window

I shall also sew new curtains, but first, back to those cushions.

I am going to reupholster them with an indoor/outdoor fabric,

which is hard-wearing + very easy to clean + won’t fade in the sun.

I’ve already been online shopping on

+ just this morning, I ordered sample swatches ($3 each) of these 2 stripes:

Fabric A:

fabric of blue and red stripes


Fabric B:

fabric of blue and red stripes 2

My inspiration is classic Ralph Lauren — could you tell?

I’m going for a coastal-cottage-farmhouse look,

+ we shall use many of the same colors that we have in our Dutch colonial.

Another project is to remove all the beige (+ there’s lots of it!),

starting with the original dinette top:

canned ham formica sample with tabletop

In its place, G.O. shall go old-school + iron on some faux marble laminate,

Wilsonart White Carrara from Lowes:

counter top faux marble willsonart laminate

Continuing with the retro theme, I want to find some metal edging, like this:metal edging

Time to start shopping, so stay tuned!

6 responses to “Canned Ham Re-Do, Part I

  • Dolores

    Love your ‘Canned Ham!’ You’ll enjoy turning the inside into something that ‘feels like home!’ Happy Trails!

    • cardinalkay64

      Dolores! At first, I was crestfallen, because it was so SMALL! I’m over that now, thankfully. Oh, + BTW, I have totally changed my decor theme to gray, black + red. Something about G.O. refusing to repaint the black appliances, so I had to work with that! Stay tuned for more details.

  • Gayle

    LOVE it! I redid the inside of a Class ‘C’ Motorhome many years ago. It WAS all done in the original 70’s burnt orange (ugh!) coordinating fabrics. I went with the tans and blues of the day. When we sold it years later, the people who bought it said the reason they most liked it was because of the redecorating I’d done, lol. You’ll work your decorating magic AND have fun with this project. I see you’ve decided to go with gray, black and red. Perfect for the vintage look. 🙂

  • nancy

    How fun, I’m sure you’ll have it looking absolutely perfect. By the way, how are you liking the Flex? It’s on my list of cars I may need.

    • cardinalkay64

      Hi Nancy! We both agree that the Flex is our favorite car, ever, although G.O. probably has fonder memories of a long-ago Mustang. 😉 We’ve taken a few trips to IKEA + put a few very large boxes inside it, with no problems at all. You do know they’re not being made any more, don’t you? Better snap one up!

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